05/04/2020 A Voice From the Gallery

* council meeting in auditorium- acoustics are terrible and it is increasingly hard to hear because the mayor mumbles and is inaudible from the distance we are required to sit. The council needs to add at least three microphones, one each at the east side council table, the south side council table and the west side council table, so the gallery can accurately hear our council members.  Note I added captions to help identify some of the agenda items.

Mayor Glas called the May 4, 2020, Alcester City Council meeting to order (kind-of) at 6:00 p.m. with the following council members present: David Larsen, Melissa Kay, Linda Talbott, Darla Reppe, Dan Haeder and City Attorney Sam Nelson reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

The group approved the agenda, no discussion and a unanimous vote of five ayes approving the agenda. Then they went on to approve the minutes of April 4, 2020, and April 15, 2020, again with no discussion and a unanimous vote of five ayes to approve the minutes without change.

The Beck Drive gas line issue was addressed and voted to pay the $4750.00 bill to run gas line to Mike Burke’s newly purchased lot. Again a little discussion but with a unanimous vote of five ayes passing the issue.

Warrants were called (the bills of the city) with a motion, a second, no discussion and a unanimous vote of five ayes passing the payment of warrants as listed by Bookkeeper Pat Jurrens.

The council adjourned the old council at 6:05 p.m. with a motion, a second, no discussion and a unanimous vote of five ayes to adjourn.


Mayor Glas opened the new meeting.

Agenda Item #2 Ward II vacancy interview of candidate Austin Schuller. The motion was made and seconded to go into Executive session to conduct the interview, Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens was asked to leave the meeting prior to the commencement of the interview. There was no discussion and the group voted unanimously five ayes to go into Executive Session at 6:07 p.m. The council was declared back into session at 6:18 p.m. No motions were made, no decision made and no business was conducted with reference to Mr. Schuller’s request for council seating in the vacant council seat in Ward II.

Agenda Item #3 The election of Council President and Vice President of the city council. The Council President takes over when the mayor is incapacitated, absent or resigns with the Vice President in stand by position. Dan Haeder moved to appoint David Larsen as council president, second, no discussion and the vote was 4 ayes and Councilman Larsen abstained from the vote. The vote affirmed the appointment of Councilman David Larsen as President of the Alcester City Council.

David Larsen moved to appoint Dan Haeder as Vice-President of the Alcester City Council, seconded, no discussion, with 4 ayes and Councilman Dan Haeder abstained from the vote. The vote affirmed the appointment of Councilman Dan Haeder as Vice-President of the Alcester City Council.

Agenda Item #4 Mayor presents Committee assignments. Mayor Glas handed out his/FO Pat’s (overstep by FO)committee assignments of the city council members. Councilwoman Melissa Kay took issue with the logic and implementation of the committee assignments. Mayor Glas appears to have used the lottery system of assigning committee memberships, you know where the little cubes with councilmember’s names are shaken up and the first three names that roll out are on that particular committee.

Mayor Glas was irritated that his logic was flawed and he started to pout.  A-w-w!

Agenda Item #5 ROC Transport – No show, evidently they do not want our business!

Agenda Item #6-AMKO-No show. Finance Officer Pat ‘explained’

Agenda Item #7-Public Input-I had public input. The Contract Variance of Lance Johnson, former councilman. I presented the council with a Variance Case #20107, Don Hamerly v The City of Lennox. Mr. Hamerly was represented by Larry A. Nelson of Frieberg, Rudolph & Nelson. Gee I understand that is the father of our City Attorney Sam Nelson. This where the court agreed with Mr. Nelson’s argument and found for Mr. Hamerly. So with that precedent why did our city council allow the contract variance of Councilman Lance Johnson?

     I also presented the council with Headlines of a case which happened in Alcester with regard to re-call of the mayor. I explained to the council the first Headline section dealt with the signed petition for the recall of Alcester Mayor Kim Shefte, the second Headline section involved the news our petition was kicked out because it was not specific enough and finally the third Headline section dealt with the fact where we (the petitioners) edited the petition so that it was specific…collected signatures and re-presented our petition to the council when Mayor Kim Shefte resigned. I was asked the question is this a threat and my answer was no- a promise.

Agenda Item #10 Garbage Collection- Loren Fischer wanted to permanently continue the one-side pick-up. This is a problem for our less agile population and just a pain in the neck for the rest of us. If nothing else, we could have a central dumpster and toss our own garbage into the dumpsters. FO Pat responded that those from outside the city would be dumping into those dumpsters, I responded they already are. Council voted to do the one-sided pick-up just during the spring soft street months.

Agenda Item #23 ADJOURN

                   Council adjourned at 8:42 p.m.

03/16/2020 A Voice From the Gallery

Mayor Tom Glas called the March 16, 2020, Special Equalization meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. with Councilman Dan Haeder, Councilman David Larsen, Councilwoman Linda Talbott, Councilwoman Melissa Kay and Councilwoman Darla Reppe present. Once again Councilman Lance Johnson was absent and there was no city attorney present.

*NOTE-I apologise to Michael Bucholz for mis-spelling his name in the title page in the video.  I did and do know how to spell his name but missed my error in the proofing process.

After the Pledge of Allegiance was recited, the council began by approving the agenda unanimously.

Agenda Item #4 – AMKO Mr. Mark DeRaney representative made a presentation regarding Alcester’s Sewer bond and the rework to lower interest rate as I understand it. The city council had to vote on Resolution 2020.03 to re-fund the bond at a lower interest rate. The council voted to move forward.

Agenda Item #5 – Equalization Board This is where the council received appeals to property tax valuation. At that point in the evening no one had presented an appeal of valuation nor did it appear there was any discretionary reductions taken by the county at this point. There will be a citywide assessment in 2021 by the county. No action taken.

Agenda Item #6 – Public Input – I mentioned several comments made to me about water meter reading discrepancies in billing. I told the council they need to be aware there are complaints which have been voiced to me. My recommendation is to have residents keep a monthly log of their meter reading and compare it to what their water bill reads, then report discrepancies to the finance office so the finance office can correct the readings or have the meter reading devices calibrated.

Agenda Item #7 – Community Building Project- the project committee met with the architects to cut costs and determine which items would be cut from the blue-printed plans. Items mentioned that were to be cut or deleted:  (red areas indicate areas in which cuts and deletions were proposed)

  • Basement
  • Stairway to basement
  • No front canopy
  • Utility room moved from basement to the proposed Fitness Center
  • Fitness center was on the cutting block but mediation brought it to where the council chamber (conference room)was to be located.
  • No firm decision on the cuts and deletions was made at this time.


