05/31/2021 A Voice From the Gallery

Don’t be afraid of being outnumbered. Eagles fly alone, Pigeons flock together.

Unfortunately I missed the May 24th meeting, however the meeting was taped but due to some technical difficult only the last half hour or so was recorded successfully.

Please note the city attorney was not present and here we have mayor Haeder and FO pat carrying-on without legal counsel. The Special meeting commenced at 6:00 p.m. with Councilman David Larsen, Councilman Brian Johnson, Councilman Curtis Keiser, Councilwoman Cyndi Peeples, Councilwoman Talbott and mayor Haeder present. AWOL were Councilwoman Darla Reppe and City Attorney Sam Nelson. This was a special meeting solely for the “emergency” purpose (if the agenda is to be believed)of discussing the South Dakota marijuana laws and the city of Alcester’s enactment of it’s own ordinances regarding the licensing, dispensing and growing/harvesting of marijuana. So mayor Haeder and FO pat think it is prudent to carry on without the interpretation, language advice of the city attorney? REALLY?

I find it utterly amazing after viewing what video was retrievable, the council weighed in on legal issues without city attorney Sam Nelson present to advise them. Particularly after comments made by former councilman Marcus Ireland and city attorney Sam Nelson concerning semantics and the language of law in the May 17, 2021, meeting.

Take special note that FO pat took up a position in front of the council to spew her hear-say presumably from the city attorney on the issues involved in the abandonment of an alley bordering on the property of Joe Constance. Unfortunately the past council and mayor have religiously accepted the squawkings of the city bookkeeper as she “interprets’ the law and other non-financial agenda items for them. Yeah right. I sincerely hope that the new council persons do their own research.

Another concern is what appears to be a proclivity for the city bookkeeper to seek the advice of the city attorney on her own initiative. WHY? Why is the city bookkeeper requesting legal opinions which results in billable hours, without mayor Haeder or the Alcester City Council formal approval. Dear heaven the council could just as well ask pinterest for an interpretation opinion, oh wait witnessing the hear-say opinion via FO pat it appears they are! Just curious about those phone calls.

‘Til next meeting.





Mayor Dan Haeder called the May 17, 2021, city council meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.  Council members present were Councilman David Larsen, Councilwoman Darla Reppe, Councilwoman Linda Talbott, Councilwoman  Cyndi Peeples, Councilman Brian Johnson and City Attorney Sam Nelson.

After the call for Agenda Item #3 Approval of the Agenda Mayor Haeder announced that Agenda Item #10 – HSA Bank Account was no longer necessary, without any explanation as to why it was no longer necessary.  Did the Mayor Haeder/FO Pat decide an HSA was no longer needed, Did the Mayor Haeder/FO Pat decide a separate account was no longer needed, Did Mayor Haeder/FO Pat decide they wanted to use another Bank, or Did Mayor Haeder/FO Pat decide that FO Pat just could not handle direct deposit banking or was this another issue where Mayor Haeder/FO Pat felt the public just didn’t have the right to know.  I strongly suggest folks you ask the council WHY?  Those individuals on tap to be signatories were Mayor Haeder, Council President David Larsen, Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens and Finance Office worker Wanda Halversen.  Council approved the Agenda with Agenda Item #10 – HSA (Health Savings Account) omitted.

Agenda Input #4 – Public Input was called. 

I answered I had public input.  Initially I had planned for a couple items but upper most was my written request to be considered for the Ward III vacancy.  I have made it a practice (depending on the nature of the document) to send requests via email to the entire council and hand-delivering the document in written form with a certificate of service attached to the document for a signature acknowledging the city office did in fact get the document so the document doesn’t ‘disappear’ or ‘get lost’.  However Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens refused to sign the certificate acknowledging document delivery.  So folks now it gets down to a she-said, he-said situation and who is the council going to believe?  Does Bookkeeper Jurrens do this with legal documents, documents from all Alcester residents or just the select few of us that bookkeeper Jurrens deigns as beneath her ( and I do not mean the Kama Sutra-like definition of “beneath” her)?

I stated my request for an interview with the council for the position of council person for Ward III looking for recognition I was indeed going to be allowed to interview with the new council which included the latest council member addition.  As you will note in the video there was a long period of silence after my statement, the council neither accepted nor denied my request.  I did not present any other comments I had for public comment, other than an observation of mini-motorcycles and the apparent age group of the operators on public streets and what appeared to excessive speed relating to their ability to control.

