11/27/2019 A Voice From the Gallery

Oh, it’s cryin’ time again, an’ Alcester FO Pat is weeping
I can see by that lyin’ look she’s been scheming and
With what she told the deputies, it won’t be long before
It’s crying time again, an’ Alcester FO Pat will be weeping.”*
*(inspired by the song lyrics “Crying Time” by Buck Owens)


Embezzlement– “the fraudulent appropriation of property by one lawfully entrusted with its possession.   To “…embezzle” means willfully to take or convert to one’s own use, another’s money or property, of which the wrongdoer acquired possession lawfully, by reason of some office or employment of position of trust. The elements of ‘offense’ are that there must be relationship such as that of employment or agency between the owner of the money and the defendant, the money alleged to have been embezzled must have come into the possession of defendant by virtue of that relationship and there must be an intentional and fraudulent appropriation or conversion of the money. The fraudulent conversion of the property of another by one who has lawful possession of the property and who fraudulent conversion has been made punishable by statute…” According to Black’s Law Dictionary 361 (Abridged 6th ed. (Centennial Edition (1891-1991))

Conversion-“an unauthorized assumption and exercise of the right of ownership over goods or personal chattels belong to another, to the alteration of their condition or the exclusions of the owner’s rights. Any unauthorized act which deprives an owner of his property permanently or for an indefinite time. Unauthorized and wrongful exercise of dominion and control over another’s personal property, to exclusions of or inconsistent with rights of owner.” According to Black’s Law Dictionary 231 (Abridged 6th ed. (Centennial Edition (1891-1991))

Ownership–  Ownership refers to the ultimate and exclusive rights and control over property that have been conferred by a lawful claim or title.

The reason for the definitions above and the codes which will come after is Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens has received a Summons, she has run afoul of the law AGAIN.

See Summons below.  If I remember correctly, in the Warrant of Arrest after Indictment # 63CR119-470 filed on October 2, 2019, Pat Jurrens’ bond was Conditional that she obey all federal, state and local laws and ordinances and that violation of any of these conditions may result in revocation of the bond. It appears she has failed to obey state and local law as it relates to alcohol and in my opinion embezzled from the city.

Yup Alcester Finance Officer Pat Jurrens threw a surprise birthday party for hubby. As Gomer Pyle used to say, “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise” Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens sent out Facebook Invitations as I understand it, which said BYOB.  BYOB are ya kidding?

It is against the law! The Alcester Municipal Golf Course has been granted a Retail On-Sale Liquor License. (See Below)

Now here comes the Alcester Ordinance :

4.0304  Operating Agreements

  1. Liquor licenses. All on-sale and off-sale liquor licenses within the city of Alcester shall be required to enter into operating agreements with the City of Alcester and shall be required thereunder to purchase ALL ALCOHOLIC beverages sold in such an establishment from the City off-sale establishment for resale under the operating agreement at a price of the actual wholesale cost to the City, transportation charges billed to the city and a markup of ten percent (10%) and such additional compensation or fee as may be mutually agreed upon by the parties.

4.0308    Possession of Alcoholic Beverages

Unless a special permit license shall be obtained from the City pursuant to this Chapter, it shall be unlawful to possess in any public place, street, alley, sidewalk, public park, place of amusement, or business establishment, not authorized to sell alcoholic beverages, pursuant to South Dakota law and the ordinances of the City of Alcester, any bottle whether or not containing alcoholic on which the seal has been broken and which bottle either did or does contain alcoholic beverages, or any glass, can or other container, containing alcoholic beverages.



4.0313 Penalties     Any person or any licensee hereunder found to have violate this Chapter shall be subject to the following penalties,

A.  A fine not to exceed $500.00 for each day of violation of this Chapter shall constitute a separate violation as to the sale of any alcoholic beverage not purchased through the municipal off-sale licensee, each bottle or container sold shall constitute a separate offense.

B.  The City Council of the City of Alcester may be majority vote, find that this Chapter has been violated and may recommend to the South Dakota Secretary of Revenue that the license of any alcoholic beverage licensee/establishment, found to have violated said chapter may be suspended or revoked pursuant to SDCL 35-2-10 and/or that, civil penalties as provided by SDCL 35-2-10.1 be imposed.