Agenda Item #8 – Hire candidate Parker Dooley as Utility person at $12.00/hour.

Agenda Item #9 – Executive Session called for Contractual matters. When I asked what contract of Finance Officer, I was told litigation. H-m-m Litigation? How is that contractual? Sounded more like lawsuit to me so my next question, is the city is being sued? I received no answer. I wonder if that is what is called, ‘asked and answered’? The non-answer is an affirmative answer?

This executive session lasted from 6:37 p.m. to 7:03 p.m. just shy of a half an hour of executive chit-chat without an attorney present and no public action taken!

Agenda Item #10 – Executive session called for Personnel – Gallery and Finance Officer Pat Jurrens exited the room and Union County Attorney Jerry Miller and Michael Bucholz entered into the Executive Session with the Council. About 30-40 minutes later Union County Attorney Miller and Mr. Bucholz exited the Executive Session. At 7:45 p.m. Alcester Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens entered the Executive session and exited the Executive session at 8:30 p.m. and at 8:34 p.m. Mayor Glas called the council out of Executive Session Personnel.

Grand total of 1 1/2 hour of Executive Session time with no public action.

Agenda Item #11 – City Insurance Review – Finance Officer Jurrens recited the various assets needing coverage of insurance and upgrades in valuations, actual or replacement. Then (49:43:80) Finance Officer Jurrens focused on General Liability Coverage, Professional Liability Coverage and mumbled something about Time Computations (?) which translated to employee embezzlement. Now ‘time computations’ which was unintelligible both in live meeting and on the video brings the question of approval of over-time and comp-time for the finance office and other administrative positions. Administrative positions are not paid over-time. Alcester City Ordinance required approval (on paper) for any over-time for the Finance Office. Yet when I asked Mayor Glas and Finance Officer for access to Mayor Glas’ or City Council approval of any over-time hours for the Finance Office I was told there were no such records. This was in violation of City Ordinance requiring a document carrying the mayor’s signature of approval, the date, justification for Over Time and the number of hours. So in effect I was told the 232 +/- hours of over-time/comp time logged by Finance Officer Pat Jurrens had no documented proof of approval and for which a check was cut to the tune of $4880.00. Is that what we need insurance for? So which one is guilty of embezzlement the original computation or Mayor Glas who had the responsibility? H-m-m?

Agenda Item #12 – Adjournment Meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

02/05/2020 A Voice From the Gallery

Two things right off the bat.

First I must apologise for the lack of video, you cannot know how much I regret not checking for the danged memory card!!!

Second an update that the council agenda missed in the Finance Office Reminders and Updates. Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens Trial is still on for tomorrow February 6, 2020, at 9:00 a.m.

At the February 3, 2020, regular meeting of the Alcester City Council was called to order by Mayor Tom Glas at 6:00 p.m. with Councilman Dan Haeder, Councilwoman Darla Reppe, Councilman David Larsen, Councilwoman Melissa Kay, Councilwoman Linda Talbott and Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson present. Alcester City Councilman Lance Johnson was absent.

The Council and gallery stood to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Agenda Item #3-Approve Agenda was called and approve unanimously.

Agenda Item #4-Approve the Minutes of January 6, 2020, and January 27, 2020, was called and again unanimously approved.

Agenda Item #5-Alcester EMS Update delivered by EMS President Jon Serck was called. In Mr. Serck’s presentation he gave an update the ambulance was down to three (3) EMT’s with one in the wings to be certified. Mr. Serck described to the council and gallery the need for EMT’s. He also announced that our Ambulance would be transporting only emergency calls, those emergency calls would be mandatorily delivered to the Hawarden Hospital until otherwise announced.

Agenda Item #6-Alcester Fire Department-Pat Kast Fire Chief requesting special alcohol permit and the change in date to Saturday, March 21, 2020, running from 3:00 p.m. to12:00 a.m. in the Alcester Fire Department. Fire Chief Kast’s request was approved unanimously.

Agenda Item #7-Public Input- I, Vickie Larsen addressed the council with comments regarding Alcester City Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens verbal attack on a person at their place of business regarding a circulation of petition, what was in the petition, what did it involve, who was circulating the petition and where was the petition. Folks this is at least a second report of Alcester City Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens verbally accosting people with regard to circulation of petitions. This is an illegal act due to the fact the Alcester City Finance Officer is the election official of the municipality of Alcester. It is my understanding the first time was FO Pat heard gossip there was a petition being circulated, she wanted to know who, what, where and expressed her desire to, “…tear it up…” It is my understanding the council became aware of the most recent violation of election issue. Which I imagine was dealt with or not dealt with in Executive Session.

Agenda Item #8-Legal Updates-Sam Nelson, Alcester City Attorney-

a)   ACA Nelson presented the City Council with copies of 2020 House Bill 1116 (revisions regarding the use of perpetual care trust funds to maintain cemeteries), 2020 House Bill 1120 (allowing second or third class municipalities to act as Planning and Zoning commissions), 2020 Senate Bill 61(revision of certain provisions regarding a municipal office nominating petitions) and 2020 Senate Bill 135 (bid limits of certain public improvements). I would like to thank ACA Nelson for giving me copies of those bills.

b)  Alcester Community Building-sealed Bid, Bid Opening March 2, 2020, at 6:30 p.m.

c) 2020 Chip Sealing and FDR Bid- Motion to approve advertising 2020 Chip Seal Bid and FDR (Full Depth and Reclamation) set for March 2, 2020 at 6:45 p.m. O-o-o-p-s FDR is no longer an option cause it seems Ol’- FDR with the snow, rain and subsequent wetness now resides in the storm sewer and in our street department’s considered opinion isn’t such a good idea after all. SO NOW WHAT? ACA Frieberg is working on the bid documents, work to be under $30K H-m-m if I remember accurately our annual (not for long) little ol’ street maintenance TAX garners somewhere around $37K per year. H-m-m.

Agenda Item #9– Ordinance Changes-

a) Second Reading of Ordinance 2020-01 – 1.0202 An Ordinance Amending the Existing Municipal Ordinances of the City of Alcester, South Dakota, Title 1, Chapter 1.02, Section 1.0202 Regular Meetings. Moving the regular meeting from 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  IT seems the meetings are running past Mayor Glas’ bedtime. Oh by the way the Mayor was encouraged to read the Ordinance aloud, Yeah. If it would not have been cruel and unusual punishment on the gallery, I would have called for Mayor Glas to repeat the ordinance so the gallery could hear and understand the dyslexic pontification in the style of Comedian Norm Crosby Mayor Glas put out. No amount of better acoustics is going to cure that.

b) Second reading of Ordinance 2020-02 – 5.02 An Ordinance Amending the Existing Municipal Ordinance of the City of Alcester, South Dakota, Title 5, Chapter 5.02, Sections 5.0211, 5.0212, 5.0212A and 5.0213 Fluffy and Fido. Licensing Pussy Cats as well as Puppy Dogs. IT seem the ratio between pussie cats and Rats has dipped and Fluffy has worn out her welcome within the city. So the City is mandating a license to bell the cats so-to-speak.