Mayor Haeder called for any additional input to which Miss Melissa Kay responded acting as a quasi telephonic go-between former council member Marcus Ireland and the city council.  Mr. Ireland had two points to make in the public input.  1) Mr. Ireland requested that all proposed ordinances/resolutions be placed on the city website for community full access.  Some community members do not receive the newspaper and therefore lose the ability to comment formally or informally on any proposed ordinances/resolutions before they are passed. 2)  Mr. Ireland offered up comments on the language, semantics and etc. on the issue of medical cannabis and arbitrary denial of permitting for medical cannabis.

Mayor Haeder added his comment on the continued spoofing/scam using his email.

Agenda Item #5 Ward III Vacancy – Interview of candidate – A discussion took place on the need for me to interview, since I had just recently interviewed.  I took the position that since the Ward II vacant seat had been filled and it was appropriate for me to be able to make my presentation to what amounted to a new council.  Executive Session was called and entered into at 6:19 P.M.  My name was called first for interview and I entered the interview session at approximately 6:20 P.M.   I passed out a booklet outlining specific October 2020 historical data I wished to address in full with Councilman Larsen, Councilwoman Reppe, Councilwoman Talbott and Mayor Haeder.  I also want to make sure the two newest additions to the council, Councilwoman Peeples and Councilman Johnson were informed of the facts not hear-say and to off-set former councilwoman Melissa Kay’s comment in the May 3, 2021, council meeting where she willfully breached executive session as it related to me and found in 05/03/2021 A Voice From the Gallery blog and video (0:36:53.23).  I also addressed and enumerated all the accusations and allegations made in that October session to set the record straight with specificity to each allegation/accusation made.  These comments and defenses were directed to Councilman Larsen, Councilwoman Reppe, Councilwoman Talbott and Mayor Haeder who had received what I would characterize as biased opinion and what I would characterize as a false swearing since the allegations were in written form.  Folks I was barred from having an unbiased witness to a interrogation where I faced the city lawyer duly seated at the South Dakota Bar, two wanna-be lawyers who practiced the fine art of legal badgering where, “… Harassment of a witness by legal counsel during questioning, where a witness is subjected to embarrassing or derisive questions where an answer is not expected and serve as argument posing as a question, e.g. who would believe any words coming out of your mouth? ( Badgering the Witness, THELAW.COM LAW DICTIONARY & BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY 2ND ED. (https://dictionary.thelaw.com/badgering-the-witness/)

Or the prize question asked of me by my interrogator, “…can you read?” 

Also in that city council judgment mix one adds a secretary for a Hawarden attorney, a school teacher, a retired school teacher and a Mayor with a marginal grasp of the job description of a mayor. Folks in Executive Session, if you are the target of the inquisition it becomes she said, she said because there is no record made and in my case no one bothered due diligence into the vacuous accusations.  Just a fear of my honesty, the consequences of my pre-council research on SRTS or my ability to vote No on half-assed, vacuous proposals as explained by the bookkeeper!

I worked my way through the booklet I provided to the council members, page by page, point-by-point and at the end of my presentation I asked for questions.   Folks, the faces on Mount Rushmore have more facial movement than was exhibited by the four faces of those who judged me in that October 7, 2020, meeting.  I had no expectation of being seated but make no mistake I went down fighting with the truth.

Upon my exit of the council room at 6:40 P.M., Ward III Vacancy Candidate Curtis Keiser entered the room for his interview.  At 6:48 P.M. Mr. Keiser left the interview and at 6:50 P.M. Mayor Haeder declared the council out of Executive Session.  At that point motion was called to seat Curtis Keiser as Ward III Councilman and approved.  Congratulations Mr. Keiser on your successful seating.  I will offer my advice to the newest members of the Alcester City Council, Councilwoman Peeples, Councilman Johnson and Councilman Keiser IF the remaining members could do this to me, they can and will the same to you.  Oh yeah, one more thing Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens has no part in Executive Sessions unless it deals with a bookkeeping problem or her own deeds.  She is not the seventh council member!

Agenda Item #6 – Council Committee assignments were handed out.

Agenda Item #7 – Department Updates.