It is not enough that the City of Alcester Alcoholic Beverage Ordinances have been violated by Alcester City Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens but as I understand it Alcester City Finance office employee Wanda Halvorsen was working/serving at the Alcester City Golf Course Clubhouse on October 26, 2019, at the BYOB party and in her primary finance office position should have known city ordinance, had access to city alcoholic ordinance or had access to City Attorney Sam Nelson so she too is subject to alcoholic beverage violations.

Now there will be the familiar Patricia Jurrens whine, “…I didn’t know it was a violation..”. Below please see BOTH Mayor Tom Glas’ and Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens signatures on the 2015 Lease and Operating Agreement with Deems, BOTH Mayor Tom Glas’ and Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens on the 2017 Lease and Operating Agreement with Deems and the 2019 Deem Lease and Operating Agreement was recently signed. IT IS FINANCE OFFICER JURRENS JOB TO KNOW THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THOSE LICENSURE DOCUMENTS.

Now we get into what I would term the EMBEZZLEMENT side of the alcoholic goat rodeo violations. Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens brought in by invitation (BYOB) and by her own hand, alcohol not purchased through the city of Alcester which benefitted her personally because this alcohol did not include the markup amounts which cheated the City of Alcester and its residents of the 10% plus fees and etc. markup.

Finance Officer Jurrens knew full well the terms and conditions she was violating and if there was any question, she had the counsel of Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson to rely upon. She certainly has called upon ACA Nelson’s legal opinion on past occasion.

Now folks it isn’t just Alcester Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens on the hook but Ass’t Alcester Finance Officer Wanda Halverson not to mention it would seem by my reading, violations of Alcester City Ordinance 4.0308 could be levied against each and every surprise birthday party attendee on October 26, 2019.*












11/26/2019 A Voice From the Gallery

To the good citizens of Alcester, please note the following notice of Hearing on Application for Variance.

Stop this travesty of attacking property values on Anderson Street and Beck Drive.  This property is zoned residential and Councilman Lance Johnson wants to erect a 22 foot high edifice to stupidity.  STOP this, COME to the city council meeting AT 6:30 pm and TELL Councilman Lance Johnson to CEASE and DESIST this travesty upon property zoning.  Tell the City Council to NO to the variance.  Be prepared to REFER this Rooster’s violation of your property rights and valuations!  If Councilman Lance Johnson wants a big red barn, hayseeds and etc. build that thang on his farm.  He is violating the covenants that run with the land and is thumbing his nose at all Alcester residents.






6:30 pm

11/12/2019 A Voice From the Gallery

An observation while constructing my argument to the South Dakota Office of Hearing Examiners and counterpointing Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson’s quotation of statute in his denial letter.

What I found interesting is the citation of statute struck a chord of recognition. I had been going through the file of my 2016 application to the Office of Hearing Examiners to refresh my memory of process and elements of such a complaint when I came across a letter dated October 4, 2016, allegedly composed by Mayor Glas.

Please note the section which reads the City of Alcester is citing 1-27-1.5 (12) and (22) for denying the release of names. H-m-m why does that look familiar? Oh I know….

Now look a City Attorney Sam’s letter, please note the first paragraph section which reads, “…with respect to the 09/10/2019 request…SDCL 1-27-1.5 (12) and (22) exempt this information from disclosure…”

So did FO Pat get the 2016 citation from Beresford Sam?  So was Mayor Glas and FO Pat already cutting Alcester City Attorney Haugland out?

Ode to Sam*

*inspired by the poem Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

Seuss, D. (1960). Green eggs and ham. New York: Beginner Books.

I am Sam! That is WHO says I am-I am Sam? Yeah, I AM Sam!

  • Do you like to eat crow from a can?
  • Sam does not eat crow from a can, Sam? Sam is that WHO says I am?
  • I do not like to eat crow from a can.
  • I do not want to eat crow from your hand!