Now folks let’s taking a look at this and apply a human element into this war on pussy cat Fluffy. IF Pussy Cat Fluffy lives within the city limits of Alcester she must be collared, belled, spayed and licensed. So begs the question, IF Pussy Cat Fluffy declares her residence OUTSIDE the city limits does she need to be collared, belled, spayed and licensed. She gets her mail via RFD but she does spend her days within the city limits earning her living.

So now the human element, City Council person is elected/appointed to Ward II, he must live, get his mail and sleep in Ward II, Right? But what if City Councilperson buys a house in Ward III and intends to live in said Ward III house, according to statute HE/SHE must resign from city Council because HE/SHE no longer lives in Ward II. SO what happens if he only sleeps in Ward II and does everything else in Ward III. H-m-m it is no wonder the City Council wants advice from BAMBEE HR of California!

Agenda Item #10-Nuisance Property Discussion

a) 210 Ofstad Update

307 Broad Street

Speaking of nuisances, What about the place on East Iowa across from Mayor Magoo where the owner parks the backend of her car across the sidewalk?

Speaking of nuisances-I suggest we Fire Geoff Fillingsness, follow the lead of Beresford and get rid of excess city baggage.

b) Water flowing off the City Owned Building (Bar) flowing through the city      owned alley and onto adjoining property adversely affected Arlene’s Cafe. The city owns the bar, run-off from the building and alley is adversely affecting the adjoining property owner. The fix is the financial responsibility of the city.

Agenda Item #12 Street Updates-Lonnie Johnson

The street department mentioned the Full Depth Reclamation issue and the Street Committee of Councilman Lance Johnson, Councilwoman Linda Talbott and Councilman Dan Haeder (hopefully I got the names recorded correctly) were going to contact Engineer Kim McLaury to get his opinion. When asked what McLaury’s qualifications were with regard to streets, I believe it was FO Pat who answered, “…well he owns his own company…” Yeah just a refresher course on Mr. McLaury’s expertise in engineering and I do not mean Thomas the Train Engine. Mr. McLaury’s engineering expertise the Alcester SRTS inflicted upon the city of Alcester where he designed an ADA Bridge traversing the horseshoe pit and alley through the park. Where the contractor had to go back in a raise the topography into the air almost at the same height as the swimming pool diving board because Mr. McLaury just could not seem to grasp the incline/slope into ADA regulations. I believe the cost overrun on that jewel of engineering was something like $20K which the city elected to kick over and pay. Got to wonder how much the fix for FDR is going to cost the city taxpayers. I swear it would be cheaper to add FDR to Mount Rushmore than cover FDR on our streets.

Agenda Item #14 Property Purchase Quam & Berglin Rentals $15,000 to come out of the second penny sales tax. There we go again, Mayor Glas and FO Pat working on Pay-Day Loans. It is to be noted here than Mr. Wegh does not mind an add-on garage to the building next to his establishment. Well evidently the Mayor Glas, FO Pat and Councilman Lance Johnson asked if Mr. Wegh would be bothered by a garage.  A courtesy they did not extend to the folks on Anderson Street.  Purchase was unanimously approved.

Agenda Item #17-Pleasant Hill Cemetery Update.-Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens

a) changing the signatories on the bank accounts which includes signers Mayor Glas, Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens, ASS’T Finance Officer Wanda Halverson, and Councilman Dan Haeder. Folks one work of caution on this acquisition, perpetual care carries a great deal of future debt. When the spaces are depleted, the money for care stops and becomes an obligation of all taxpayers.

Agenda Item #18 -Finance Office Updates-FO Pat

a) Warrants – Bills for condensing unit for the Bar-general fund

Bill for a Reznor Tube Heater city shop-general fund

Warrants approved unanimously

b) Tax Abatement-County gave us a refund and P-f-f-t it is gone.

c) City Utility Positions-Add a new FT job at $13.00/hour, city to hold interviews for candidates.

d) HR Services- Folks the city wants to contract out to Bambee HR, Los Angeles, CA to tell them how to deal with the city employees. Note here that not one (that I am aware) of the council members is a business owner who employees more than five employees. WOW Price Tag $500 up front audit of employees related expenses, re-write the personnel manual, $200/ month billing whether Bambee is used or not.   The reason, oh folks you are going to love this (and I wish I had this on video) the council is tired to paying out $125.00 per hour for advice from City Attorney Sam on their HR questions. Oh man you should have seen Sam’s face. DEJA VUE! Sam I hate to tell you, but you are not the first attorney Mayor Glas and FO Pat have done this to.  Folks you need to check out the Terms of Service of Bambee (https://www.bambee.com/legal/tos ) Evidently the council has not because they would not have been talking in the terms they discussed in front of the gallery. If the council carries though with the logic they discussed, they are going to be sued. I know Mayor Glas did not read them because I did not see a Dick and Jane Version of the Terms of Service on Bambee’s website.

Folks we are members of the South Dakota Municipal League, both Sam Nelson and Thomas Frieberg are lobbyists for the SDML, Alcester pays a membership fee which covers certain entitlements of membership so why in the world are they asking a California psychic HR for advice on South Dakota municipal employees. Granted both the state and the federal dictate rules and regulations over employees but still BAMBEE? Are ya kidding?

Agenda Item #18 (f) -Reminders and Updates.

Agenda Item #20 Community Center Update February 11, 2020, at 4:00 p.m. at the city auditorium. Evidently it is a come and go and of course scheduled off hours for anyone who works for a living. Nice timing, right. Let Mayor Glas know. Geez Louise, why 4:00 p.m.? Does it interfere with Mayor Glas’ early evening Nap?

Agenda Item #21-Update of Volunteer Roster

Names removed from EMS: Don Brose, Mike Burke, Nancee Cowell, Brandi Smith, Paula Wiberg. Names removed from FD Jesse Duncan and Ryan Micke

Agenda Item #22-Executive Session Personnel

Entered into Executive session at 8:06 p.m. with the Mayor Glas, City Council members, Larsen, Reppe, Haeder, Kay and Talbott, and Finance Office personnel Patricia Jurrens and ASS’T Finance Office personnel Wanda Halverson, Exited from Executive session at 8:23p.m.  Do you s’pose they discussed Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens illegal attack on a citizen over petitions?

