04/19/2021 A Voice From the Gallery

(ongoing criminality?)

Mayor Dan Haeder called the April 19, 2021, city council meeting to order with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.  Council members present were Councilman David Larsen, Councilwoman Darla Reppe, Councilwoman Linda Talbott, Councilwoman Melissa Kay and City Attorney Sam Nelson with Councilman Marcus Ireland participating via telephone. 

Agenda Item #3 – Mayor Haeder called for Approval of the Agenda.  An adjustment was made to add an additional Executive Session SDCL 1-25-2.3 Legal Contract to Agenda Item #6.  Like we really needed another Executive session last night.

Agenda Item #4 – Public Input – 

*Vickie Larsen – Wheel Loader throwing good money after bad.  (0:07:07.00)  Direct Deposit for employees.  I ask the question does the city offer direct deposit to its employees.  Finance Office Jurrens answer was no. (0:37:70)  So Why not?  Don’t know how FOPat?  Too much work for you?  I handed out ‘how to direct deposit’ to the council with a detailed packet to Mayor Haeder.  The detailed packet I handed to Mayor Haeder explained how direct deposit would save the city money. Folks keep this mind, ’til you get to the HSA Healthcare provider change Agenda Item #10 (0:54:42.90) and (0:55:14.87)

*Don Drown – (0:10:10.10) Junk and dead cars in the city.  Mr. Drown was asked by Attorney Sam Nelson, “have you contacted the city?” (0:14:01.53)  Mr. Drown answered, “…numerous times…” (0:14:12.23)  Attorney Sam tells Mr. Drown to keep contacting the city office to establish a time line (0:14:19.00)  Mayor Haeder says, to talk to him, talk to your councilmember (0:15:18.20)  I asked about the a complaint form (0:16:11.77)  FOPat answers the city has a form, really?  Why didn’t you have Mr. Drown fill out a complaint when he spoke to you all those numerous times?  Councilman David Larsen asked, “…Are they (the complaint forms) on the website (0:16:28.57)  FOPat replied, : No, but I can put them on it….What you waiting for, why are ya draggin’ your feet FOPat?

*Councilwoman Darla Reppe – (0:17:37.20) Musical Garbage Cans Game the Alcester home version.  Frost is out, time to change back.  (0:18:36.33) Councilwoman Talbott thinks we should keep the game of Musical Garbage Cans going and FOPat well FOPat says (0:18:45.97), “Actually Loren loves it…”  Of course “Loren” loves it, he can get into town and get out of town so he can pick up more garbage on the route and get home.  He does not have to pay the street maintenance fee!

*Councilwoman Melissa Kay – Interstate 29 Sign –  My advice to Councilwoman Kay, do your homework before you suggest another Bambee-like fiasco such as interstate signage.  For instance madam Kay, SDCL 31-29-1 through SDCL 31-29-87.  That is just the South Dakota, the Union County, local licensing fees.  Then there is the IOWADOT (Iowa Outdoor Advertising Regulations of Interstate Highways) and then there is the Linchpin Article, How to Effectively Use Outdoor and Billboard Advertising at https://linchpinseo.com/the-guide-to-outdoor-advertising/    updated 03/16/2021 author Team Linchpin.  Folks I took the advertising course in school.  Leisure Sports looked into Bill Board advertising when we became a Recreational Vehicle Dealer.  Want to know the potential costs, let’s see there is the annual state licensing permit ranging from $16 to $72 per sign based upon size, State zoning restrictions apply, County zoning restrictions apply, Cannot be in public right-of-way or over-hang it, the maximum area of one sign can be 1200 sq ft and cannot exceed thirty feet in height and 60 feet in length. private property contract for land rent for structure of the sign, and now the biggie. Traditional billboard require a monthly payment of $250.00 to $14,000.00 or more.  Digital billboards monthly payments start from $1200.00 to $15,000.00 or more.  Now folks FOPat is all hot-to-trot to replace the decrepit signs North of Alcester and South of Alcester.  There would be tear down fees, licensing fees from South Dakota and Union County along with any zoning changes along with any restriction as to content of the signage. (0:20:30.97)

Agenda Item #5 – Wastewater Facility with presentation by Banner Representative Ms. Tanya Miller.  (0:23:11.03)  Duties of the engineering, too bad the city did not have this in place during the SRTS fiasco which bought the city a tort suit.  (0:34:23.80)  Executive session #1 SDCL 1-25-2.3 Consulting with legal counsel or reviewing communications from legal counsel about proposed or pending litigation or contractual matters;  Length of session was 6:34 pm – 7:02 pm equaling a total time of 28 minutes.

Agenda Item #6 – Executive Session SDCL 1-25-2.3 Consulting with legal counsel or reviewing communications from legal counsel about proposed or pending litigation or contractual matters;  discussion and decision to settle the claims of Terry and Jessica Christensen under any terms and conditions recommended by outside counsel.  Length of session was 7:08 pm – 7:17 pm for a total discussion time of  eight (8) minutes.

Agenda Item #7 – Executive Session SDCL 1-25-2.1 Personnel Discussing the qualifications, competence, performance, character or fitness of any public officer or employee or prospective public officer or employee. The term, employee, does not include any independent contractor;Motion made by Councilwoman Melissa Kay.  The group entered Executive Session at 7:19 pm and was out of Executive session at 8:09 pm for a total time of 50 minutes.  Boy-howdy somebody was in deep do-do.

Agenda Item #8 – Library- Hired a part-time summer read person at $9.60 per hour.

Agenda Item #9 – Wheel Loader – bill $12,629.37  The Wheel Loader which was purchased used at a cost of $39,500.00 and as I remember to work on streets.  Ours wheel loader is a 2000 John Deere 544 (K) unknown hours with a speculative value somewhere around $15K to $30K in running condition.  So it appears the city just did $12,629.37 worth of repairs on a machine valued at or around $12K and that doesn’t include the hauling charge to and from Sioux City? (0:48:01.00) diagnosis:

*Leak in Boom Lift

*Replace O-rings

*Bad U joint


*Rebuild Fuel Pump

*Full Service

*Alarms going off due to bad connector

*Issues with shifting

*Issues with Steering

(0:51:49.50) leave it up to the operators.  What operators?  Why would we leave a $12629.37 bill in the hands of operators?  Vote went to pay the $12,629.37 without question.

Agenda Item #10 – Health Plan change from Sanford to Wellmark with HSA option.  (0:54:42.90)  Pat’s health plan.  So Pat cannot handle direct deposit for the city employees but she is more than willing to take on the management of an HSA for the employees and the city?  Really it seems that FOPat is playing Robin Williams’  “Pinocchio, the Home Game” again.

Agenda Item #11 – Department Head reports –

Garbage pick-up moved to accommodate Park Street and Sixth Street rip up. (1:06:09.97)

Ordinances to be reviewed in the paper.

Agenda Item #12 – Reminders and Updates

Agenda Item #13 – Adjourn  8:35 pm


Contact City Council

Mayor Dan Haeder                   605-934-2287

Councilman David Larsen        605-934-2434

Councilwoman Melissa Kay     712-557-0689

Councilwoman Darla Reppe    605-934-2602

Councilwoman Linda Talbot    605-934-1849

Councilman Marcus Ireland     605-370-1193

02/01/2021 A Voice From the Gallery

          The February 1, 2021,  Alcester City Council meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Mayor Dan Haeder, , Councilman David Larsen, Councilwoman Darla Reppe, Councilwoman Linda Talbott and Councilwoman Melissa Kay in person.  Councilman Marcus Ireland was counted present via telephone and City Attorney Sam Nelson was absent but available via telephone IF the council needed him.  M-m-m, you hiding Sam?

The city camera is beeping, Mayor Haeder adjusts it, he now puts the memory card in, Mayor Haeder sits down and camera starts beeping.  H-m-m.

          Council recites the Pledge of Allegiance.

insert video

Item #3 – Approve Agenda   Mayor Haeder called for motion to approve the agenda.  Motion is made, seconded and with no discussion the agenda is approved unanimously  (X5 Ayes) without change.