  • Would you like to eat crow from a can?
  • Would you like to eat crow from my hand?
  • I would not like to eat crow from your hand
  • Of that I sure am! Nope, no crow for Sam-I-am


  • I would not like crow in a tiny house listening to Straus…
  • I would not like crow on a Second street…
  • I would not like crow on a North Third street…
  • I would not like crow on a Fifth street…
  • I would not like crow on South Main…that would be a pain


  • I will not eat crow even ‘on the house’…
  • I will not eat crow with a trial team…
  • I will not eat crow with a marine…
  • I will not eat crow in a lobby, I will not eat crow with a lobby
  • I will not eat crow even as a hobby ’cause

I am Sam! That is WHO says I am, I am Sam?



11/06/2019 A Voice From the Gallery

“Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away.”

Elvis Presley

 …and neither am I…


 Mayor Glas called the November 4, 2019, regular city council meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. with Council members Melissa Kay, Linda Talbott, David Larsen, Dan Haeder and Darla Reppe present. Also present was Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson, Chief Jeff Christie and Alcester Police Officer Austin Schuller. Absent again this month was Council member Lance Johnson.The council approved the agenda without change and the October 2nd meeting minutes without change.

video was to be inserted here but due to human error and foul up the memory card was compromised.  My profound apologies.

Dwight Berglin presented the 2018 audit which was after a question posed by Councilman David Larsen concerning a rumored $60K shortage was approved as presented.

Mark DeRaney AMKO Advisors representative presented an option to change from the outstanding USDA Loans on the waste treatment and water tower to bonds. Mr. DeRaney needed signature approve by the mayor to move the process forward. The Mayor’s signature did not commit the city to anything more than a forward movement on the process. The council voted to allow the mayor to sign the agreement. Judging from the mayor’s expression, now they just have to ‘splain it to him.

Agenda Item #7-Public Input-

  1. I gave my opinion of the City Office proposed move to the Golf Course/Community building if it is built.
  2. Gordon Richard of the Alcester Union-Hudsonite Newspaper asked the question, what progress was being made on the ballot box complaint and investigation. Alcester City Attorney paused, then answered, “…no comment…”.
  3. Councilman Dan Haeder said he had been approached about a city dog park. Discussion ensued concerning where such a facility would be located the former ice skating rink in the park, maybe the ball field, who would pick up the poop–honor system (?) etc.

Agenda Item #8-Legal updates

  •  Cemetery transfer 01/01/20
  •  Sewer discharge/lines update-easement needed
  •  On-sale liquor-Hillbillies not renewing their liquor license

Agenda Item #9-Community Clean Up

  •  Possible condemnation of two properties

Agenda Item #10- Street Update

  •   Street Update-sump pump discharge into street. No discharge in winter
  •   Street sweeper-two broken sprockets and chain. Unknown fix-it charge.

 Agenda Item #11- Police Dept.  Up-dates

  •  Meth resurgence
  •   Suicide alerts
  •   School sign battery issues
  •  Advisory board make-up: Police Department, Fire Department, Alcester EMS and council members Haeder and Kay.

Agenda Item #13-Update given by Councilman David Larsen

Agenda Item #14-Tiny House

  •   Contact Patrick from Secog for zoning change
  •   Add R-4 to Residential district

Agenda Item #15-Finance Office

  •   Approve Warrants.
  •   City Letterhead change-FO Pat did not like the green.
  •   2020 Resolution for Fees.
  •   Community Building-according to FO Pat they must develope a menu to design the kitchen. Ya’all cannot afford the building let alone hire a chef that requires a speshal menu to design a commercial kitchen.
  •  Approve $2500 appraisal fee on the auditorium. Mayor failed to ask for discussion during the motion process.  Council voted to approve.
  •  Approve operating agreements with local bars.  With the community building bar set-up (no pun intended), the city will be a full-blown competitor with the private bars in the city.
  •   Resolution of fees 2019-08 Waste water discharge-a 5% raise in fees with a specific   minimum.
  •   Water Deposits levied.
  •   Flag Burning-Legion-Council approved.
  •   Special Meeting set in December approved for December 30th at 6:00 p.m.
  •   Reminders and updates.
  •   Wanda brought up the need for extra funding for meals for kids.  Councilman Dan Haeder made the comment, “…Prisoners eat free…”*  

*Funds received for the inmate, from any approved source, while the inmate is in custody of the Department of Corrections will be deposited into the inmate’s account.