Agenda Item #23-Adjourn

Council Adjourned at 8:24 p.m. early enough for Mayor Magoo to rush home and make his beddie-by time.


PS: “How to circulate a county or municipal Initiative or Referendum Petition” Steve Barnett-SD Secretary of State




02/01/2020 A Voice From the Gallery

Agenda 02/03/2020



January 6, 2020,AGENDA ITEM #18 (e)-Motion to Approve CDBG Loan to City $32,640.66 (police car). 0% Interest, 4 year Payback per schedule. No action taken on CDBG Loan to City as Sam Nelson needs more information.

January 27, 2020,Special Meeting Agenda carried no provision for City Attorney Sam Nelson’s report on the $32, 640.66 proposed CDBG Loan to pay for the Police Car. H-m-m?

February 3, 2020, Agenda Item #8-Legal Updates-Sam Nelson-NO CBDG?

*Generally I do not like to use Wikipedia as a source because it can be edited by anyone. I will in this case include a quote from Wikipedia as it relates to Allocation of Funds,

“…communities must meet certain requirements…First, ‘not less than 70 percent of CDBG funds must be used for activities that benefit low- and moderate-income persons.’ Secondly, funds MUST be spend on eligible activities, which are broadly defined as including ‘community development activities directed toward neighborhood revitalization, economic development, and improved community facilities and services.’…Such activities may include ‘Acquisition of real property, Relocation and demolitions, Rehabilitation of residential and non-residential structures, Construction of public facilities and improvements’ and more…Third governments must follow a plan of project selection that includes citizen participation, especially by citizens who live in ‘areas’ in which the grantee proposes to use CBDG funds” *(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Community_Development_Block_Grant.)

State Allocations and Contacts State CDBG allocations by state are listed at: http://www.hud.gov/offices/cpd/communitydevelopment/budget/. The best contact people are the HUD Field Office Directors, whose contact information can be found at: http://www.hud.gov/offices/cpd/about/staff/fodirectors/.




February 3, 2020, Agenda Item #14-PROPERTY PURCHASE QUAM & BERGLAND RENTALS, $15,000, 2ND PENNY-Class NADC and NADC2 valuation 2019 $16,260 Purchase price to be taken from 2nd penny sales tax. It is to be noted here, upon city purchase the property ceases to accrue tax dollars benefiting the residents of Alcester.

February 3, 2020, Agenda Item #15(b)-Golf Cart trade-in/purchase to come out of 2nd penny sales tax. Questionable 2nd penny assignment per ordinance restriction language.

February 3, 2020, Agenda Item #15 (c)-Golf Top Dressing Mower Purchase to come out of 2nd penny sales tax. Questionable 2nd penny assignment per ordinance restriction language.

February 3, 2020, Agenda Item #18 (e)-Motion to approve Loan to City, from Revolving Loan Fund (?), $32, 640.66, 0% interest, 4 year payback per schedule.

SO FOR US NOT-SO-ASTUTE RESIDENTS, ‘Lay Persons’ and ‘snoopy, busy-body neighbors’…Tell us what is the difference between the CBDG and a Revolving Loan Fund.  Just a name change?  Semantics Sam?  ACA Sam, is your judgment of a ‘well constructed letter for a lay person’ based upon Class ‘A’ legal advice, English degree, South Dakota Municipal League Lobbyist, seat in the SD Bar or participant/advisor to the city council in canvass of the 2019 mayoral votes meeting where Alcester City Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens handed over the keys to the ballot box and the council was allowed to handle the election ballots?”  Sam just because an argument does not ‘jump-out’ at you like a 400 lb. gorilla, it does not mean a small soft warning growl in the dark of a room does not mean there are no paws, no claws and no jaws waiting, on the ready to defend to the end! The FAT LADY is STILL not singing, do-re-mi-oorah!


Please readers, attend this meeting.

It is important.



12/02/2019 A Voice From the Gallery

Mayor Tom Glas called the December 2, 2019, regular meeting of the Alcester City Council to order at 6:00 p.m. with Councilwoman Melissa Kay, Councilwoman Darla Reppe, Councilwoman Linda Talbott, Councilman Dan Haeder, Councilman David Larsen and Councilman Lance Johnson present. Sitting in for Sam Nelson, city attorney was Thomas Frieberg of Frieberg, Nelson and Ask, and who is also listed as city attorney under the retainer agreement.

Among the gallery were Amanda Ericson, Tena Keiser co-chairs of the Alcester Chamber of Commerce, Larry Anderson, representative from the cemetery group, and an impromptu appearance by William Shorma, District 16 Representative candidate. The group recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Making a brief appearance was former Alcester Finance Officer Mike Kezar who apparently been told he was to talk about his property situation but Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens Failed to place him on the agenda.

The council moved quickly to approve the agenda and the minutes of the November 4, 2019, meeting. Of course unanimously without discussion as usual.

Agenda Item #5-Next to be seen and not-so-seen was William Shorma, candidate for District 16 (Representative-a correction from the erroneously (00:03:50))agenda listed item as Senator Candidate. Notable candidate comment was (00:06:25) he wanted address the important, ‘key stake holder’ people in the communities: the city council, the chamber of commerce and the school officials as he stood with his back to the camera and the gallery. H-m-m so is that one calls putting your best side backward?

Agenda Item #6-Next up were the Chamber of Commerce request for temporary street closure for the Chamber sponsored Christmas Tree Lighting Party scheduled for December 6th. The council voted to close the street for the Chamber function.

Agenda Item #7-Input

I started the input with an explanation of the document I placed at each council members place and the Alcester city attorneys place. This document was a copy of the Regulations, Agreements and Conditions Running with Land which is attached to the Deed of property. This particular document was attached to the deed of Councilman Lance Johnson property address listed as 518A Anderson Street and future home of ‘hog barn and other mechanical things’?

I pointed out the obvious error the city council had the power to grant a variance to a piece of land over which they had no control to change the agreements, regulations and conditions attached to that land.

Councilman Lance Johnson stated he did not know of the deed attachment until (00:15:15), “…Tom Frieberg recommended Michael McGill to him… last summer Finance Officer Pat Jurrens dug up the Regulations, Agreements and Conditions Running with Land Document…”. At which point in the discussion Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens interrupted (00:16:19) with the statement that, “…what we were told by (presumably Mike McGill) the twenty-five year condition was illegal…” In case you do not know of Mike McGill, he is an attorney out of Beresford, SD. He has his own law practice, is not to the best of my knowledge a member of the Frieberg, Nelson and Ask firm, nor was Mr. McGill a signer or contributor to the document titled, “Regulations, Agreements and Conditions Running with Land which was prepared by Charles B. Haugland.