Item #4 – Approve Minutes of January 4th and 18th meetings Mayor Haeder called for motion to approve the minutes of the two meeting in January.  Motion was made by Councilman Larsen, seconded by Councilwoman Talbott, discussion was called with Councilman Ireland responding to add the adjective “alleged” before the narrative involving executive session in the 01/04/2021 minutes.  The group decided to add the word “alleged”.  Councilman Larsen made the motion to amend the initial motion by adding the word “alleged”, Councilwoman Talbott seconded the motion to amend, no discussion on the amendment, the group vote unanimously X5 Ayes to amended.  The Council returned to the motion on the floor, Councilman Larsen moved to approve the minutes for January 4 as amended, and January 18 (as written should have been noted in the motion), Councilwoman Talbott seconded the motion and with no further discussion the motion was approve with a unanimous vote X 5 Ayes.

Item #5 – Public Input– I spoke to the erosion issue on the Sunnyside Storage project and possible loss of one of the buildings on the private property.  A retaining wall was to be built but as of this meeting had not been completed nor was it signed off by the ‘alleged building inspector Geoff Fillingsness.’  I asked, once again, about the city website with Finance Office Jurrens responding it (the website) was up. (09:53:47).  As of this writing I still do not see a website!  I commented on the telephonic participation of Councilman Marcus Ireland who, it appears will be taking part in the future council meetings until election.  I commented on the residents of Ward II have been to all intents and purposed disenfranchised by way the lack of their ability to readily contact their Ward II representative, Marcus Ireland.  Cell telephone number was to be provided to the newspaper for publication.

Mayor Haeder announced there was to be a virtual legislative meeting tomorrow, February 2, 2021.

Councilwoman Darla Reppe announced she had been contacted by a constituent who did not wish to be identified.  The constituent was extremely unhappy with the Burke Sh**house and requested the council take measures to fix the situations.  The council was warned back in December 2019 and January 2020 by me with regard to variances distributed by Finance Officer Pat Jurrens and approved by the council to allow non-residential building in the Numsen Addition prior to the building of these Beck Drive nightmares.  I warned them of the possible sharp decline in property values of innocent neighbors, and the possibility of losing any future sales of the remaining properties. However there is a precedent in Sioux Falls which caused the demolition of a violation of covenants in a historic neighborhood.  Mayor Haeder who was then a councilmember voted to approve the Burke Sh**house.  I noted in my complaint that Codes and Covenants ran with the property and it was up to the property owners to vote to change the Covenants and the city did not have the power to ordinance away the covenants.  Covenants were put into place to protect the property owners investments and assets.  To Councilmember Reppe’s un-named constituent, you can sue for lost value.  The council was warned and went ahead with the variance in spite of the warning.  I believe there may be a liability against the council for allowing the Sh**house variance. In last night’s meeting, Finance Officer Jurrens offered up a legal opinion (19:05:57).  Sorry madame bookkeeper, your alleged degree is in bookkeeping not legal opinions.  To Councilmember Reppe’s constituent and my Numsen’s Addition neighbor, upon your request I will give you copies of my research.  By the way, I do believe any resident has the right and ability to file a complaint on the Sh**house.

Item #6 Department Head Updates

Streets-Lonnie Johnson (absent) Chip sealing – advertising of Bid date  03/01/2021 6:15 pm

Hire Cash Hemmingson for Snow removal, Shop and Street Maintenance-???how many bodies does the city need for snow removal??? Call for Motion.  Motion was made by Councilwoman Kay, seconded by Councilwoman Reppe,  discussion question asked to amend start date with an immediate start date of February 2, 2021.   Motion was amended by Councilwoman Kay, seconded by Councilwoman Reppe, no discussion and a unanimous vote X5 ayes to amend the motion.  Call for motion returned to original question to hire Cash Hemmingson at $11.00 per hour for an immediate start date of  February 2, 2021.  Councilwoman Kay made the now amended motion, Councilwoman Reppe seconded the amended motion, with no further discussion the council voted X5 ayes to hire Cash Hemmingson at $11.00 per hour starting February 2, 2021. 

Shop Computer – Aw the shop computer crashed.  So FO Pat went shopping for a shop computer.  Where did FO Pat go out for quotes, why to her good bud Applied Software Beresford? So does Alcester get a friends and family discount from Mr. Monson?   Somehow I don’t think the $1216.00 price tag is a discount, do you?

Cemetery – No update

Water – Pumps have been installed

Police Dept – Police Chief Conference  Approval to attend Police Chief’s Conference. Council approved Police Chief Christie’s travel to the conference.

Police Chief vest purchase-Council approve purchase of vest for PD.

Golf Course -Trade in golf cart.  Phasing out and Trade one Yamaha for the purchase of One EZ Go Golf cart spending up to $2000.00.  Motion was made by Councilman Larsen, Second came from Councilwoman Talbott with the Mayor wandering off topic to some sort of Lift. Finally came back to topic for unanimous vote .

Library – Councilman David Larsen gave a summary of the Summer Reading Program.

Item #7 – Mask Policy  “Ordinance vs. Recommendation vs. Resolution Discussion related to do we do an Ordinance, do we do a Recommendation or do we do a Resolution?  The Consensus landed on a resolution.  Mayor Haeder called for a Motion to approve the 2021-03 Resolution, Councilwoman Kay made the motion to approve the resolution with implementation as soon as published.  Councilwoman Reppe seconded the motion, no discussion and with 4 ayes and 1 no from Councilman Larsen.  (00:00:00)  As soon as published, I was told the website was up and running.  In fact I pointed out we publish on the website.  In fact I believe the city is require to publish notifications on the website if we have one.  No response. Telephone call was made to Attorney Sam Nelson at 7:16 pm. for advice on the Resolution.  Dare I ask what that phone call cost?

Item #8 – Employee Bonus discussion Yup there it is.  Longevity/Performance Base Bonus Discussion.  Now folks while I sat listening to the presentation by Councilwoman Kay, it was hard not to chuckle at several points she attempted to make.  Going back to a time as she was hawking Bambee HR, she stated she/council did not know much about Human Resources takes me to a question she asked me when she was practicing her Legal Badgering Skills 101 on me, “Do you know how to read?”. 

          My response then is the same as it is now, “Yes very well!”  So madam you write you worked your way up in janitorial skills, from toilet processing to management of employee scheduling, sales, customer phone relations, and processing bids for services.  Additionally in your linked auto-bio you allege you, “… completed a Human Resources training course and Dealing with Difficult People course climaxing in protecting employees rights while maintaining the integrity of the company…” Wow!  So according to your proposed bonus performance review techniques, given the manner with which you dealt with me and I as your employer (tax payer) I should be able to score you on your performance, Right?  So let’s see what questions might I ask.  You see when I got the agenda about bonus discussion, I did my research.  I think taxpayers would like a preview of questions they might like to ask.  Shall we?  So Councilwoman Kay, did you protect my rights during the Great Badger inquisition?  Did you deliberately lie to the other council members to make your case?  Did you perpetuate a deliberate lie by administrative staff?  Did you or did you not make a false swearing with regard to the above listed questions?  That’s okay, I don’t expect an answer.

Item #9 – Finance Office Updates Alternate garbage route- so now the residents must tote their garbage across the street.  Really why not a central pick-up dumpster with a discount for residents who are willing to haul their garbage and/or their disabled neighbor’s garbage to the central dumpster.

2020 Audit-Approval to pay the bill.

Board of Equalization meeting- March 15, 2021 6:00 pm

Virtual District Meeting March 18, 2021, 5:30 pm

Reminders and Updates

Item #10 – Community Building – notation the builder took the liberty of changing the 8 foot garage doors out for 12 foot doors. 

Item #11 – Volunteer Roster- No Update

Item #12 – Executive Session 1-25-2.1 Personnel  AGAIN Call for motion, second, no discussion and unanimous vote.  Executive session commences at 7:51 p.m.  Those staying in executive session were Councilman Larsen, Councilman Ireland (via telephone et al), Councilwoman Kay, Councilwoman Reppe, Councilwoman Talbott, FO Patricia Jurrens, employee Wanda Halverson, Police Chief Jeff Christie, Police Officer Austin Schuller and Mayor Header. 

Newspaper reporter Gordon Richard, Employee Peeples and Vickie Larsen left the room.  Mr. Richard and Ms Peeples left the building while Vickie Larsen remained in the hallway. Interesting watching the group and the body language, like watching a silent movie.  The police officers left the executive session at 8:13 pm approximately 22 minutes after the commencement of the session.  The executive meeting continued on until 8:37 pm when it was declared out of session.