Agenda Item #8 – Legal Updates

Call for Executive Session for the purposes of 1-25-2.3 Legal discussion. In Executive Session at 7:03 P.M. -7:14 P.M. Since the next item immediately following the Executive Session under Legal Updates is titled the Boyce Waiver Authorization one can make a presumption of cause and effect (LAWSUIT/ LITIGATION).  (35:30.90) I asked for permission to speak, I asked what the Boyce Waiver Authorization was.  Alcester City Attorney Sam stated this was an authorization to waive a possible conflict-of-interest with Boyce Law.  Folks, Boyce is a Sioux Falls law firm whose area of practice list includes the field of practice described as Alternative Dispute Resolution ( Arbitration and or Mediation).  With that said, Waiver is described as a legally binding provision where either party in a contract agrees to voluntarily forfeit a claim without the other party being liable. Waivers can either be in written form or some form of action.  So the City Council voted to authorize the Waiver.

Still under agenda item #8 Legal Ordinance 2021-09 Temporary Ordinance regarding the Issuance of Local Medical Cannabis permits and/or licenses.  Discussion on what city officials are allowance to do and not do with regard to issuing permits or licenses to sell and/or grow medical Cannabis.

Agenda Item #9 – Deed Transfer from City of Alcester to Alcester Industrial Board described as Parcel, Tract 2, Block 23 Original Alcester City and Parcel School Lot 2 SE1/4, SE1/4 less 5,676 square feet of Right–Of-Way.  Important question here is the area where the city offices are located and any rents?  Discussion with City Attorney Sam Nelson (54:06.57)  Council voted to approve the Transfer of Deed.  Unfortunately a map of parcels and lots involved in this transfer was not available to the public, therefore for clarity the city office should be contacted for a copy of the exact Parcels involved.

Agenda Item #10– deleted considered not necessary (see my comments under the approval of the agenda)

Agenda Item #11 – Hire Seasonal Personnel

Agenda Item #12 – Executive Session for 1-25-2.1 Personnel was called.  Folks this habit of what appears to be the dodging of open session rules by cloaking  conversations and discussion with impunity outside the realm of the proper Executive Session Rules.  SDCL 1-25-2.1  The council entered into a what has the appearance of a routine, monthly Executive Session for Personnel purposes started at 7:47 P.M. through 8:05 P.M.  No business came out of the session as usual. Folks like the saying:

“I don’t trust—Words

I even question—Actions

But I never doubt—Patterns


Agenda Item #14 – Adjourn 

Council adjourned at 8:08 P.M.

Contact City Council

Mayor Dan Haeder                   605-934-2287

Councilman David Larsen        605-934-2434

Councilwoman Darla Reppe    605-934-2602

Councilwoman Linda Talbot    605-934-1849

Councilwoman Cyndi Peeples

Councilman Brian Johnson

Councilman Curtis Keiser

05/11/2021 A Voice From the Gallery

(01:26:55.) Mayor Haeder says, “…it’s irrelevant…”

05/03/2021 A Voice From the Gallery

Folks the situation with the lease between Union County and the City of Alcester had its start in1970 when the two entities entered into a lease where the City of Alcester agreed to lease city owned property to Union County for purposes of 4-H and the Union County Fair. 

1970 LEASE

1980 LEASE

Please note, “…This lease is not assignable without the written consent of Lessor (the City of Alcester)…


November 30, 2010 Six Month Lease ($50.00 per month) between Union County and Keith Anderson for the Hoop Barn Building.  Under Utilities:  “If requested by the Lessor (Union County), in addition to the rent set forth in paragraph two, herein, Lessee (Mr. Anderson) shall also pay all expenses for utilities on the property during the term of the lease as well as all expenses for utilities used on the property during any period during which Lessee has possession of the property.”

December 7, 2010 Four Month Lease ($150.00 per month) between Union County and AGA (Bill Boyer) for the Union County Fair Ground’s Parking Lot. 