So by what right did Alcester Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens stick her nose into a civil matter? I had heard Finance Officer Pat Jurrens had been running around collecting signatures concerning Councilman Lance Johnson’s edifice to hogs and combines on Anderson Street but I had no personal knowledge with which to confirm the validity of the claim. But last night Alcester Finance Officer Jurrens comment (00:16:19) about the opinion from Mr. McGill seems to give some credence to the rumor.

So why was Alcester Finance Officer Jurrens involving herself in a civil legal matter on the part of Alcester Councilman Lance Jurrens trying to do an end run around the Regulations, Agreements and Conditions Running with Land Document attempting to cheat his neighbors out of the equity value of their homes.

 Why is an attorney under retainer (Thomas Frieberg) to the city of Alcester as legal counsel to the CITY of Alcester recommending a lawyer (Michael McGill) to Alcester City Councilman Lance Johnson to give him (Lance Johnson) and the City of Alcester (Mr. Frieberg’s Client) the power to negate the terms and conditions afforded by the legal document titled Regulations, Agreements and Conditions Running with Land and defraud the residents of Numsen’s Addition without their right to vote for themselves whether Alcester City Councilman Lance Johnson can build a Hog House, Combine Cabin, Tractor Terminal ER or RV Rest Home!

 As I understand it, any owner who has this Regulations, Agreements and Conditions Running with Land Document attached to their Deed can take Councilman Lance Johnson to court as well as the City of Alcester if they vote to allow a variance contrary to the RAC’s Running with Land that they have all lived by!

Agenda Item #8-Legal Updates

Involved a lengthy discussion of the cemetery and Ordinance 2019-08 with amendments.

Community Building-Auditorium and present city offices. The council voted to declare the auditorium surplus property. Motion called by Mayor Glas, Motion was made by Councilwoman Melissa Kay, Second came from Councilman David Larsen and with no discussion the council voted unanimously – six AYE votes to declare the City Auditorium Surplus property.

The next step is to decide whether the Auditorium will be summarily disposed of by 1) sealed bids, 2) realtor, or 3) public auction after another appraisal.

Folks the reality of the Community Building/Golf Club house is still just a malevolent will-o’-the-wisp hovering over our city. Sell the Auditorium where does the police department go? Sell the Auditorium where does the finance office go? Not to the Community Building/Club House without a public vote!! Despite Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens fervent hope.

Agenda Item #9-Variance for Councilman Lance Johnson tabled.

Agenda items #10 Street Update and #11 Water and Wastewater no reports from the department heads who were not in attendance. Oh Mayor Glas was given the okie dokie to sign the small community grant. Geesh, I hope he at least gets his signature over his name this time.

Agenda Item #12– Police Department-Chief Christie announced the PD was gifted with two brand new AED and he has taken the training to train others how to use the AED (automated external defibrillator). New police car is on its way.

AND ON CUE  Alcester City Attorney Thomas Frieberg gathered his case and left 7:00 p.m. (01:02:01)

Agenda Item #13– Finance Office

Architect is almost finished with the kitchen. Are ya kidding me? I am sorry Wofgang Puck does not like the cold, Emeril Lagasse just got nibbled into oblivion and doesn’t want to move to Alcester. Julia Child passed on, and Rachael Ray’s Nutrish culinary art has gone to the dogs. So what we have here is a failure to communicate, short order cafe does not need a haute cuisine kitchen delicately placed between the bar and the biffy AND certainly cannot afford a staff commensurate with haute cuisine tips.

Resolution for Fees 2020 Pat’inflation has struck again and I do not mean helium go-fund- me jail bond balloons in the auditorium atrium. Although every time Mayor Glas walks in, there is certainly an updraft of hot air.

Finance Officer Patricia still wants to bell the cats. I think a certain FO should be belled.

It has been determined and if I understood the subject matter discussion correctly the 2019 audit is going to cost $8K. Finance Officer Patricia moaned, “I do my best and I work really hard” (01:30:20)

Supplemental appropriation, without a copy to follow along with it was a jumbled mash but the one thing that really caught my attention was the Robbing the water enterprise account of $50K to bolster the general fund. I am not sure that is legal. Water Enterprises funds must go to either pay to reduce water rates or upgrades of the water system not to go to the general fund where it could be used to purchase more clutter for the auditorium atrium. Or pay community center expenses arising out of the question,  should the kitchen be next to the bar or should it be close to the fire exit.

The date for the Special Meeting in December was set for December 9, 2019, at 5:00 p.m.

Updates and reminders:

One reminder was missing, Item V as in the appearance in court for Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens for Violation of state and local Liquor laws. December 5, 2019, Union County Magistrate Court at 9:00 a.m. to answer the complaint with fines and fees.

Agenda Item #14– City Website- Still dinkin’ with the city website first voted and around $1500 was appropriate for its design and implementation. I told the council the South Dakota Municipal League would help set up our website as we are members of the SDML. Mayor Glas mumbled something about open meeting. Since I was (hearsay) accused of setting the council up in the ballot box violation complaint and that I should have said something. First I did not know at the time and Every time I try to advise when the council is erring, I get shut down and ignored just as I did last night when I spoke up about the South Dakota Municipal League.

Agenda Item #18 Executive Session at 7:57 p.m. to discuss Personnel-H-m-m  At 8:21 p.m. the meeting was declared open and the council accepted the resignation of Librarian Dee Cole and Curtis Saugstad.

Agenda Item #19 Adjournment- Meeting was adjourned at 8:23 p.m.

11/26/2019 A Voice From the Gallery

To the good citizens of Alcester, please note the following notice of Hearing on Application for Variance.

Stop this travesty of attacking property values on Anderson Street and Beck Drive.  This property is zoned residential and Councilman Lance Johnson wants to erect a 22 foot high edifice to stupidity.  STOP this, COME to the city council meeting AT 6:30 pm and TELL Councilman Lance Johnson to CEASE and DESIST this travesty upon property zoning.  Tell the City Council to NO to the variance.  Be prepared to REFER this Rooster’s violation of your property rights and valuations!  If Councilman Lance Johnson wants a big red barn, hayseeds and etc. build that thang on his farm.  He is violating the covenants that run with the land and is thumbing his nose at all Alcester residents.






6:30 pm

09/11/2019 A Voice From the Gallery

Check out the photos from yesterday, September 10, 2019,  Alcester City Councilman Lance Johnson STILL has not posted his building permit.