Item #13 – Adjourn at 8:38 pm

Contact City Council

Mayor Dan Haeder                   605-934-2287

Councilman David Larsen        605-934-2434

Councilwoman Melissa Kay     712-557-0689

Councilwoman Darla Reppe    605-934-2602

Councilwoman Linda Talbot    605-934-1849

01/04/2021 A Voice From the Gallery

The January 4, 2021,  Alcester City Council meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Mayor Dan Haeder, Councilman Marcus Ireland, Councilman David Larsen, Councilwoman Darla Reppe, and Councilwoman Melissa Kay in person with City Attorney Sam Nelson.  Councilwoman Linda Talbott absent, no explanation but can be available by telephone.(01:14.57)

Above is the oath of office which I affirmed on July 20, 2020, to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of South Dakota.  I promised to the very best of my ability to work for all the residents of the city of Alcester not just those located within the confines of Ward III.  I meant that promise, but in the performance and fulfillment of my promise it was alleged by a l.i.t. (lawyer-in-training) I failed to do what I promised.  I asked the October 7, 2020, Executive Session in which these allegations were delivered be open session and video-taped, I was told I did not have that right.  I was dismissed based upon the opinion of the l.i.t. without proof other than her opinion.  The form of Executive Session used in Alcester, meeting is closed and no record is made.  It gets down to she said, she said.  It is now my time!

The meeting was opened with the recitation of the pledge of allegiance…ironic.

Agenda Item #3 Approval of the Agenda was dispatched with just one amendment.(02:36.83) by Councilwoman Kay.  Agenda Item #18 Executive Session ( if needed) for SDCL 1-25-2.  SDCL 1-25-2 refers to the whole statute and should be specific to one of the purposes listed below:

1-25-2. Executive or closed meetings–Purposes–Authorization–Violation as misdemeanor.

Executive or closed meetings may be held for the sole purposes of:

(1)    Discussing the qualifications, competence, performance, character or fitness of any public officer or employee or prospective public officer or employee. The term, employee, does not include any independent contractor;

(2)    Discussing the expulsion, suspension, discipline, assignment of or the educational program of a student or the eligibility of a student to participate in interscholastic activities provided by the South Dakota High School Activities Association;

(3)    Consulting with legal counsel or reviewing communications from legal counsel about proposed or pending litigation or contractual matters;

(4)    Preparing for contract negotiations or negotiating with employees or employee representatives;

(5)    Discussing marketing or pricing strategies by a board or commission of a business owned by the state or any of its political subdivisions, when public discussion may be harmful to the competitive position of the business; or

(6)    Discussing information listed in subdivisions 1-27-1.5(8) and 1-27-1.5(17).

However, any official action concerning such matters shall be made at an open official meeting. An executive or closed meeting shall be held only upon a majority vote of the members of the public body present and voting, and discussion during the closed meeting is restricted to the purpose specified in the closure motion. Nothing in § 1-25-1 or this section prevents an executive or closed meeting if the federal or state Constitution or the federal or state statutes require or permit it. A violation of this section is a Class 2 misdemeanor.

Source: SL 1965, ch 269; SL 1980, ch 24, § 10; SL 1987, ch 22, § 1; SL 2014, ch 90, § 2; SL 2019, ch 2, § 1.

The agenda was amended to place agenda item #18 between agenda items #7 and agenda item #8.  So was the agenda approved by the quorum of four.

Agenda Item #4 Approval of the Minutes of December 7, 2020, and December 21, 2020, again without discussion or delay.

Agenda Item #5 – Public Input- Vickie Larsen addressed the following topics in public input: cemetery, snow plow speed, building permit, executive sessions handout, website, Nohava, who is the council president and vice-president. 

– cemetery– (04:47.70)  Discussion on this point is the driving over a gravesite with digging equipment.  During the process of excavating for a new grave, the cemetery grave digger appeared to have backed his trailer with the grave digger over the top of a grave, leaving large ruts in the surface of the grave.  I asked for the name of the culprit.  I got a non-answer from FO Pat, “a guy”  Really? I asked for a name FO Pat replied I think his name was “collie” another non-responsive answer.  The city now owns and manages the cemetery and FO Pat does not know who digs the graves.  The grave this dimwit backed over, Coach Sievert’s resting place and no one at the city level seems to care .

-Snow plow speed-(05:41.90) I reported I saw the snow plow (loader w/bucket) plowing the street in front of my home on Lincoln Drive at an excessive speed and that it was NOT Lonnie Johnson driving.  Again note the badger line I got from Councilwoman Kay.  “Did I witness this”  Yeah I did and it was not Lonnie Johnson driving the heavy equipment.  I also had reports from others in the community who witnessed the same excessive speed of the plow apparatus.  I asked the question, what happens when the bucket snags a upheaval of the curb and gutter?  Bucket gone, curb ripped up and something worse?  Please note the feedback Lonnie (11:13.80), Lonnie (11:30.93) and of course Councilwoman Kay’s badger banter (12:45.27).  I stated I did not recognize or know who was driving the plow apparatus, just it was not Lonnie Johnson.  Mr. Johnson asked the question, “was that between your property and Orville Embrocks…”  I did not realize at the time he was referring to an event a couple of years ago, where he snagged the water shut off pipe for my house, failed to let us know about it until after pipes burst in a severe cold snap and water began flooding out of my garage and they could not shut the water off because of the damage to the water shut off at the curb. 

Building permit on the Sunnyside Storage- This is where a retaining wall was called for on the building permit and the wall was not built.  I asked the question was the final inspection done, it has been reported to me that several building permits were issued and fees were charged, but there was no final inspection by the Code Ordinance officer.  So why isn’t the Finance Officer following up on this.  I believe there is to be a report of approval of the work issued to the permit holder to clear the permit and so the city cannot come back and accused the permit holder of failures.  Who is not doing their job?

-Executive Sessions– the present council and councils going back to 2012 do not have a working grasp of proper Executive Sessions.  I found a tutorial on Executive Sessions from a 2015 Association of School Boards of South Dakota which gave a simplified explanation of Do’s and Don’ts of Executive Sessions to keep the council from violating the Executive Session statute 1-25-2.  It takes Executive Sessions from proper Motion entering Executive Session to ending an Executive Session.  The Mayor and each council person got a copy of the handout and city attorney Sam Nelson got a copy with the copy write permission from the author of the piece.  (http:// http://convention.asbsd.org/wp-content/uploads/ts-of-Executive-Session.pdf)

Website– still waiting- asked FoPat – still no launch date.  I did ask if it would be in 2021.

Jeff Nohava– I asked if the ambulance had a covid clean process.  Mr. Nohava stated the ambulance complies with the protocols.  I have seen how the ambulance has complied with other protocols in the past. Yeah.

I emailed this question to the Finance Office, “Who is the President of the Alcester City Council and is there a Vice-President?  I seem to remember Councilman David Larsen was President of the Council, is that correct?  Folks  this is FO Pat’s response, her email to,” Mayor Dan, Please address Ms Larsen’s questions…Thank you in advance..Pat.  So I asked again, Councilman David Larsen responded he was and I was told by another council person that Councilwoman Linda Talbott was the vice-president of the council.  I had asked this question because when I got the boot, I did not know if the president and vice-president positions had changed.  Now we all have the answer.  Simply put the President of the Council takes over in the absence of the Mayor.  The Vice-president takes over if both the Mayor and President of the Council are indisposed.  So why was the question so far out of the FO purview she had to email Mayor Haeder to respond?  Makes a body wonder, doesn’t it.

No one else had any input, but given certain responses given to me, I can see why other members of the public might not be willing to respond.

Agenda Item #6– Alcester EMS- Jeff Nohava- reporting the service has 10 EMT’s/Nurses (RN, LPN), 6 Drivers and 6 Student attending the Akron class.  So are these 6 students taking the class in Akron going to be NREMT?  Mr. Nohava mentioned the ambulance had received a grant for a Lifepak 15 AED. 