March 8, 2011


Resolution UCC 2011.001

September 6, 2011 Public Properties – ” the board set the property and minimum prices to be advertised on the public properties available for lease.  The board set the minimum bids on the following property:  Beef Barn: $450/ $45 per month/$20 per week; Show ring – $1200.00; $120 per month/$40 per week; Exhibit building (excludes meeting room) – $1000/$100 per month/25 per week; Hoop Building – $500/$50 per month/$25 per week; Fairgrounds Parking area (Jan thru April , one month extension with board approval) $1250./$150 per month-no weekly…”

September 29, 2011

September 1, 2012,  Union County Commissioner Meeting

          Under Public Auction, “…A public auction was held to auction the fairground buildings and property as advertised.  The fairground buildings were auctioned at the yearly rate and allowed to be pro-rated by month…Farmers Coop Society, was the bidder for the Fairground parking area @ $1250…”

October 13, 2015, Union County Commissioner Meeting

          Under Auction, “As advertised, the grandstand area on the Alcester Fairgrounds was put up for action for leasing purposes.  Opening bid started at $1250 with the only bidder being Farms Cooper Society (Ryan Schoenfelder)  Lease agreement will be signed.”

January 19, 2016,  Union County Commissioner Meeting

          Under Fair, “Fair manager Janet Lingle discussed with the board the possibility of the Farmer’s Coop’s plan to build a building on the fairgrounds in Alcester.  Because the county has a lease with city of Alcester for 99 years, the fairboard and commissioners will be involved in this process.  Lingle will gather more information regarding the building.”

August 2, 2016, Union County Commissioner Meeting

          Under Public Auction, “…Discussion took place on the auction items for lease.  Fair manager Lingle and SA Miller present for discussion.  Discussion took place on the current lease agreements.  Motion by Headid, second by Karpen to follow the contract for the penalties in the lease agreement as written.  Motion Carried.”

August 16, 2016, Union County Commissioner Meeting

          Under Lease Agreement, ” Ken Ehrp, Farmers Coop Society, met with the board regarding a lease agreement on county property. (Previous decision-August 2, 2016, minutes) Following a discussion on the lease and the condition of the fairground property, motion by Karpen, second by Headid to follow the contract lease agreement to the full extent.  The fee is $5000.00 and grounds must be restored to its original pre-lease condition.  The fair manager will do an assessment of the property to determine compliance.  Motion carried.  Vote: 3 Aye, 1 Nay, (Schempp) and 1 Abstain (Ustad)  Motion carried.

08/16/2016 a Voice From the Gallery

          “Councilman Mark Dykstra resigned from the Union County Fairboard and according to Councilman Dykstra, “he just could not in good conscience put up with dumping grain on city ground”. He finally ‘got it’ that Mayor Pete Larsen was acting responsibly by forcing the Union County Commissioners to get city permission to sublet the city ground and bar any grain dumping on city property. After Mayor Larsen’s visit with the commissioners, they did run the city ‘fairground’ land sub-leases past the city council. But alas when Mayor Rick Johnson and Mayor Tom Glas took office it appears the commissioners no longer felt the need to get Alcester city approval anymore and with no one to hold their collective feet to the fire, the commissioners got away without city approval.”

August 30, 2016, Union County Commissioner Meeting        

          City of Alcester – “Representatives from the city of Alcester, Mark Dykstra, Thomas Glass and David Larsen met with the board to discuss the $5000 penalty imposed on the Farmers Coop Society (see minutes of August 2 and 16).  Dykstra asked if the county could impose partial fine now and defer the remainder of the balance until 2017; also questions where they $5000 would be placed as the city owns the property-leased to the county for 99 years.  Chairman asked Dykstra if he would be the city council representative on the fairboard as he resigned from the fairboard recently.  He indicated that he would be willing if he was reconsidered for the position.

So Mayor Haeder, irrelevant?

So let’s address the written permissions from the city for the county to sub-lease.  Where are they?   NOT RELEVANT!

Now about the destruction of our land?  Still happening!  So where is the penalty money and the “put-back” to the way it was when the county first leased it.  Who in Hades is watching this?  H-m-m  Mayor you are in charge, where is your over sight?   Lease ends on January 2, 2079.  Just how much more damage can happen? NOT RELEVANT!

Let’s address liabilities mentioned by the sub-leases of the county?  Union County has taken great pains to protect itself from liabilities engendered by its lessees.  In those leases Union County appears to fail to protect the City of Alcester, the Primary Lessor.  NOT RELEVANT? 