So who gets the blame Pies Construction for not having a building permit displayed BEFORE they broke ground?  Alcester City Councilman Lance Johnson for not getting a building permit, displaying a building permit on the premises, or before ground was broken?  Or Alcester planning and zoning for not publishing the planning and zoning code or enforcing planning and zoning or SECOG Patrick Andrews for failing to provide accurate and usual practices to his client the Alcester City Council.  So what version of the International Planning and Zoning codes did he provide and the council approve.

Folks, we can change this!  We can change the city Offices being closed on Tuesdays, too.  We can take the initiative, literally!  We can be resolute and effect change!

Check out the pictures 518 Anderson Street-Lance Johnson 09-10-2019  Oh yes, I took the photographs from the street.  No crony-ism here!LANCE JOHNSON 09-10-2019-IV.JPGLANCE JOHNSON 09-10-2019-III.JPGLANCE JOHNSON 09-10-2019-II.JPGLANCE JOHNSON 09-10-2019-I.JPG

I think we should charge a minimum property tax charge for garage only properties like we are being charged for water.  Oh yeah and make it retro-active!

Call the city office let Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens know (605) 934-2851, Call Mayor Tom Glas (605) 934-2188 let him know or call your city council member as published in the Alcester Union-Hudsonite.  Let them know!

09/05/2019 II A Voice From the Gallery



Prior to the September 4, 2019, meeting FO Pat told me the funeral home has a building permit posted. 

Yeah, where?  Well folks the building permit for the funeral home is located in the east window of the Quam-Berglin Building ’cause there was no wall to attach the permit to.  REALLY, REALLY  Give ol’ FO Pat a cane ’cause that excuse is so lame even Mayor Magoo could see through it. I told Pat the permit should be on the premises and maybe a simple wood stake would take care of the lack of a wall.  Geez Louise, give that woman a crystal ball with instructions how to use it and she would ask, ” how do I see through my hands?”  Good Gravy FO PAT is still looking for Carmen and Waldo and Mayor Glas is still scratching his head and asking who is Carmen and Waldo?

Mayor Tom Glas called the September 5, 2019, regular meeting of the Alcester City Council to order at 6:00 pm with Councilman Dan Haeder, Councilman Lance Johnson, Councilwoman Melissa Kay, Councilwoman Linda Talbott, Councilwoman Darla Reppe, Councilman David Larsen and standing in for Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson was his father, Larry A. Nelson ’cause Alcester City Attorneys Sam Nelson and Alcester City Attorney Tom Frieberg had homework from the judge in a civil case.

The council approved the agenda with no corrections and approved FO Pat’s version of the minutes for August 5th and August 13th.

Public input was called with no responding input.

Agenda Item #6-Since the meeting was well ahead of the scheduled community center presentation by Gary McKellips and Tom Walsh the council continued on with the ‘business’ of the night.

Agenda Item #7 was legal updates and legal has been very busy indeed. Cemetery obligation is still waiting on Alcester City Attorney Sam’s changes to the agreement between the city and the cemetery board and yet another draft.

Agenda Item #8-clean up nuisance letters by Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson-Oh but he wasn’t there and his father quoted Sgt. Schultz, “I know nothing…” about this. Further discussion included a condemnation and other nuisances.

Agenda Item #9 Street Parking. This agenda item was brought to the council by Councilman David Larsen so council could consider changes to parking restrictions as the merge of all grade levels to the sixth street school location and with added bus stops at all three daycares. The council entertained a motion to draft a parking ordinance involving Iowa and 5th streets in Alcester’s Ward II. Unanimous vote to draft an ordinance.

Agenda Item #10  The man-hole on third street.

Agenda Item #11 Water and Wastewater.  Dale missed the schedule change and was not present. FO Pat winged it, she really should give up flying-by-the-seat of her petti-pants! According to FO Pat’s sharing of test results, we have ‘nothing’ to worry about. Well at least about the wastewater.

Agenda Item #12 Police Department- Chief Jeff Christie presented the department stats, discussed the city owned shot-gun surplus and sale. The motion was made and approved the city declare shot-gun surplus and dispose of them via auction or sealed bid.

At 6:15 pm the Community Center presentation was scheduled to begin so the council and gallery adjourned (not formally mind you) to the auditorium gym. I wondered why did Mayor Glas not introduce Mssrs. McKellips and Walsh, after all he IS the mayor. Why was Finance Officer Jurrens playing hostess-in-charge? Then it was ‘splained that Ol’ mistress Jurrens was the third wheel on the community center bike.

Mr. McKellips made his presentation. He dodged the question of city offices in the community center at first but later in the presentation he conceded the plan included city offices to be re-located to the community building. The city’s share is somewhere north of $500K plus add-ons for the golf club.

The question was asked what happens if the city rejects the current plan, will the money still be available for a re-think plan. There was hemming and hawing with a substantive silence indicating the money might not be available. While I am in favor of a community building, the city offices MUST stay down-town Alcester.

Oh, Oh, I have an idea! Later in the meeting was a discussion on a tiny house development. I HAVE THE SOLUTION TO THE FINANCE OFFICE CONUNDRUM. Put the tiny house development in the North Business Park, set up two tiny houses side-by-side at 202 Broad Street, one for Finance Officer Pat and one for her asst. office girl. Then they can plant petunias, pick the weeds and plant as many painted wood pallets as they can find. Shoot they can even paint they own tiny house bright red it they want.

At 7:13 pm most of the council and all the gallery moved back into the council room, while everyone waited for Councilman Lance Johnson to return. Gee I am sure glad we didn’t have to wait for him ‘to return’ as long as MacArthur took to return to the Philippines. (1942 to 1944)

Council returned to Agenda Item #12 Police Department-Feral cats. Contract was sent but nobody knows when it will return. Sioux Falls Humane Society versus Dr. Johnson Hawarden. Feral Cats issue was tabled to next meeting.

Chief Christie did relate a warning he had received about garage thieves and the information they may be headed south. Lock up your garages and take the keys/fobs out of your cars in the garage.

Agenda Item #13-Golf Course I over-heard a question on why was Finance Officer Jurrens on the committee of three for the community building/golf course club house instead of the Committee Chair David Larsen? Good Question  H-m-m?

Agenda Item #14 Tiny Houses District. Somebody wants to speculate in Tiny Houses. Wants to put three on one lot and possibly four on a double lot like on Beck Drive. Growing up in Spirit Lake I saw the 1950’s version of tiny houses, we called them cabins. They happened in clusters around the lakes. They attracted low income renters/owners and were usually abandoned after a year or two, falling into disrepair or worse they attracted squatters/transients. Should a fire start in a tiny house, even the short distance the fire department would have to travel, they wouldn’t have enough time to roast a decent sized marshmallow with the flame left.

If the speculator wants tiny houses, buy a lot in the North Development Park, declare a tiny house district. Don’t lower OUR home valuations with an outhouse sized house next door.