Agenda Item #7 – Department Head Updates-

Streets-Lonnie Johnson reported the need for an upgrade of the electrical panel in the city shop ($1800.00).  Electrical Panel upgrade approved.  Street Vehicle Discussion- again-so we go from needing another truck with the capability to pull a trailer to the proposed purchase of a 2015 Nissan Rogue S (compact sport utility vehicle) 45,500 miles, no warranty, all wheel drive, 4 cylinder, trailer hitch unknown (per Lonnie) for an “out-the-door price” $15,000 with the now stated purpose to go to conventions, trainings, read meters (do ya’ll have drive-by capabilities now?) (25:40.90)and FO Pat and Wanda drooling.(we get a car, we get a car) Now folks key here is where is the money coming from,  Street Department?  I will direct you back to Mr. Johnson’s statement about the losing our streets (11:13.80) and the proposal to take $15,000 from the 2nd penny fund (29:56.53) which was originally limited to capital assets expenditures to pay for a run-around car? We keep playing games with the condition of our streets; FDR which was a joke, intermittent patching of streets are like plastering 30 minute wrinkle cream on a 90 year-old woman who worked in the great outdoors most of her life, and too many streets with no curb and gutter to stabilise the street.  But we apparently desperately need a “company car” to do what, shop?  What are the drawbacks to this model of vehicle, reports of seven (7) recalls on the 2015 model – one of which involved the shift selector knob, complaints of vehicle control and engine failure but it does have a towing capability up to 1,000 pounds when it is properly fitted for towing.  Motion was made to purchase the new toy and motion passed.  My question is do we have to take a temporary loan out until the second penny sales tax fund has recovered enough to allow a $15K expenditure?

Cemetery-Parker Dooly- No substantive update other than we need a new mower.  Wish list— a Hustler commercial grade mower with a 60 inch deck with add-ons.  Instructed to do more research (until the next meeting?)

Water/Wastewater– Dale Pearson reported the department is working on the wiring and installation of the new pumps.

Police – Officer Schuller reports the past month’s activity and reports the continuing recovery of Police Chief Christie.

Golf Course– Councilman David Larsen reported the golf course is closed up for the season.

Library– Councilman David Larsen reported the library is doing well.

Agenda Item #18 – Executive Session – if needed Councilwoman Kay moved to enter Executive Session 1-25-2 for Personnel, Second came from Councilman Ireland, with no discussion the quorum of four moved in to Executive Session at 6:46 P.M.  Everyone but the Mayor and Councilman Larsen, Councilman Ireland, Councilwoman Reppe and Councilwoman Kay was dismissed into the hallway including Alcester City Attorney Nelson, FO Pat and Wanda Halvorson.  Mayor Haeder and the four council members remained in Executive Session until Mayor Haeder declared the council of Executive Session at 7:21 P.M.  No action was taken.

Agenda Item #8 – Legal Updates – Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson gave a report on city actions against the property owners of 307 Iowa and 205 Ofstad.  No Executive Session was not needed.

Agenda Item #9 – 2021 Retainer Agreement – Frieberg, Nelson and Ask.  No fees were disclosed during this discussion.  There was an amendment regarding the mileage charge for attending regular meetings.  The amendment was bungled.  Councilman Ireland moved to approve the Retainer with the second coming from Councilwoman Kay.  No discussion and a quorum of four aye vote.

Agenda Item #10 – Official Newspaper – Alcester Union-Hudsonite was declared the official newspaper with a quorum of four aye vote.

Agenda Item #11– Official Bank- Premier Bank was declared as the official bank of the city of Alcester with no discussion and a quorum of four aye vote.

Agenda Item #12 – Covid 19 Quarantine Policy- discussion.  Working off the SD Department of Health version of a quarantine policy discussion was initiated with Councilwoman Melissa Kay apparently not sufficiently read-in to discuss.  So why make any motions or decisions until the policy is in black and white and documented?  Tentative language was discussed but not in document form for the meeting.  Councilwoman Kay appeared to want to shove the policy through seemingly to cut corners of procedure, pushed for motion.  So the council approved in a quorum of four aye vote on a Quarantine Policy.

Agenda Item #13 – Masks- To mandate or not to mandate, that is the question.  FO Pat does not want to wear a mask!  (1:44:36.07) FO Pat says she is a team player.  As I said in the session, if the city mandates Masks the city office is the ‘face’ of the city.  Lead by example, Madame FO you are the example.  The language for any mandate will be available at the next meeting to be approved or amended.

Agenda Item #14 – Finance Office Updates

– Warrant approval- December warrants were approved by a quorum of 4 aye vote.

– CRF submissions – Covid Relief Fund  $116,623.80 in claims submitted by Alcester.  Need a complete listing.  How many of the listing are wish list versus Need claims?

– 2021 Resolution of Fees dither-dither-pass

– 2021 Municipal Elections – Sign up

*Councilman David Larsen leaves the meeting due to indisposition at 8:46 P.M.

– 2021 Wages and Salaries called.  I questioned the ‘quorum of three issue’.  City Attorney Sam disagrees, saying it is in statute.  I asked which statute?  I was told by City Attorney Sam, you can look it up.  Nice response Sam.  You know I have often wondered why Ol’Glas and FO Pat wanted to dismiss a seasoned, city attorney as Mr. Haugland.  Now I had suspected Pat had a ‘working’ relationship with the Frieberg firm and wanted to send some ‘tit for tat’ business their way.  So the city replaced a seasoned attorney well versed in municipal law with a young ‘whipper-snapper’ whose Bar membership was shiny with new and in need of practical on-the-job-training in the area of municipal law.  Councilman Ireland was kind enough to share the statute of SDCL 9:8:8 which I have read and will be researching and Yes, Mary Jane I still do read!  I yield to the SDCL 9:8:8 with its most recent update of 2017.  Still have a problem with merit raises for ‘perp’ walk experience. The motion to allow a 3% cost of living raise for full-time and part-time employees was passed with a ‘quorum of three (3)’ aye vote.

-Reminders and Updates.

Agenda Item #15 – HRC update  – the Sh*House is near completion and no rent increase for the four-plex.  I can see why they might not raise the rent on the four-plex when their view is now a Architectural Oxymoron.

Agenda Item #16 – Community Building Update.  Report by FO Pat devolved into a We did this, We have that, we will , we will.  There was an amusing moment when Councilwoman Kay asked the question, ‘who is we’.  Shoot I figured the ‘WE’ was Pat and the Lint in her pocket.

Agenda Item #17 – Update of the Volunteer Roster- Add three, omit two.  Again a quorum of three (3) vote of aye.

Agenda Item #19 – Adjourn –  Again a quorum of three (3) vote of aye. 

Meeting was adjourned at 9:09 P.M.

Contact City Council

Mayor Dan Haeder                   605-934-2287

Councilman David Larsen        605-934-2434

Councilwoman Melissa Kay     712-557-0689

Councilwoman Darla Reppe    605-934-2602

Councilwoman Linda Talbot    605-934-1849

12/21/2020 A Voice From the Gallery

The December 21, 2020,  Alcester City Council meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Councilwoman Linda Talbott, Councilman Marcus Ireland, and Councilwoman Darla Reppe in person, Councilwoman Melissa Kay (et al.) via telephone with Mayor Dan Haeder, Councilman David Larsen and City Attorney Sam Nelson.  Once again Questionable Quorum.

If you skip school it is called playing hooky, so what is it called when the Mayor skips a council meeting?  Did he quit smoking and was too grouchy to preside over the meeting, or he got a call from the fire department and he went up in smoke, or the Finance Officer has his book of excuses and misplaced it?  Oh that must be it, ’cause when I email the ‘Keeper of the Books’ Finance Officer for information I now get a robo-type response from FO Pat.

My Question-12/09/2020 – 3:37 pm. I asked, “What was the stated reason why Councilwoman Melissa Kay participated telephonically in the December 7, 2020, meeting?”

FO Answer – 12/09/2020 – 6:24 pm Reply, “I will let you contact Melissa Kay directly for your answer”

My Question – 12/15/2020 1:14 pm .  I asked, “Please confirm the next council meeting. “

FO Answer – 12/15/2020 2:03 pm.  Reply, “December is the same as the other months of 2020 – First & Third Monday….December 21, 2020″

My Question – 12/22/2020- 9:55 pm.  I asked. “Who is the President of the Alcester City Council and is there a Vice-President?  I seem to remember Councilman David Larsen was President of the Council, is that correct.      What prevented Mayor Haeder from performing his job as mayor at last evening’s council meeting?  Who installed Councilwoman as mayor pro tem?  That information should have been shared with the gallery and the residents at the beginning of the meeting, as well as the ‘need’ for tele-participation of Councilwoman Kay and the last minute evacuation of the agenda.”

