10/28/2019 A Voice From the Gallery


(scene at Jackson County Minnesota DHS with Jackson County Attorney Sherry Haley at the podium with gavel in hand with DHS spotters along the gallery as two sobbing baby girls ages 3 years and 4 years are led up onto the dias and paraded around)

County Attorney Sherry Haley whacks her gavel, “attention ya’ll who registered and paid the Foster Parent fee, bring out the stock, bring ’em on down boys and walk ’em about”* JCA Haley points to the two sobbing children and yells…”who’ll gimme 25 dollar…”

25 dollar, 30 now, 30 dollar 30 dollar

30 dollar, 30 dollar give me a hollar 30 dollar

who will bid them at a 35 dollar bid?

35 dollar, 35, 35 make it 35 and a 35 make it 36 and a 35

Who will bid them at a 35 dollar bid?**

In the front row, Preacher Pious turns to Mrs. Schoolmarm Pious winks, waves his hand and hollers, “$25 for the pair!”

Jackson County Attorney Haley points and hollers, ” I have a bid from the preacher runnin’ for office of Representative Minnesota Congressional District 7!  Who’ll gimme $30? Gimme $30?”

It seems Minnesota has judged too many poor mothers, lacking and using intentional parental interference to terminate parental rights without cause reasonable or otherwise. For example: When Des Moines Valley Health and Human Services and Jackson County Attorney Sherry Haley appear to conspire with Foster parents Jayesun Israel Sherman and Michelle Sherman to steal two little girls from their mother and attempt to terminate the mother’s parental rights. This is not the Philippines preacher!

In 1929 the state of Minnesota attempted to take my mother from my grandmother, cause? Gran was not married.

A few years ago DHS, Jackson County Attorney Sherry Haley took a young daughter from her father and awarded physical custody to her meth-head mother. Outcome? said-minor- daughter was exposed to meth-head mom, mom’s drug peddling boyfriend, pathetic lack of maternal/parental supervision and ultimately mom’s car crash with the child in the car and mommy dearest high on meth. Child was never removed from that meth head, put up for adoption or returned to her father’s custody!

Again a few years ago a young Minnesota mother broke the law, received  multiple years of probation, her two children were fostered out and while termination of parental rights was attempted, it is my understanding parental rights were not terminated.

More recently and according to hear-say another Minnesota Mom and Dad had their children removed because DHS did not approve of the parents cousin visiting in the home.

Now there are Destiny’s children. Des Moines Valley Health and Human (?) Services and Jackson County Attorney Sherry Haley moved in on two little girls, handing them over to Preacher Pious from Windom who pushed his theological based tortious interference for a rapid Parental Termination to “SAVE” those two little girls from a Mom who doesn’t share his style of bible thumpin’. It seems that Preacher Pious is more interested in ripping two little girls away from their real Mom much like immigrant children have been ripped away from their parents.

(Jackson County Attorney Sherry Haley still hollerin’, bangin’ her gavel of injustice and pointin’ at the scared, sobbing children)

I got 25 dollar from the Preacher Pious from Windom,

who’ll give me 30 dollar now, 30 dollar? 30 dollar?

Check-out their withers, they can haul least three blocks worth of campaign posters and still present a good photo op

Who’ll gimme a 30 dollar bid? Just 15 dollar a kid!

Crude? Offensive? Horrific? Contemptible?

You betcha! This whole scenario is contemptible and selectively vicious aimed at persons who are already victims. Victims of spousal abuse, then unrelenting, spot-lighted victims of Minnesota DHS and Jackson County Attorney Sherry Haley.

Legal Reasons for Termination-Education For Justice

A project of the Minnesota Legal Service Coalition

  1. Abandoment-Failure to have regular contact with your children or show interest in their wellbeing for 6 months without a good reason. (DHS has removed Destiny’s children and refuses access to the children visits, telephone calls, birthday cards and etc.)
  2. Neglect-If you can provide for your children’s needs but don’t you are neglecting them. “Needs” are things like good, shelter, education, clothing and other care so that children can grow and be healthy. (Destiny’s children have a single Mom, whose minimum wage job and lack of child support has placed her on the roles of state support services WHICH WERE CUT UPON removal of the children from their Mom)
  3. Failing to support financially- There is a court order for child support, but you don’t pay. This does not mean a couple of missed child support payments or if you can’t pay for a good reason. (Destiny’s children have a single Mom with a minimum wage job but no child support other than that of the state services.)
  4. Unfit Parent– You are seen as unfit if your behavior shows that you can’t or won’t take care of the children’s physical, emotional, and mental health. (Who is the judge–Auctioneer Sherry Haley, Preacher Jayesun Israel Sherman or the State of Minnesota DHS who is looking to reduce support spending on the backs of babies?)
  5. Not fixing the reasons the children were placed in foster care – the children have been out of the home for 12 out of the last 22 months, or for 6 months if they are under 8,there is a court ordered out-of-home placement plan and you are not following the plan or fixing the problems andsocial services has tried to help and reunite your family but it hasn’t worked.  (Destiny’s children were snatched by DHS, Destiny’s children are not allowed contact with their Mom and social services have ignored the problem and failed due diligence that reunites the family they themselves ripped a apart.)

6.  Egregious harm-the children were hurt badly in your care.   (Children can be             badly hurt in a loving, caring household in spite of all precautions-this does not           rise to the act of termination of Parental rights)

7.  Absent Birth Father- This is the father who:

  • Was not married to the mother at the time of birth or conception
  • is not listed on the birth certificate
  • is not involved with the child
  • is not supporting the child, and
  • has not registered with the father’s adoption registry

       (DHS is taking Destiny’s children because Father won’t step up? This does not              rise to the level of termination of parental rights on the mother)

  1. Neglected and in foster care– This means that your children are in foster care and can’t go home because you have not fixed the problems or used the resources given you. It can also mean that you won’t visit or support your children financially while they are in foster care. (DHS and Jackson County Attorney Sherry Haley have arbitrarily decided to tortious interfere with Destiny’s parental rights. What resources, they have all been pulled upon placement in foster care. Destiny has been barred from contacting her  babies ’cause it would be traumatic for them. No personal visits, no telephonic visits, no written communications and no birthday cards on their  birthday.)
  2. Serious criminal conviction- You have been convicted of killing a child or serious assault against your children. (No record of criminal conviction)    ***

Folks a man named Martin Niemoeller said in response to a question, ‘How could this happen?’

“First they came for the communists, but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out.  Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists, but I was neither so I did not speak out.  Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out.  And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out of me.”

Folks now they are coming for the children, I HAVE to speak.  You can speak, write letters to your papers, write letters to your legislators, write letters to your judiciary and while I have no electoral vote in Minnesota, YOU DO.  Fostered children should not be sold to the highest bidder, children removed from their families because DHS and Sherry Haley do not like their family members or have a vendetta against their parents.  Wrongful termination has a cost!  Emotional Cost to the children who are wrongfully yanked from their families——-and when the termination has been proved an intentional interference by the state or county a cost to each and every tax payer.


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