Agenda Item #15-Finance Office Fairy Tales Approve warrant for Road Guy and Louiseau motion but failed to declare the price tag. Approved! BOO! Approve August warrants–approved.

September special meeting approved for Monday, September 16, 2019, at 6:00 pm. Approved.

October Council meeting scheduled at the golf course on October 2, 2019, at presumably 6:00 pm.

2020 Budget was presented to the council with the Finance Officer interminable verbal twitch of ‘with regard’ at each section of each page of the budget. The only way the council and gallery knew she was moving to a new subject line was the snooze alarm of ‘with regard’.

FO Pat wants radio water meter readers. Looks like Peeping Patty no longer has a job peeping for puppies!

FO Pat also wants new Election Booths. Really? That certainly is not going to solve our election and voting abridgment problems.

BY THE WAY–WHERE IS OUR WEBSITE FOR THE CITY? So we and the city council can read in advance FO Pat’s pretentions. A website so we have a posted agenda, so WE can research items, so WE can access the property maintenance. City Council YOU voted for the website a second time and still we do not have an official city website. Again FO Pat has deemed it not a priority.  Give Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens the ultimatum, get the darned website up and running. Get the agenda, minutes and ordinance ON THE WEBSITE–NOW! We are tired of waiting!

Agenda Item #16-Fairboard Update-Still putting up with grain on city property leased to Union County. Commissioners get over being upset, DO something! City Council DO something. City Council you have the right of refusal on the county leasing this land, TAKE BACK your control!

Agenda Item #17-HRC Now it begins-more monetary upkeep and NO LOTS have been sold and the HRC financial hole is deepening.

Agenda Item#18-Executive session for Legal-My update as to content, speculative only. The mayoral election travesty is still being investigated and according to my information has been placed in the hands of the SD Attorney General and DCI or is it a lawsuit? Maybe Pat’s tiny house will be orange with decorative metal grills on the front.

Agenda Item #19-Executive session for contract-The council voted in open session to allow up to $2500 appraisal fees for the potential sale of the auditorium? This is a long process but IF the auditorium is BID on and it has to be BID.

So tell me where is the police department going go?

Where is the finance office going to go? NOT the community building, no way.

Agenda Item #20-Adjourn at 9:02 pm

*after yesterday a word of advice for Councilman Lance Johnson, I suggest you go back to the school you ‘graduated from’ and ask for your money back!

I would also like to share that I respect the Alcester City Police Department.  I am appalled that Alcester City Councilman Lance Johnson’s paranoid temper tantrum has placed them in an untenable position because Alcester City Councilman Lance Johnson has an axe to grind with me.  I admire the Police Department’s ethical adherence to duty—-Vickie A. Larsen  

07/01/2019 A Voice From the Gallery

Relying on the government to protect your privacy is like asking a peeping tom to install your window blinds.

John Perry Barlow

And so it begins!

Mayor Tom Glas called the July 1, 2019, regular meeting of the Alcester City Council to order or at least that was I assume his intent with Alcester City Councilman David Larsen, Alcester City Councilwoman Melissa Kay, Alcester City Councilwoman Linda Talbott, and Alcester City Councilwoman Darla Reppe in attendance with Alcester City Councilman Lance Johnson sitting in his chair. Also seated at the Table was Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson.

The Council, Cling-ons Pat and Wanda, and the gallery stood to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. The council began their duties by approving the agenda as written by Pat and since the meeting actually took place, FO Pat must have managed to post it properly. The council went on to approve the minutes of the June 3, 2019, and the June 19/20, 2019 meeting as penned by FO Pat. Next on the approved agenda was item #5 May 2019 warrants, wait a minute? May 2019 warrants? FO Slip-shod forgot the May 2019 warrants? How was the absence of a routine, imperative agenda item missed in the May agenda? Evidently paying bills was not a high priority on FO Pat’s ‘list’ in May.

Public Input was called and of course I responded. Really, I think they should just give me my own agenda line item. Chuckle, Chuckle Prior to the meeting I placed copies of my second request to be emailed an agenda for all city meetings. The original requested was made August 7, 2017 and was ignored, not even a peep from FO Pat. A-mazing! I am entitled as a resident, as a reporting entity and I provided a copy of Conducting the Public’s Business in Public, A guide to South Dakota’s Open Meetings Law (revised Fall of 2015) where I highlighted pertinent passages the council had been ignoring. One of the highlighted areas was the opinion of the SD Attorney General who opined, “that ‘local news media’ is all news media-broadcast and print that regularly carry news to the community.” The third document I provided to the council was a citation of SDCL 1-25-11,

” Recording of open public meeting to be permitted. No state, political subdivision, or public body may prevent a person from recording, through audio or video technology, a public meeting that is open to the public as long as the recording is reasonable, obvious, and not disruptive.(Source: SL 2016, ch 11, §1.)  

Councilman David Larsen asked me if the Open Meeting citation I used included the changes which went into effect on July 1, 2019. I told him no, it did not. Readers rest assured I will read the changes and report how they may affect the residents of Alcester.

Legal Updates from Alcester City Attorney Sam included the Cemetery Update. I am not sure it was the wisest thing for the city to take on a perpetual care money pit. Perpetual care was deemed to be a good thing once upon a time, but it doesn’t ever seem to take into account perpetual care can mean not just mowing and trimming but roads, maintenance of markers, plot assignments, and etc.

And then there was the attack on the feral cat. Now folks I like cats, I am allergic but I like cats and I hate the idea of trapping them in cages and hauling them off to be euthanized. I spoke to the humane society today because it was my understanding they would not take feral cats, I was given the information they will attempt to re-home some feral cats which are healthy they will not take on feral cats suffering from feline leukemia or bat-bite rabies. These cats will be euthanized. In addition the bat-bite, rabied cats are dangerous to trap ’cause rabies is not always apparent and we do not pay our police enough money to take that chance. FO Pat maybe but not our police force.

So the council decided to use the animal-at-large ordinance for the time-being. So take heed Councilmember who has the cutest little cats, hauls them out to the acreage 6 miles out of town, those little cuties will come back into town and as an Alcester taxpayer you will have the privilege to pay to have then spayed and/or euthanized!

Next up agenda item Community Clean Up. The Finance Office Nazi’s are at it again! Demand letters are in the mail.

Relying on the government to protect your privacy is like asking Assistant Finance Secretary/Meter Reader Wanda to read your water meter through your windows.