FO Answer – 12/22/2020 – Reply, “Mayor Dan,  Please address Ms Larsen’s questions…Thank you in advance..Pat”

The meeting opened at 6:00 p.m., the Pledge of Allegiance was recited, and Councilwoman Linda Talbott operating as mayor pro tem called for approval of agenda as she cut out agenda items left and right as listed below:

Agenda Item #9– Legal matters of Executive Session SDCL 1-25-2.3 if needed, S.D. Codified Laws § 1-25-2 (“(3) Consulting with legal counsel or reviewing communications from legal counsel about proposed or pending litigation or contractual matters;”) H-m-m litigation, is the city being sued?

Agenda Item #12– 2021 Resolution of Fees -requested changes for 2021 So which of the fees are going to cost us more?

Agenda Item #13 – Covid 19 Quarantine Policy – Discussion with motions.

Agenda Item #14 – Masks- Discussion with motions.

Agenda Item #15 – Executive Session SDCL 1-25-2.1 Personnel S.D. Codified Laws § 1-25-2 (“(1) Discussing the qualifications, competence, performance, character or fitness of any public officer or employee or prospective public officer or employee. The term, employee, does not include any independent contractor;”)

The motion was made by Councilman Ireland and seconded by Councilwoman Reppe with no discussion Councilmembers Talbott, Reppe, Ireland and telephonic Kay voted to accept the disemboweled agenda.   Thus starts the video.

insert video

Agenda Item #4 – Public Input was called.  I responded with comments on Website still not up and operable, False Swearing regarding a memoranda, telephonic participation which includes Executive Session and non-presence quorum.  I also informed the council I have folks (no names for obvious reasons) who ask me about city issues. (02:35.43).  Councilwoman Kay asked, “what do I do when people come to me?” apparently miffed because folks ask me questions.   (03:08.17)  I am honored these folks come to me for information and it will always be my practice to do them the courtesy of answering their questions honestly!  I told Councilwoman Kay that many folks feel comfortable asking me, they do not always feel comfortable asking the person listed as their ward representative or go to the Finance Officer who cannot be bothered to respond to certain residents of the city.  A tactic which I consider fool hardy for a city employee actively hookin’ the city to adopt merit pay (pay-for-performance).  So if ya’ll have more than two ‘perp’ walks per year, I strongly believe ya’ll can kiss that merit pay goodbye ’cause ‘perp’ walks ain’t no performance for which ‘we the people’ will pay!  Councilwoman Kay pressed on, (03:41.67) telling me to, “bring it up to the ambulance people because the city has no say in any of it (meaning the ambulance)”  So Councilwoman Kay, why does Mr. Jeff Nohava have agenda time?  Mr. Nohava is not a resident of Alcester, shoot Mr. Nohava is not even a resident of South Dakota!  (04:59.80) Councilwoman Linda Talbott asks the question is Jeff Nohava going to be here.  At that point Mr. Nohava is a no show.  FO Pat volunteers the information (05:02.10) Mr. Nohava is not present, maybe a later meeting…give an update.  Now folks during my sixteen years on the ambulance we were required to give Union County a statement of financial condition on an annual basis which is public information.  I do have some questions of Mr. Nohava.  I have witness a couple of runs of the Alcester EMS and I am curious.  First the Alcester ambulance shows up, loads a patient, drags their heels leaving the scene, then the Hawarden Ambulance shows up and the crew piles out.  Chit, chat between the two crews, then the next thing I see is the patience being off-loaded and back to their front door.  Both ambulances leave the scene and the patient.  I have seen this scene play out on another occasion where both ambulances showed up.  My question?  Do both ambulances bill the Alcester patient?  Mr. Nohava said on a previous council meeting he was working on solving the network issue.  This is where many Alcester patients were forced to go to Hawarden which was out of their network and their insurance would not pay.  Have you solved that issue yet, Mr. Nohava? 

Councilwoman Reppe brought up a notification of a hole in the road at the juncture of Lincoln Circle and Lincoln Drive.

Agenda Item #5 – Alcester EMS -Jeff Nohava- NO SHOW! 

Agenda Item #6 – Wastewater – New pumps to arrive sometime in January.

Agenda Item #7 – Police Dept.- Police Office Austin Schuller presented a statistics report and reported the PD was granted two of the three items requested: Tasers, *Radios and *Body Cams.

Agenda Item #8 – Friends of the Library Bank Account- Signatory authority was removed for Michele Norling and signatory authority was awarded to new hire Paige German.

Agenda Item #9 – Legal Updates and executive session SDCL 1-25-2.3 Legal/Contractual Matters (if needed)  Poor Form  So is the city involved in litigation? DELETED NO ATTORNEY, Sam was absent and Legal Guru Councilwoman Kay is just handing out opinion for free.

Agenda Item # 10 – Second Reading for the Rezoning Ordinance.  Routine Motion, Second, no discussion and 3 ayes present on camera, not to be confused with in-camera.  Wait quorum is four, H-m-m?

Agenda Item # 11 – Second Reading for the  Supplemental Appropriations Ordinance.  This is where Finance Officer Pat Jurrens was ignoring her own budget and spending here, there, and everywhere.  Auditor says you cannot have a negative budget.  So they do what is called supplemental appropriations,  This means the Finance Officer, Mayor and Council dig into those departments in the city which generate which are called enterprise funds, water, sewer, solid waste, golf course and bar.  You want to know why it is so hard to save for upgrades in water, sewer and solid waste because the money is routinely siphoned off to maintain the “I wants a three D printer” spending  instead of the “city needs a reliable upgrade for sewer and solid waste” spending.   

Agenda Item #12 – 2021 Resolution of Fees DELETED

Agenda Item #13 – Covid 19 Quarantine Police DELETED

Agenda Item #14 – Masks DELETED

Agenda Item #15 – Executive Session SDCL 1-25-2.1 Personnel DELETED

Agenda Item #16 – Adjourn  6:17 PM

Contact City Council

Mayor Dan Haeder                   605-934-2287

Councilman David Larsen        605-934-2434

Councilwoman Melissa Kay     712-557-0689

Councilwoman Darla Reppe    605-934-2602

Councilwoman Linda Talbot    605-934-1849

10/31/2020 A Voice From the Gallery

November 2, 2020, Alcester City Council Agenda

6:00 P.M.

Please note the agenda, you may want to be there. Specifically the cost of the street signs, the computers to be paid for by CARES and lest we forget an EMS Update (ought to be interesting.)

Let your council know what you think:

Mayor Dan Haeder                   605-934-2287

Councilman David Larsen        605-934-2434

Councilwoman Melissa Kay     712-557-0689

Councilwoman Darla Reppe    605-934-2602

Councilwoman Linda Talbot    605-934-1849

10/19/2020 A Voice From the Gallery

“Fear not those who argue, but those who dodge”

credited to Marie von Ebner Eschenbach

(03:06.03 and 06:05.67 meet Kay Cam and introducing ACCN ((Alcester City Council News))

Mayor Dan Haeder, opened the October 19, 2020,  meeting of the Alcester City Council at 6:00 p.m. with council members Darla Reppe, Melissa Kay, Marcus Ireland, David Larsen, Linda Talbott and City Attorney Sam Nelson.

Agenda Item #3 Approve Agenda. Motion, second, no discussion and unanimous vote aye.

Agenda Item #4 Input

          Me – Credit card cash back on the Council Oversight Inspection (Oxymoron) of the August books.  At the time of my oversight inspection, I asked Finance Office Jurrens about the anomaly of refunds to the tune of      approximately $200 to $400 in the golf course books.  Got a non-answer from Finance Officer Jurrens. City-wise it is water deposit which is refunded with interest after a year if water payments are made and on time.  However the Finance Office does not extend refunds to renters unless they move and without interest which seems discriminatory to me.  I have to wonder if the renters on the city council have received their water deposit back h-m-m? It was not a water deposit but a credit card cash back situation.  This is a situation where something is purchased at the golf course, the patron asks if the cashier will add $30.00 over  the price of the purchase, charge it to the credit card and give the patron $30.00 change back and once again I received (09:51.40) “…we do not keep any customer information…”  non-answer from Finance Officer Jurrens…h-m-m.        