So if anyone suffers an injury due to the sub-lease by Union County, apparently the county is protected by their lease but as actual owners of the land, just where does that place the City of Alcester.  It seems to me, the City of Alcester and its tax-paying residents are in the TAG-YOU’RE-IT! end of the line.  NOT RELEVANT?

Now to the water issue.  Repairs?  Check out the lease provisions in the County’s sub-leases with bidders for the City property.  Specifically the Utilities.  Ya know electric, water and so forth.  Oh yeah that water we buy from South Lincoln Water and has been leaking.  Yeah that water, me boyo!  You appear to believe it is okay to delay, play, repairing the leak, instead you are satisfied with turning the water off  to the fairgrounds when the fairgrounds are not in use.  Then when there is a need for water at the fairgrounds, you give someone a wrench to turn the water on and allow thousands of gallons of water to leak.  Ya ever think how many gallons of precious water is wasted?  Ya ever think how much those wasted gallons of water cost us, you remember us…Alcester taxpayers.  NOT RELEVANT?

Folks think about it, the council approved $12, 629.37 repairs to fix a twenty year old wheel loader ’cause it was necessary.  So tell me folks, which is the higher priority, WATER or some relic piece of machinery.  Like the finance officer, the relic machinery can be replaced or rented, WATER cannot be replaced!

05/03/2021 A Voice From the Gallery

Being a leader doesn’t require a title; Having a title doesn’t make you one.

Mayor Dan Haeder called the May 3, 2021, city council meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.  Council members present were Councilman David Larsen, Councilwoman Darla Reppe, Councilwoman Linda Talbott, Councilwoman Melissa Kay and City Attorney Sam Nelson with Councilman Marcus Ireland participating via telephone. 

Agenda Item #3 (old council) – Mayor Haeder called for approval of the agenda.  At this point I spoke up (0:03:13.37) and called, “Point of Order” concerning the errors in the agenda which was poorly worded and was improper in agenda item placement, specifically the placement of Agenda Item #5 – public input  under new council after Agenda Items #2 under new council, #3 under new council starting a kerfuffle.  There was a admonition to me, “…you do not have the right…”  I disagree. Mayor Haeder continued with his obdurate question for approval of a error ridden agenda.  Mayor Haeder, it is your job to craft the agenda and make sure the city bookkeeper types it up properly.  Despite my warning about the error ridden agenda, Mayor Haeder got the question of agenda approval as far as discussion phase where Councilman Marcus Ireland pointed out the errors and voice his opinion the errors of language and error of placement be cured before any vote be taken.  So you will hear the kerfuffle of discussions of, “… how do we do this…”  Finally the amendments (change of language and change of order) to the agenda are in place and the approval of the agenda in finally voted.

Agenda Item #4 – Approval of the minutes of April 4th and April 19th council meetings was voted.

Agenda Item #5 – Warrants were approved by vote.

Agenda Item #6 – Adjourn the old council voted.  With that vote completed and Mayor Haeder declared the meeting adjourned at 6:12 p.m..  David Larsen, Melissa Kay went to seats in the gallery and Marcus Ireland remained on the telephone.

Agenda Item new council #1 At 6:14 p.m. Mayor-elect Dan Haeder called the new council meeting to order with Councilwoman Darla Reppe, Councilwoman Linda Talbott, Councilwoman-elect Cyndi Peeples and City Attorney Sam Nelson present.

Agenda Item  new council agenda #2– New Council Oaths

Oath of Office administered to Cyndi Peeples Ward II by City Attorney Sam Nelson and Oath of Office administered to Dan Haeder Mayor by City Attorney Sam Nelson so with Councilwoman Peeples and Mayor Haeder seated the new council moved onto Agenda Item #5 moved forward by amendment during the old council.

Mayor Haeder appointed David Larsen to one of the two vacant Ward II seats, remaining council voted to approve the Mayor’s appointment.  Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson administered the Oath of Office to Mr. Larsen. (0:20:48.00)

Agenda Item new council #5 – Public Input was called. 

Vickie Larsen responded with comments on the input agenda item placement. 