Vickie A. Larsen shamelessly inspired by John Perry Barlow

One resident has pushed back on FO Pat Jurrens, Code Officer Geoff’s demand to breach the sanctity of their home for inspection. Really? The PC and folks this stands for probable cause not politically correct! Frau FO Pat Jurrens and Freikorper Geoff Fillingsness using FO Pat’s Bible of Bilious Bullying, the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code.

The 2012 International Property Code book includes chapters on Scope and application, Administration-Powers of Code Official, Definitions, General Requirements, Light-Ventilation and occupancy limits, Plumbing facilities & fixtures, Mechanicals & Electrical, Fire Safety, Reference Std and Boarding Std.


          Folks anyone armed with this listing of tactics, a camera, and allowed within a house-hold can produce enough probable cause for a magistrate to use against Mr. Clean’s household. Do not take my word, look the code up and then ask yourself, “how well would my home do” held to the exaggeration of any one of these standards? Stop Mayor Glas and FO Pat’s Bullying!

The council voted to allow $12K for a Sioux Falls company to ‘come-in and force-ably clean house. Hey will that work on the Finance Office? Can we start a go-fund-me to clean up our Finance Office? Oh I know, we’ll take out a CDBG loan to clean up our finance office.

Going on to the Curb and Gutter discussion, Ya know the one 518 Anderson Street Randy Roo’s where Mayor Glas and FO Pat maintained approval was given, professionally chopped the Curb and council approval. Both Mayor Glas and FO Pat LIED and Denied FOIA answers. In fact FO Pat gave permission which she was not authorized to give (01:12:59) per Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson. ACA Nelson says there should be a building permit, so Mayor Glas declared since there were no materials purchased no building permit fee was due! REALLY? So what about the demolition fee? Randy Ray Roo definitely demolished the curb, a city asset. Can the rest of us do that? Evidently yes, ’cause ol’ Councilman Lance Johnson has his non-materials picked-out so he doesn’t have to back his 5th wheel camper across Randy Roo’s lot to get to the street. Let Mayor Magoo know what you think of that, 605-934-2188 The professional who butchered the curb was in fact Randy Ray Heuer. Gee I thought he was a farmer. Professional what? Rooster? Or the ‘other’ kind of professional? Oh and let’s not forget Mayor Glas’ declaration that, “…the cutting out was done professionally and does not affect the flow of water…” Are ya kidding? So just how does water flow Mayor Magoo? Downhill or from a rain-laden cloud to the earth via gravity?

Agenda Item# 10 Downtown Sidewalk -width-not-width ADA? Heck if we know!

Agenda Item #12 Circle Drive Estimated at $6300 but that is too much. So we can cobbled it (no pun intended) by applying 64 ton of rocks ($2500 with $4 per ton trucking) Motion and vote went like this, we spend up to $3K and with five ayes passed.

Agenda Item #16-Pat actually made it to this conference, she larned all about public input-we’ll see.

Approve June Warrants- Evidently we are going to follow the agenda.

Confused discussion on time sheets, paychecks, paystubs, detailed comp time and pay rates. Pat explained this to council members who are supposed to be over-sight to Pat’s book-keeping. Good Luck on that one.

Meeting adjourned at 8:42 pm.

06/20/2019 A Voice From the Gallery

The Alcester City Council met in a special meeting with Mayor Tom Glas, Alcester City Councilwoman Darla Reppe, Alcester City Councilman Dan Haeder, Alcester City Councilwoman Linda Talbott, Alcester City Councilman David Larsen and Alcester City Councilwoman Melissa Kay via telephone.  Oh yeah and Alcester FO Pat Jurrens.  Oh Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson, I’ll bet you are glad you missed this meeting!

For a short meeting, the meeting was jammed packed with excitement, raised voices, and tempers raising faster than tornadic winds in the summertime.

After Mayor Tom half glas’d the meeting to order, followed up with the Pledge of Allegiance and flowed into the agenda approval.  It is to be noted here that Alcester FO Jurrens dropped the FO-ball of posting the agenda.  So the planned meeting for June 19th, 2019, had to be re-scheduled for June 20, 2019, ’cause bookkeeper FO Pat cannot determine 24 hours prior to the meeting.  H-m-m-m her grasp of the execution of her job is tenuous on a fair day.  One has to wonder what in Hades was she doin’ on Tuesday afternoon when the city office is ‘closed’ so the girls can catch up on their work…that she couldn’t get the agenda posted on time or was it perhaps deliberate so people wouldn’t find out how shabbily Mayor Glas and FO Pat treated our home-town son Chris.

Once the agenda was approved, Mayor Glas shaped-shifted his way into Executive Session for discussion based upon personnel 1-25-2-1:


1-25-2.   Executive or closed meetings–Purposes–Authorization–Violation as misdemeanor. Executive or closed meetings may be held for the sole purposes of:
             (1)      Discussing the qualifications, competence, performance, character or fitness of any public officer or employee or prospective public officer or employee. The term “employee” does not include any independent contractor;


The council went into Executive Session at 6:03 pm. and came out at 6:08 pm and BOY HOWDY that was record time!

Straight out of Executive Session Mayor Glas called for the motion to allow him to sign a settlement agreement and release.  As you can hear on the video, the motion was cobbled, vague and improper.  The motion involved payment of a settlement with TAXPAYER DOLLARS.  The motion DID NOT STATE THE AMOUNT OF PAYMENT AND DID NOT STATE TO WHOM THE PAYMENT WAS TO BE MADE.  Shoot for all we know Mayor Glas could be paying Pat yet another $4800.00 for services.

Unlike the $4800 payment to FO Pat for comp time to which she was not entitled by Alcester Personnel Manual or FLSA and was not approved.  Since when do we pay administration $38.00 OT or Comp time to paint floors or pull weeds in the Auditorium yard?  Do we not have minimum wage employees for that?

WHY is Mayor Glas trying so hard to hide a chicken feed settlement $2K or $3K to our police officer and pay Pat $4800 for imaginary time spent working her ‘widdle’ fingers to the bone painting, plucking and gold-bricking?  Oh and by the way FO Pat was the one who gave Randy Roo permission to vandalize, demolish the curb and gutter at 518 Anderson Street.  FO Pat did not have the authority, no wonder she wouldn’t answer my FOIA asking for the variance approval!  Man, she is really over-reaching her bookkeeping duties.

The council voted four (4) ayes to one (1) nay to settlement.  Ayes; Melissa Kay, Linda Talbott, Dan Haeder, and Darla Reppe. Nay; David Larsen

After the speed-0-light adjournment, Mayor Glas ordered me to shut down my camera, I told him NO and you can all watch what happened next.  Let him know what you think-Mayor Glas can be reached at


Head’s up Alcester City Attorney Sam, the Fat Lady is warming up her vocal chords!  I can assure you it is not over yet!