          Mayor Haeder – (10:02.67)Street striping regarding parking spaces on Iowa.  (10:02.67) Report of someone living in an RV behind a house.  Legal? or Not?

          Councilman Ireland –  City street light on the corner of 6th and Lincoln flickering. 

          Police Chief Christie – signs for deaf child playing area…Covid grant money.

Agenda Item #6 (out-of-order) – surplus AED to be surplus transferred to Alcester Fire Department.

Agenda Item #5 – Planning & Zoning Public Hearing 6:15 PM. Public Hearing committee?  Now folks the Planning and Zoning committee of Alcester is made up wholly and solely of the sitting Alcester City Council.  There is a problem with this.  Let me show you.

(22:17.80)  No formal move into Planning & Zoning committee by the council.  How about that Sam?

(23.03.23)  FO Pat references maps the council has, gallery has not been provided maps to follow along on.  Oops, hey Sam I think a public hearing indicates audience participation.  How can they possibly participate without proper documents and time to absorb the information?  You know, Sam kind of like a three page confidential memorandum (?) thrown out and one is expected to read and defend against its drooling ravings in less than five minutes?

(26:20.23) Still no formal move into Planning and Zoning committee.  Audience still is unaware of any move from Council to P & Z committee and totally confused and effectively barred from participation because no one has given them permission to address the committee or council.  In fact I believe even the council was oblivious to procedure.  Hey Sam, where are you?

          Councilman David Larsen makes a motion…Uhm there has been no public input during this “Hearing”, no permission given to the public at this point to voice their opinions during this hearing, there has been a obfuscation of whether it is the Planning & Zoning Committee and the City Council and now a motion for a vote has been made!  Yoohoo Sam?

          Finally it occurs to madam legal guru, law school student (?)–hey we have not allowed the public to participate in this little soiree.  Finally the question is asked, if there is any opinion from the gallery.  WOW!  No answer from the gallery, so no harm no foul right?  What the public doesn’t know?   A day late and a diploma short.

          So which entity took the vote?  Planning and Zoning Committee or Alcester City Council.  Yeah mayor, minutia is important.  Oops? Do Over?

Agenda Item #7 – Street signs


Blundering on to Agenda Item #7 – Street signs –  Councilman David Larsen explained the street signage issue to the council.  Uhm let’s see who was sitting on the council when the question was first broached back in May 5, 2014, (minutia again Mayor)  Mayor Rick Johnson came to the council (Agenda Item #33) with a document to be signed.  Problem was the signing the document would involve self-warranting by the city and major financial exposure, that was a big problem! (dropped) Original joint powers was related to DOT PH0020 (187) PCN 06JK

          Second run at the street signs came up on March 5, 2018, agenda item #6 with the following present council members serving during that meeting:  Dan Haeder, David Larsen, Darla Reppe and Melissa Kay.  These very same council members of today listened (?) James Ainslie from Pierre tell them they could tag on to the Mitchell project bid Dot PH0020(187) PCN-06JK.  Say Councilwoman Kay remember how you voted?  Here let me help ya out.

            Agenda Item #6 Road Safety Improvement Project DOT 929-08/2015 Joint Powers PH0020 (187) PCN-06JK – this involved sign replacements as translated by Finance Officer Pat Jurrens.  The council was provided a copy of the contract required for participation in this project for replacing street signs.  Alcester Finance Officer Pat Jurrens prefaced her explanation (video 00:08:35) with reference to the Alcester City Council of Four years ago took the line that they were unwilling to cover the liability of sign replacement if for some reason the signs were destroyed.  H-m-m so who was on that council?  Let’s see Mayor Rick Johnson,  Mark Dykstra, Mike Burke, Kama Johnson, David Larsen and of course COUNCILWOMAN PAT JURRENS!

The story goes like this, “In the May 5, 2014, regular meeting of the Alcester City council…MAYOR RICK JOHNSON announced he signed up for ‘free street signs and wanted council permission to sign an agreement ASAP.  Councilman Larsen and Councilman Dykstra asked to see the agreement since MAYOR RICK JOHNSON failed to share advance information with the council.  Upon reading the city would be liable for the cost of materials and engineering if it didn’t maintain the signs and records.  The council said NO!  Given his responses to questions, it became clear MAYOR RICK JOHNSON failed to ‘read’ the agreement he was so anxious to sign because apparently he missed the payback clause and the cost of payback! WOW…”*

Imagine Finance Office Pat Jurrens ‘FORGOT’ all about her starring role as Alcester Councilwoman during that discussion.  Imagine that!  WATCH OUT FOR THE FO BUS BOYS!  Mayor Glas and FO Pat want those street signs up to code and BY Golly Gummed Up catastrophe it NEEDS to be done!  Now folks the council voted to approve this time but the scary thing is Councilman Lance Johnson voted to do the visual sign replacement with the second coming from Councilwoman Melissa Kay, discussion happened and the good folks realised they needed to amend the motion to allow Mayor Glas and Finance Officer Pat Jurrens to sign the document (presumably) WITHOUT presenting the final document to the council for approval.  Watch video of this (video 00:23:51)  Anyone have a problem with this scenario?  We really want to trust a pair that have trouble getting the agenda right not once but at least twice.  Or get the date of the regular city council meeting correct BEFORE putting it out for publication? *Vickie A. Larsen, a View from the Gallery,  published May 15, 2014, The Alcester Union-Hudsonite newspaper. “

            The next time the sign issue comes up is on December 3, 2018, Agenda Item #7 where the project is now called DOT PH 8034 (31) PCN 04K9 city street sign replacement with Council members David Larsen, Dan Haeder, Darla Reppe, Linda Talbott and legal guru Melissa Kay.  Sign agreement did we lose money on this and what happened? H-m-m

          Agenda line item #7 – street updates.  Under street subsection (c) sign agreement which came in last week, surprise to Lonnie!  Alcester was invited some time ago to participate in city sign updates around 2012, 2013 I believe.  At that time the council determined the signs were too expensive, the existing signs were still serviceable so they declined the offer.  Now they have changed their minds and want to participate under the Hutchinson County agreement  PH 8034(31) PCN 04K9.  Go Figure! Vickie Larsen, A Voice from the Gallery, 12/03/2018

          Question is what is it going to cost us  (we the people now)?

          According to the South Dakota Department of Transportation 2020-2023 Tentative funds under Hutchinson County (past projected joint powers agreement (PH 8034 (31) 04KP  Fed Funds 1.144, fiscal year 2021 and total cost (Mil$) 1.525 costs reflect anticipated inflation.

Agenda Item #8 – Legal Updates- 307 Iowa and 204 Ofstad.  Play it again Sam, what is that about a possible conflict of interest.  Who is advising the man who is supposed to waive his conflict of interest rights? You or the city?

Agenda Item #9 – Health Insurance – It appears the Finance Office mini-fo, ((avoicefromthegallery September 21, 2020 (02:11:43 )) “…I just want to be compensated…”  Hey don’t we all.  Evidently the city has exited the past insurance stance of “take it or leave it” with no cash payouts.  H-m-m.

Agenda Item #10 Executive session – not needed-  NO DAH  the issue of Vickie the Council member is no longer a worry?

Agenda Item #11– Streets Update – a one-time burn

Agenda Item #12 – Old School Center – enter ordinance 2020-16 

Agenda Item #13 – Website – still scheduled for launch on November 1, 2020, WooHoo!  You will be able to pay your water bills online, you can read the ordinances, you can read the minutes from the meeting within a day or two. Yup really. Cannot wait to see All of our ordinances without having to pay the Patty Fee!

Agenda Item #14 – Community Bldg  Alcester Finance Officer Jurrens gave an update, “…we did this, we are going to do that, and so on and so on…”  Ever wonder who the We are?  Fo Pat and the lint remnants in her drawers?

Agenda Item #15 HRC Update – None

Agenda Item #16 – Executive session – not needed amazing

Agenda Item #17 – Adjournment.