I raised the question (0:26:14.70) of SLRC Codified Law 9-14-42. Criminal background check of persons seeking employment with municipalities.  Each person over eighteen years of age seeking employment with a municipality shall submit, subject to the discretion of the municipality, to a state and federal criminal background investigation by means of fingerprint checks by the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The municipality may submit completed fingerprint cards to the Division of Criminal Investigation before the prospective new employee enters into service. Upon completion of the state and federal criminal background check, the Division of Criminal Investigation shall forward to the municipality all information obtained as a result of the check. Failure to submit or cooperate with the criminal background investigation is grounds for denial of an application.  Source: SL 2009, ch. 36, § 1.

I questioned last meeting about direct deposit of payroll checks.  Now we have HSA Health Savings Accounts so the city (Finance Officer) needs to add the option of Direct Deposit of those monies (0:26:33.23)

I asked why the wheel loader repair was not bid due to the $12,629.37 price tag (0:27:04.77)  Councilman David Larsen responded (0:30:06.40) the wheel loader is used frequently and the repairs needed a week to complete all repairs.  So I question the procedure of approving the expenditure for the wheel-loader after the fact of repair and without bid.  Councilman Larsen states this was an emergency situation. So was there no routine maintenance plan for this piece of ‘necessary’ use equipment that would have mitigated the magnitude of the repairs?

David Housen (sp) (0:31:48.70)addressed the council to share his interest in purchasing lots 10 & 11 on Beck Drive to build a ranch style. (not a Sh*thouse)

Melissa Kay former Alcester city councilwoman (0:36:53.23) addressed the council to share her opinion on the Ward III vacancy.  I address Ms. Kay as a  councilwoman ’cause her favored form of address ‘alderman’ is defined in the, “A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue”, the Second Edition, Corrected and Enlarged by Francis Grose is defined in archaic form using the medial S, “a roafted turkey, garnifhed with faufages, the latter are fuppofed to reprefent the gold chain worn by thofe magiftratef”  and translated to “a roasted turkey, garnished with sausages, the latter are supposed to represent the gold chain worn by those magistrates.”  Heaven help me if I referred to her as a turkey with sausages around her neck.  Ms. Kay alleged ‘mis-conduct’ referring to an executive session in the October 7th meeting of the Alcester City Council and of which I was a seated councilwoman at the time.  At the motion of that executive session and in the discussion before approval, I insisted upon open, public session if the session were to discuss me and that my camera keep rolling to be fully, publicly open.  My concern was a he-said, she-said scenario which I wanted to protect against.   I was told I did not have any right and the closure of the session was to protect the council. I resisted and Alcester Police Officer Schuller had been summoned to be on-hand to forcibly remove my camera and ‘deal’ with me in the event I resisted.  My camera was rolling from the time of the opening of the meeting at 6:00 pm until the time I capitulated approximately 22 minutes later when I shut the camera down and surrendered the camera to Police Officer Schuller who removed the camera from the room.  The video of those 22 minutes of that meeting was not uploaded to my blog for public consumption but gives lie to the accusation of misconduct but does bring the question Ms. Kay your characterization of misconduct was in executive session, no video, no notes yet you feel comfortable bringing this into an open session?

Darla Reppe brought the question of when can bookings be made for the ‘community building”?

Marcus Ireland touched on the Christmas lights in the park.  The Christmas lights will be taken down.  The observation being made if we cannot take the Christmas lights in a timely manner, we should put them up.

With Marcus Ireland’s contribution, Public Input was at an end.

Agenda Item new council #3 – Executive session was called for the purpose of interview of appointment candidates.  The council entered into executive session at 6:44 p.m. Council members remaining:  Mayor Haeder, Councilman David Larsen, Councilwoman Darla Reppe, Councilwoman Linda Talbott, Councilwoman Cyndi Peeples and Marcus Ireland on telephone.

Order of interviews was Vickie Larsen Ward III, Dale Jurrens Ward III and Brian Johnson Ward II.

At 7:53 p.m. Mayor Haeder declared the council out of executive session.  Gallery entered the council room.  Ward III vacancy was not filled, no motion and no action.  Brian Johnson’s appointment to fill the Ward II vacancy was approved by the council four (4) ayes and one (1) abstention. Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson administered the Oath of Office to Brian Johnson and Councilman Johnson took his seat at the council table.

Agenda Item new council #4 – Election of President and Vice-President of the Council was called with the nomination of Councilman David Larsen as President and the nomination of Councilwoman Linda Talbott as Vice-President.  In separate votes the council approve the nominations of Councilman Larsen and Councilwoman Talbott.