Inmates may use the funds in their bank account to purchase items such as writing supplies, hygiene items and snacks. Court ordered financial obligations, special program financial obligations and costs incurred while in custody of the DOC are automatically withdrawn from an inmate’s account.

Each inmate has a bank account set up in their name. There are a number of subaccounts that can be utilized depending on DOC policy. 


Agenda Item #16- HRC Update

  • Rents to increase $25 per month

Agenda Item#17-Community Flyer

  • Finance Office worked hard on getting the community flyer out-who paid for this? The labor and postage?

Agenda Item #18-Volunteer roster-nothing

Agenda Item#19 Executive Session-Contracts SDCL #1-25-2-4*

*1-25-2.   Executive or closed meetings–Purposes–Authorization–Violation as misdemeanor. Executive or closed meetings may be held for the sole purposes of:

 (4)   Preparing for contract negotiations or negotiating with employees or employee representatives;

                *https://sdlegislature.gov/Statutes/Codified_Laws/DisplayStatute.aspx? Type=Statute&Statute=1-25-2

Agenda Item #19-Council went into Executive Session at 8:12 p.m. ostensibly to discuss contracts with the mayor, the council, FO Pat Jurrens and Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson.

FO Pat Jurrens exited the executive session at 8:36 p.m. and remained in the atrium pacing back and forth until the Council was declared out of executive session at 9:09 p.m. Take my word for it, this never happens unless the council is discussing FO Pat. Please note the agenda notations for Agenda Item #19, obviously there was some sort of decision to occur. What happened?

Agenda Item #20-Executive Session for the purpose of discussing personnel. SDCL 1-25-2-1*

*1-25-2.   Executive or closed meetings–Purposes–Authorization–Violation as                         misdemeanor. Executive or closed meetings may be held for the sole purposes of:

(1)  Discussing the qualifications, competence, performance, character or fitness of any public officer or employee or prospective public officer or employee. The term, employee, does not include any  independent contractor;


It is to be noted here the police department appeared to have been instructed to be available for Agenda Item#20 to be declared. Was there maybe some idea to interview about the Indictment?

Agenda item #20 did not happen.

Agenda Item #21-Adjourn

      Council adjourned at 9:11 p.m.

11/05/2019 A Voice From the Gallery

Not only does Mayor Glas not know what’s going on, he wouldn’t know what to do about it if he did unless the fish line attached to his head ‘n’ held tightly in FO Pat’s upper hand was yanked so he could see FO Pat’s look-at-me nod!


I would like to touch on my input during last evening’s city council meeting. Once again I voiced my opinion that the city offices DO NOT belong in the community building.


I spoke of the insult to the merchants on main street. Finance Officer Pat Jurrens once was the president of the local chamber of commerce, yet she wants to abandon downtown Alcester in favor of ‘classier digs’ as Mayor Glas described the proposed community center at the golf course. As Mayor Glas and Finance Officer Pat Jurrens prated on that current golf course personnel could not handle scheduling for events.   REALLY? And FO Pat can? Then tell me Mayor Magoo why did you violate Alcester City Ordinance to keep the city offices open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. The stated excuse—that Pat and Wanda just couldn’t get their city work done does NOT ring true!

Mayor Glas prattled people do not come into Alcester to go to city hall, they come to shop. H-m-m, seems to me Mark DeRaney of AMKO Advisers came to city hall, representatives from Congressman Dusty Johnson came to talk to the council (who didn’t show up) at city hall, or people looking for city information come to downtown Alcester. Finance Office is too small for Finance Officer Pat?–get rid of the clutter—-you know that over-sized ear imprint wallpaper does take up room. Maybe move the police department to the old high school for convenience and privacy from the finance office wallpaper.

Oh ‘n’ of course the allure of the at-FO’s-fingertips ‘cordial atmosphere’. Well maybe residents would be inclined to attend city council meetings regularly. But imagine the executive session lengths, so maybe not!