Contact City Council

Mayor Dan Haeder                   605-934-2287

Councilman David Larsen        605-934-2434

Councilwoman Melissa Kay     712-557-0689

Councilwoman Darla Reppe    605-934-2602

Councilwoman Linda Talbot    605-934-1849

10/05/2020 A Voice From the Gallery

a taxpayer’s opinion

“Be careful about reading health books.  You may die of a misprint.”

Mark Twain

Mayor Dan Haeder, opened the October 5, 2020,  meeting of the Alcester City Council at 6:00 p.m. with council members Darla Reppe, Melissa Kay, Marcus Ireland, David Larsen, Vickie Larsen and City Attorney Sam Nelson present with Council person Linda Talbott absent.

Agenda Item #3 – Approve the agenda.

Agenda Item #4 – Mayor’s Statement  (00:03:06.67)

Agenda Item #5b – Public Input – Vickie Larsen had brief input remarks. Fire Chief Pat Kast and Ambulance President Jon Serck had remarks:

(00:06:17.83) Pat Kast, Fire Chief(?) “to Mrs. Larsen…Letter sent…what is your plan for the ambulance…?”

(00:07:02.57) Vickie Larsen answer according to South Dakota BLS Patient – Care Guidelines…patient management page #12 “…Key Considerations…1) An adult or emancipated minor who has demonstrated, possessing sufficient mental capacity for making decisions has the right to determine the course of his/her medical care, including the refusal of care…”  https:EMS.sd.gov

(00:07:46.00) “Volunteer’s time?”

(00:08:01.90)  “Volunteers don’t want”

 (00:08:22.60) “…Doesn’t matter where the patient wants to go…”

 (00:08:27.23) “…Medicare and Medicaid won’t pay…”

 (00:09:20.27) “You’re not involved…(in the ambulance)”

(00:10:07.97)  “…The ambulance was “broke”…

 (00:13:00.47)  “…clearly wrote in SD law, we (the ambulance)can do this…”

The above are video markers for people to see and hear the “ambulance opinions and attitude”.  I would identify the two ‘ambulance speakers’ in public input are Pat Kast, Fire Chief – Alcester Fire Department and Jon Serck, President – Alcester Emergency Medical Services per the annual SD Secretary of State statement. Folks these two want your input, voice to voice. Call them let them know. They are asking for your opinion, let them know. Pat Kast 605-934-6250 and Jon Serck 605-360-7255 tell them what you want.

Fire Chief Kast took special pains to point out I was not involved in the Alcester Ambulance anymore.  Wrong Chief Kast! I was brought into this Mongolian Goat Rodeo recently by a company’s accounts payable department looking for payment on a past due bill owed by the ambulance.  I was contacted because I was listed as the Treasurer of the Alcester Emergency Medical Service (Ambulance) and which position I held until 2012.  I paid the bills of the ambulance in full and on time.  I contacted Mr. Serck and Chief Kast with regard to this dunning telephone call and President Serck promised payment had been made in one call, in a second call a week later I was promised payment would be made and in the third call I was told, “the check is in the mail” and I warned it was my name on the block and I did not appreciate my reputation dragged through the muck.  It took another week or so before the payment was received and cleared. 

Then I was called by residents whose medical insurance carrier contacted them asking for bill for their ambulance service which was some two months after service was rendered and the insurance company wanted to clear this item.  The insured called the ambulance and received no response. 

If these folks could not get a response from the ambulance then, why should they believe the ambulance related powers-that-be are going to respond any better now.  When I was on the ambulance, I along with the rest of the crew at that time  gave our time and talents without reservation and without whizzing and moaning about time.  We missed the concerts of our kids, we missed holiday dinners, we got out of our warm beds to go out in snow storms and the wee hours of the morning because we cared for our neighbors and our families.

So yeah, I am not involved with the ambulance anymore!  Now I represent the good people of Alcester and their voiced medical provider choices. 

 I would ask the question, Is it accurate the ambulance’s medical director is employed by the Hawarden Hospital and now all of a sudden the ambulance is ‘dictating’ all patients are to go to his employer?  Conflict?

 So tell me boys, if I am transported to hospital A by ambulance A. Hospital A takes one look at me, after one hours delay decides, “we cannot handle that” and has me transported to hospital B by ambulance B, HOW MANY BILLS WILL I RECIEVE AND HOW MANY WILL MEDICARE PAY?  H-m-m?

Folks let’s work together so our healthcare wishes are met to our satisfaction and our healthcare bills and co-pays do not bankrupt us. 

Agenda #6 – Street Updates

Agenda #7 – Water-Wastewater –  We have some pump issues which has necessitated a special meeting to provide funding to head off a catastrophe.  The meeting is set for 6:00 p.m.  Wednesday, October 7, 2020, at the council room (500 Dakota Street) and public is welcome.  It will be a short meeting to make the vote on the funding of wastewater pumps there should be an opportunity to be heard through public input because we are voting on monetary expenditure.

Agenda #8 – Discussion on after-the-fact payment to Tim Renken for his coverage of Dale Pearson’s duties.

Agenda #9 – Police Department-Updates software purchase to aid in reporting on the run so-to-speak.

Agenda #10 – Pleasant Hill- Parker Dooley not present

Agenda #11 – Golf Course Update

Agenda #12 – Legal Updates Sam covered the special emergency meeting.

Agenda #13 & #14 Plat maps for sale of railroad property with regard to FCS and Union County.

Agenda #15 – Executive Session – Not needed

Agenda #16 – Finance Office

Updates, Warrants

Health Compensation Resolution Full time Employee Health Insurance   down to Yes the FT employee wants to participate or NO the FT employee does not want to participate and there will be no cash payouts.

Reminders and Updates

New Voting site, since the sale of the auditorium make it no long a    polling place, the new polling place will be located at the city offices on         Dakota Street.

Agenda #17 – HRC  Meeting to be announced

Agenda #18 – Alcester Community Center Update

Agenda #19 – EMS

(01:20:36.77)  “…Ambulance is running with FD on their calls…”

(01:22:54.17)   “…Ambulance responded with Beresford to a grass fire…”

Help me understand here–the ambulance could not crew because of length of times on medical calls, but now the ambulance is crewing for all fire calls and grass fires?  What is the response time for being on a grass fire call compared to the medical call time?  I am confused ’cause during public input it was all about time, so now what is it?

Agenda #20 – Update volunteer roster.  None

Agenda #21 – Executive session – not needed

Agenda #22 – Adjourn  Meeting Adjourned at 7:22 p.m.

Check out your patients rights!

10/06/2020 A Voice From the Gallery

OCTOBER 7, 2020

  1. Open Meeting
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Approve Agenda
    Motion by: _ Seconded by: _ All Yes: _ Yes No _
  4. Public Input: _____________________________________________________________
  5. Wastewater Equipment Purchase
    a. Review of EP Quote
    b. Motion to approve purchase of Two (2) FlyGT Dry Pit Submersible Pumps with Install Service, $28,580,
    Wastewater Fund
    Motion by: _ Seconded by: _ All Yes: _ Yes No _
  6. Executive Session – SDCL 1-25-2-1 Personnel
    a. Motion to enter into Executive Session pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2-1 – Personnel
    Motion by: _ Seconded by: _ All Yes: _ Yes No _ b. Discipline of a Council Member c. Motion to: ____________________________________________________________
    Motion by: _ Seconded by: _ All Yes: _ Yes No _
  7. Executive Session – SDCL 1-25-2- if needed
    a. Motion to enter into Executive Session pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2-
    Motion by: _ Seconded by: _ All Yes: _ Yes No _
  8. Adjourn
    a. Motion to adjourn Council
    Motion by: _ Seconded by: _ All Yes: _ Yes No _

07/20/2020 A Voice From the Gallery

Mayor Dan Haeder opened the July 20, 2020, meeting of the Alcester City Council at 6:00 p.m. with council members David Larsen, Marcus Ireland, Darla Reppe, Linda Talbott, Melissa Kay and City Attorney Sam Nelson present.