Agenda Item new council #6 – Department Updates

Agenda Item new council #7 – Legal Updates – City Attorney Sam Nelson announced he would be away for somewhere between 30-60 days. Executive Session for legal not needed.

Agenda Item new council #8 – Christmas Lights removed.

Agenda Item new council #9 – Alcester Fairgrounds water-leak.  (1:22:02.67)  Mayor Haeder was approached by Commissioner about a water leak and according to Mayor Haeder the conversation when like this, the commissioner told Mayor Haeder that the county leases this ground from the city therefore the city is monetarily responsible for the cost of repairs around $5K-$10K.  There is a meter in the tree line to the North of the Fairgrounds.  This is a city waterline and the city is charged for the water.  Note in the video ‘they’ and gosh only knows who ‘they’ are have been given a wrench to turn the water on during use of the fairgrounds and off (?) when the fairgrounds are not use.  Now folks to the best of my knowledge this water usage is not assessed to the county and obviously Mayor Haeder appears to be ignorant of the Lease language.  Wanna guess who is paying for that water usage?  (1:26:55.87) I attempted to give the Mayor information about the 99 year lease between the city and the county.  Yeah, the Mayor did not want to know the language of the Lease, he said it is irrelevant.  Really?  Mayor apparently wants to be willfully ignorant.

Agenda Item new council #10 – Lifeguards  approve hire.

Agenda Item new council #11 – Executive Session for 1-25-2.1 Personnel not needed – well Ms. Kay doesn’t need to discuss personnel(?) or what-ever-it-was-discussed anymore.

Agenda Item new council #12 – Finance Office- (1:33:49.93) I want to address one  item brought up by Mayor Haeder. Mayor Haeder brought up Mr. Nohava concerning money for Alcester EMS and donations for Alcester EMS.  Folks I would like to take this opportunity to do some math for you my background for this is the fact I handled the books and participated in the billing process for Alcester EMS while I was a part of the service and we responded to 100 medical calls per year.  There was an edict handed to the Alcester public, you will be transported to Hawarden Hospital whether you want to go there or not.  The billing fee for Alcester EMS was $300.00 load fee plus $8.00/per loaded mile for a total of $364.00 for a trip to Hawarden.  For a trip to a Sioux Falls Hospital was the $300 load fee plus $8.00/loaded mile fee for a total of $660.00.  So if an Alcester patient is charged $364.00 the Hawarden trip and then the Alcester patient has to go to Sioux Falls or Sioux City the Hawarden Ambulance (Jeff Nohava?) gets the $660.00 fee.  So the Alcester patient/insurance could possibly be charged $1024.00 for the same medical event.  Last I heard Mr. Nohava is receiving a $22.00/hour consulting fee from Alcester EMS.  In addition, the Alcester ambulance is now responding with the Alcester Fire Department with apparently no billing options but the expenses to roll the ambulance are still accruing.  So on the premise the Alcester EMS had 30 transports per year to Hawarden at $364.00 per call ($10,920.00) plus 70 transports per year to Sioux Falls at $660.00 ($46,200.00) equaling an income of $57,120.00.  Now compare that figure to the mandatory transport to Hawarden $364.00 per trip for 100 trips per year for a total income $36,400.00, a difference of $20,720.00 per year.  That is just the medical transports one has to add the negative operational cost (gas, oil wear and tear) of the ambulance on the fire calls.  Just saying, No wonder the ambulance is leaking money like micro-sand in the proverbial hour glass.

Agenda item new council #13 – re-evaluation of mask mandate.

Agenda item new council #13– (not my error here, that is what the agenda read) HRC update

Agenda item new council #14 – Fairboard Update-none

Agenda item new council #15 – Community Building  Kitchen equipment request for up to $75,000.00 for kitchen equipment.  Council voted approval.

Agenda item new council #16 – Update volunteer roster.  Council voted approval.

Agenda Item new council #17 – Adjourn  Council voted approval.  Adjourned at 9:07 p.m.

Contact City Council

Mayor Dan Haeder                   605-934-2287

Councilman David Larsen        605-934-2434

Councilwoman Darla Reppe    605-934-2602

Councilwoman Linda Talbot    605-934-1849

Councilwoman Cyndi Peeples

Councilman Brian Johnson