As to the recognition, that only lasts until the new finance officer has a garage sale Pinterest find. Remember the donation plaque for the Auditorium? Not so much? It is no longer hanging in the atrium, so where did FO Pinterest consign that RECOGNITION? Your family named upon that plaque? ASK FO Pat!  Peter and I donated a ball washer to the golf course, within weeks it was vandalized, destroyed and when the ball washer was replaced (I assume by insurance funds)—-Lo and Behold the ball washer had a new donor name. Thank you!   Or when Peter and I donated Christmas lights, the lights stopped at the railroad tracks. Thank you! So my answer to the donate brochure Pat and Wanda spent city time assembling and mailing with the fond hope of ruling over the golf course community building —NO THANKS, as long as the plan is to move Alcester City Offices to the golf course community building—-ABSOULTELY NO !













10/28/2019 A Voice From the Gallery


(scene at Jackson County Minnesota DHS with Jackson County Attorney Sherry Haley at the podium with gavel in hand with DHS spotters along the gallery as two sobbing baby girls ages 3 years and 4 years are led up onto the dias and paraded around)

County Attorney Sherry Haley whacks her gavel, “attention ya’ll who registered and paid the Foster Parent fee, bring out the stock, bring ’em on down boys and walk ’em about”* JCA Haley points to the two sobbing children and yells…”who’ll gimme 25 dollar…”

25 dollar, 30 now, 30 dollar 30 dollar

30 dollar, 30 dollar give me a hollar 30 dollar

who will bid them at a 35 dollar bid?

35 dollar, 35, 35 make it 35 and a 35 make it 36 and a 35

Who will bid them at a 35 dollar bid?**

In the front row, Preacher Pious turns to Mrs. Schoolmarm Pious winks, waves his hand and hollers, “$25 for the pair!”

Jackson County Attorney Haley points and hollers, ” I have a bid from the preacher runnin’ for office of Representative Minnesota Congressional District 7!  Who’ll gimme $30? Gimme $30?”

It seems Minnesota has judged too many poor mothers, lacking and using intentional parental interference to terminate parental rights without cause reasonable or otherwise. For example: When Des Moines Valley Health and Human Services and Jackson County Attorney Sherry Haley appear to conspire with Foster parents Jayesun Israel Sherman and Michelle Sherman to steal two little girls from their mother and attempt to terminate the mother’s parental rights. This is not the Philippines preacher!

In 1929 the state of Minnesota attempted to take my mother from my grandmother, cause? Gran was not married.

A few years ago DHS, Jackson County Attorney Sherry Haley took a young daughter from her father and awarded physical custody to her meth-head mother. Outcome? said-minor- daughter was exposed to meth-head mom, mom’s drug peddling boyfriend, pathetic lack of maternal/parental supervision and ultimately mom’s car crash with the child in the car and mommy dearest high on meth. Child was never removed from that meth head, put up for adoption or returned to her father’s custody!

Again a few years ago a young Minnesota mother broke the law, received  multiple years of probation, her two children were fostered out and while termination of parental rights was attempted, it is my understanding parental rights were not terminated.

More recently and according to hear-say another Minnesota Mom and Dad had their children removed because DHS did not approve of the parents cousin visiting in the home.

Now there are Destiny’s children. Des Moines Valley Health and Human (?) Services and Jackson County Attorney Sherry Haley moved in on two little girls, handing them over to Preacher Pious from Windom who pushed his theological based tortious interference for a rapid Parental Termination to “SAVE” those two little girls from a Mom who doesn’t share his style of bible thumpin’. It seems that Preacher Pious is more interested in ripping two little girls away from their real Mom much like immigrant children have been ripped away from their parents.

(Jackson County Attorney Sherry Haley still hollerin’, bangin’ her gavel of injustice and pointin’ at the scared, sobbing children)

I got 25 dollar from the Preacher Pious from Windom,

who’ll give me 30 dollar now, 30 dollar? 30 dollar?

Check-out their withers, they can haul least three blocks worth of campaign posters and still present a good photo op

Who’ll gimme a 30 dollar bid? Just 15 dollar a kid!

Crude? Offensive? Horrific? Contemptible?

You betcha! This whole scenario is contemptible and selectively vicious aimed at persons who are already victims. Victims of spousal abuse, then unrelenting, spot-lighted victims of Minnesota DHS and Jackson County Attorney Sherry Haley.