The group recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Haeder called for approval of the agenda.  Agenda was approved as written without change

Agenda Item #4 – Alderman Vacancy  was called.  At this point there were no scheduled applicants until Vickie Larsen again submitted her name for consideration for Ward III seat placement.  At this point Executive Session was called for the interview process.  Ms. Larsen was amenable to open session questioning but the council felt more comfortable to go into executive session.  Executive session commenced at/around 6:10 p.m.  Ms. Larsen was excused at 6:18 p.m. for council discussion and the group resumed open session at 6:37 p.m.  Upon resumption of the meeting, I discovered my camera had not be shut down, so at that point and at the request of council members I cleared the memory card at that point which is the reason the video commences at the appointment part of the meeting.  I was sworn in and seated as the Ward III Council person at the council table.

Agenda Item #5 Public Input- I raised a concern about children playing on East Bound Sixth Street just below the hill.  Drivers traveling from the west, eastbound on sixth street cannot see the kids when they are just below the crest of the hill.

Agenda Item #6 Legal Updates which includes two properties in process of violations.  Other Code Enforcement letters have been sent out.

Agenda Item #7 Planning and Zoning Proposed Readings of Amendments to the Zoning Regulations.  2020-08 regarding a planned development District for the City of Alcester and 2020-09 regarding Residential District and permitted Uses.  Copies of which should be notices in the newspaper.

Agenda Item #8 Personnel Policy Manual-The 2020 revision version with adjustments in language, adjustments in policy and restatement of policy.  Still in the revision stage.

Agenda Item #9-Executive Session – Discussion of Contractual Matters.  Session began at 8:13 p.m. with exit from closed session at 8:45 p.m.

NOTE:  Video stops at this point because access logistics were not planned when I was seated.  I will try to make sure logistics will be corrected for video engage after executive session shut down in the future.

Agenda Item #10-Mayor and Alderman Salary Adjustment-  This discussion was briefly discussed and will be more fully discussed at the next meeting.

Agenda Item #11-USDA Loan Payoff  Pay off loan balance of $36K+ out cash funds.  Motion passed 4 ayes with one nay.

Agenda Item #12– Wastewater Surcharge or Rate increase- put off to next meeting and to hear options.

Agenda Item #13– Finance Office-Move day July 28-29 to old high school.

          Change council meeting date to September 8,2020.

          Declare items surplus

Agenda Item #14– Executive Session- Not needed

Agenda Item #15 – Adjourn    9:19 p.m.

06/19/2020 A Voice From the Gallery

Mayor Dan Haeder called the June 19, 2020, Special meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. with the follow council present:  Councilwoman Linda Talbott, Councilwoman Melissa Kay, Councilman David Larsen, Councilman Marcus Ireland and City Attorney Sam Nelson present.  Present in the gallery: Mark DeRaney-AMKO, Jerry Spethman-Representing D.A. Davidson, Gordan Richard-Alcester Union-Hudsonite, Alcester Police Chief Christie, Alcester Police Officer Schuller,  Branch Manager-Senior Vice-President Alcester Premier Bank Jaimey Schempp and finance office employee Wanda *.

The group stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Agenda Item #4 – Mssrs. Mark DeRaney of AMKO and Jerry Spethman of  D.A. Davidson were introduced and made an update regarding the re-funding (semantics of the word re-funding meaning reworking the original bond to reflect a reduction in finance of the Sewer Bond for the city of Alcester. The council approved this action.

Agenda Item #5– Public Input.  I responded with a history of the official city website issue.  The original approval and vote took place March 3, 2014, approving $1375. 00 first year set-up and fee with an annual maintenance fee of $450.00. 

May 5, 2014, Patricia ran on a recycling agenda touting her computer prowess and was seated.  Looking back one has to wonder exactly what was she in favor of recycling? 

Oh well, pushing forward, on July 7, 2014, Councilwoman Jurrens resigned her council seat after voting not to appoint long time Finance Officer Mike Kezar.

September 10, 2014, Madam Jurrens was appointed Finance Office at a starting pay of $40,000.00 with a bump in pay after she achieved some ‘experience’ in bookkeeping.  It is interesting to note here Madam Jurrens with no bookkeeping experience was started $40000.00 far more than the 30 plus year veteran Finance Officer.  Exit Mayor Rick Johnson 2015.  Enter Mayor Tom Glas. 

April 4, 2016, Website approved and ordered by the council was still not implemented.  Who’s task, well let’s see.  Oh that is right Finance Officer Jurrens  with all the computer ‘experience’ she had still did not have the council ordered website up and running.

August 10, 2016, I asked during Public Input where is our website? No answer, no action!  2017 arrives still no website. 

July 10, 2018, agenda item # 12 (g) website was discussed in terms of  merging with the Alcester Chamber site which would negate any state statutes set into place to mandate minutes, records, ordinances and etc. be posted on the official city website.  Nothing was implemented, again.  Finance Officer Jurrens failing to perform her duty and obeying city council instructions for a city website. 

May 6, 2019, agenda item #13 (c) which was to approve Gov/Office 3 year website contract ($700.00 per year for three years)  Motion was made by Councilwoman Melissa Kay, Second by Councilman Dan Haeder with a 6 vote unanimous approval of the website…The six council present:  David Larsen, Melissa Kay, Dan Haeder, Linda Talbott, Lance Johnson and Darla Reppe. 

May 2019 Folks?  The only council member who is questioning Alcester Finance Officer Jurren’s continuing non-feasance to do what the council ordered… is Councilwoman Kay. 

It is now April 6, 2020, Website issue once again makes it to the meeting during the discussion of should the city finance office stay open or close.  This seems to be a operation definition of Oxymoron.  Of late and specifically on Tuesdays, the finance office lights are on, there is movement in the office with the excuse (?) the girls are catching up on their work?  So the lights are on, the girls are present but the door is locked (mostly) and the phones are silent.  So is the Finance Office Open/closed or Closed/open.  Think catch-22 here. or the military SNAFU. 

May 5, 2020,  agenda item #18 once again where is the website discussion just after the audit notice. 

Enter June 19, 2020, public input  Where is the official city website?  Answer it is going to go live soon.  Really live?  Hey FO Jurrens you mean a real, functioning OFFICIAL Alcester City Website.  As a child I learned quickly what a dodge was and I do not mean the car model.  Alcester City Council you are being conned.  The former mayor was led around by Finance Officer Jurrens like the pony in a pony ride at a kid’s birthday party.  I also brought up employees operating expensive city equipment with their heads in their cell phones.

Agenda item #6/#9-Planning and Zoning Amendment. It seems that pesky planning and zoning thingy can be a bit of a problem in the residential sense, right Mr. Nelson?  It seems if I caught everything that was tossed about, the residential class would not allow the city offices to operate out of the old city-school library.  You see I asked a similar question in a previous meeting with the idea we would not be barred from keeping the city offices in the old city-school library permanently.  Evidently Mr. Nelson went home and thought about my question and decided maybe Chapter 5 in the Planning and Zoning Ordinance should be amended to read that the city offices could indeed be operated out of the old city-school library.  Imagine that, the city could not operate the finance office out of the old city-school library cause it was zoned residential but a former councilman could engage in what appears to be a contract variance with Alcester Finance Officer Jurrens to build Old Mac Lance’s Barn in a residential area effectively devalued the residential properties on either side of the Old Mac Lance’s Combine Barn.  The amendment was approved by the council but a public hearing had to be set to complete the action.  Public Hearing was set for July 6, 2020, at 7:30 p.m.

Agenda Item #7 – Pool Updates The pool has been opened to pre-school and up.  A note here:  After passing the pool when it was occupied by staff and swimmers, I strongly suggest the city provide the swim attire for the city hired life-guards.  I strongly suggest the swim costumes be of the same color, one-piece only and marked appropriately as life-guard so there can be no doubt just who is the life-guard for the pool and who is in charge.

Agenda Item #12 July meeting location.  Meeting has been moved to the old city-school library Dakota Street.

Agenda Item #13-Executive Session-  Not needed.  It is amazing how much time not having an unnecessary executive meeting shaves of the length of meetings.  Even more time can be shaved by giving the council all the background information they need on agenda items so they can prepare and not have to rely on a translation from a biased source.

Agenda Item #14 Adjourn  Meeting adjourned at 1:38 p.m.

*Notice finance office employee Wanda was listed among the gallery. WHY? I heard the office telephone ring and ring while she sat in the gallery. So who is minding the finance store? Is that another oxymoron case which begged the question, was the officer open/closed or closed/open? She did eventually get up and answer the phone. Well at least I think so, it stopped ringing.