June 2, 2015 Viewpoint

” A person that started in to carry a cat home by the tail was gitting knowledge that was always going to be useful to him and warn’t ever going to grow dim or doubtful.”  Mark Twain

                 Pre-meeting activities started with a council member gossiping about an employee.  Shame!  We have a new mayor, Tom Glas.  The old one quit, I did write a letter-to-the-Editor about the May 4th meeting but alas, my letter was dee-clined by the new publisher. (more about this later)

                Work is scheduled to begin Wednesday on Beck Drive, irrespective of a bond in place.  So how is the city (we) going to pay for this work?  By selling off lots, you say?  That didn’t work so well for the last group who owned the property.  Last quote indicated an approximate lot price of $20K each to cover just the principal and did not include interest.

                Madam of Alcester Bar, complained about being short of bricks, laying blame on ‘kids’ in the community.  Today I looked at the brick shortage, judging from the names on the bricks I do believe the alley should be brightly lighted, cameras installed and used as a historic photo walk immortalizing those who names appear.  Madam was once again awarded a special beer garden permit and once again the fee was waived.  Her part-time bartender and seated councilwoman sure is accommodating her boss.

A committee has been formed to work on the auditorium remodel.  Folks need to see the elevation drawings to appreciated the magnitude of this ‘remodel’, four pillars, elevator, elevated walking track and all.  Consider the cost of a hydraulic, 1500 lb, 100 fpm, 2 stop elevator is approximately $75K to build and $92.25 plus or minus per month to maintain or $388.43 plus or minus per month for the electric version and then consider the replacement cost down the road.  Once again total project funding is up in the air.  Folks, I believe the city council needs your input and a public vote before they spend any more of your tax dollars.