Legal Reasons for Termination-Education For Justice

A project of the Minnesota Legal Service Coalition

  1. Abandoment-Failure to have regular contact with your children or show interest in their wellbeing for 6 months without a good reason. (DHS has removed Destiny’s children and refuses access to the children visits, telephone calls, birthday cards and etc.)
  2. Neglect-If you can provide for your children’s needs but don’t you are neglecting them. “Needs” are things like good, shelter, education, clothing and other care so that children can grow and be healthy. (Destiny’s children have a single Mom, whose minimum wage job and lack of child support has placed her on the roles of state support services WHICH WERE CUT UPON removal of the children from their Mom)
  3. Failing to support financially- There is a court order for child support, but you don’t pay. This does not mean a couple of missed child support payments or if you can’t pay for a good reason. (Destiny’s children have a single Mom with a minimum wage job but no child support other than that of the state services.)
  4. Unfit Parent– You are seen as unfit if your behavior shows that you can’t or won’t take care of the children’s physical, emotional, and mental health. (Who is the judge–Auctioneer Sherry Haley, Preacher Jayesun Israel Sherman or the State of Minnesota DHS who is looking to reduce support spending on the backs of babies?)
  5. Not fixing the reasons the children were placed in foster care – the children have been out of the home for 12 out of the last 22 months, or for 6 months if they are under 8,there is a court ordered out-of-home placement plan and you are not following the plan or fixing the problems andsocial services has tried to help and reunite your family but it hasn’t worked.  (Destiny’s children were snatched by DHS, Destiny’s children are not allowed contact with their Mom and social services have ignored the problem and failed due diligence that reunites the family they themselves ripped a apart.)

6.  Egregious harm-the children were hurt badly in your care.   (Children can be             badly hurt in a loving, caring household in spite of all precautions-this does not           rise to the act of termination of Parental rights)

7.  Absent Birth Father- This is the father who:

  • Was not married to the mother at the time of birth or conception
  • is not listed on the birth certificate
  • is not involved with the child
  • is not supporting the child, and
  • has not registered with the father’s adoption registry

       (DHS is taking Destiny’s children because Father won’t step up? This does not              rise to the level of termination of parental rights on the mother)

  1. Neglected and in foster care– This means that your children are in foster care and can’t go home because you have not fixed the problems or used the resources given you. It can also mean that you won’t visit or support your children financially while they are in foster care. (DHS and Jackson County Attorney Sherry Haley have arbitrarily decided to tortious interfere with Destiny’s parental rights. What resources, they have all been pulled upon placement in foster care. Destiny has been barred from contacting her  babies ’cause it would be traumatic for them. No personal visits, no telephonic visits, no written communications and no birthday cards on their  birthday.)
  2. Serious criminal conviction- You have been convicted of killing a child or serious assault against your children. (No record of criminal conviction)    ***

Folks a man named Martin Niemoeller said in response to a question, ‘How could this happen?’

“First they came for the communists, but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out.  Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists, but I was neither so I did not speak out.  Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out.  And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out of me.”

Folks now they are coming for the children, I HAVE to speak.  You can speak, write letters to your papers, write letters to your legislators, write letters to your judiciary and while I have no electoral vote in Minnesota, YOU DO.  Fostered children should not be sold to the highest bidder, children removed from their families because DHS and Sherry Haley do not like their family members or have a vendetta against their parents.  Wrongful termination has a cost!  Emotional Cost to the children who are wrongfully yanked from their families——-and when the termination has been proved an intentional interference by the state or county a cost to each and every tax payer.


   *inspired by “The Auctioneer Lyrics.” Lyrics.com. STANDS4 LLC, 2019. Web. 26 Oct.            2019. <https://www.lyrics.com/lyric/19662239/Gordon+Lightfoot>.

  **inspired by “The Auctioneer Album,” Lyrics.com STANDS4 LLC, 2019, Web 26, Oct.               2019.<https://www.lyrics.com/album/51863(https://www.lyrics.com/album/51863)>.

***Education for Justice-A project of the Minnesota Legal Service Coalition, Fact sheet             10,  TPRs, page 3. Web 27, Oct.2019.<https://www.lawhelpmn.org/self-help-library/fact-      sheet/termination-parental-rights-tpr. >