02/20/2023 A Voice From the Gallery

Mayor, President, and Vice President
The chief executive officer of a first or second class municipality under the aldermanic form shall be a mayor. The mayor shall hold office for a term of not less than two nor more than five years as determined by ordinance (§9-8-1).

The mayor shall preside at all meetings of the council but shall have no vote except in case of a tie as long as the vote does not create a liability or appropriate money. He shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the laws and ordinances, and take care that such laws and ordinances are faithfully executed. He shall annually and from time to time give the council information relative to the affairs of the municipality, and shall recommend for their consideration such measures as he may deem expedient. He shall have the power to sign or veto any ordinance or resolution passed by the common council, and the power to veto any part or item of an ordinance or resolution appropriating money (§9-8-3). The veto, with written objections, must be filed with the finance officer within ten days after final passage (§9-19-10). The vetoed ordinance or resolution must then be presented by the finance officer, with the mayor’s written objection, to the council at their next meeting for reconsideration. If the ordinance or resolution passes by a two-thirds vote of all the aldermen, it shall be published and become effective (§9-19-11).

At the first regular meeting after the annual election in each year and after the qualification of the newly elected alderman, the council shall elect from among its own members a president and vice-president, who shall hold their respective offices for the municipal year. The president of the council in the absence of the mayor shall be the presiding officer of the council, and during the absence of the mayor from the municipality or his temporary disability shall be acting mayor and possess all the powers of the mayor. In the absence or disability of the mayor and president of the council, the vice-president shall perform the duties of the mayor and president of the council (§9-8-7). 

The  February 20, 2023, meeting of the Alcester City Council was called to order by Mayor pro tem Lukas Driesen at 6:00 p.m. with Councilwoman Darla Reppe, Councilwoman Cyndi Peeples and Councilman Kyle VandenHull, Attorney Austin Felts present  and with City Attorney Sam Nelson absent.  The council and gallery recited the Pledge of Allegiance. 

(00:43.63)  AGENDA ITEM #3 – APPROVE AGENDA – Question on agenda item #4 – 1 More bar  Approve with no change to agenda.  There would be no motions made.  Agenda approved with no changes.  Vote X3Ayes.

(00:03:32.17) AGENDA ITEM #4 – 1 More Bar – Special permit street dance discussion with no action taken.

(00:12:05.37) AGENDA ITEM #5 – PROPERY TAXES – MIKE AND KRISTI BURKE  seeking a tax abatement from the city of Alcester to the tune of $11,016.00 plus or minus as a result of  their application for Discretionary Taxation which was later described and revised in the 2022 legislationeffective July 1, 2022. language contained in Ordinance 2023-02.  Our city attorney Austin Felts was apparently tasked with the justification for allowing the abatement which the city of Alcester had no control and whose legal fees for the time spent on this issue is assessed to the taxpayers of Alcester.  The council made no decision at the meeting.  My opinion is that the Burkes need to seek redress from someone other than the City of Alcester and seek their own legal counsel.  (00:30:21.83)  Mike Burke says, “…We feel the city (Alcester taxpayers) owes us…) 


(00:32:03.13)   AGENDA ITEM #6 – PUBLIC INPUT –  VICKIE LARSEN (00:32.08.83)  Addressed issues concerning having the city attorney do research on behalf of a private individual at city cost?  Audi costs (actually the city hall)? Reimbursements to Pat Jurrens in the amount $412.22 which was an overspend of her city credit card?  Code of Conduct and application.  Pat Jurrens time spent on various boards as representative of the city on city time when a council person could be tasked with the membership on the boards.  Finally I requested the Log for the city car. Who checked the car out, What purpose was the car checked out, Where did the car travel and How many miles were put on the car.  This is to track how the car is used, who is using it and which department should the cost of the use of the car be distributed.  MIKE BURKE (00:37:06.40)  asks about council seat vacancies.  I would suggest that background checks should be applied to all prospective council seat applicants.


(00:40:51.17)  AGENDA ITEM #8 – GOLF COURSE  There was a discussion regarding the old golf course clubhouse.  Suggestions of possible AirB&B type dwelling.  I would strongly suggest if any type of B&B situation is broached, that inspections as to safety and habitability are required by the city. If these structures are being rented, they must meet all codes and be regularly certified as safe for habitation.  Receipt of the resignation of Landon Nygard as golf course superintendent effective March 17.2023.  Resignation was accepted by council vote.

(00:54:03.87)  AGENDA ITEM #9 –  LEGAL UPDATES – AUSTIN FELTS  Among the issues discussed were chip seal bids, police policy manual, Closson letter update and At-Large Alderman vs. Wards.  I did speak out against this move for the simple fact, we could end up with taxpayers being disenfranchised because their representative was not living in the Ward therefore had no skin in the game so-to-speak. 


(01:00:17.90) AGENDA ITEM #10  – POLICE DEPT.  Patrol car storage.  At this point the two police vehicles are being stored in the street department building and blocking the immediate access to snow plows etc.  Discussion covered the two vehicles should not be stored outside in the street.  However other options are available immediately until a garage can be constructed.  One option is to store the two vehicles in the golf cart building and another option is to store the vehicles in the Ag. room of the old high school building.

(01:14:08.27)   AGENDA ITEM #11 – WATER METER PROJECT  CASH FLOW OPTION OVER FOUR YEARS (100 meters per year)  Installation would be separate.  Emphasis that the cost of this project would be covered by the water fund $186,000.00  and which cost would not be reflected on the taxpayers water bills.

(01:25:16.27)  AGENDA ITEM #12  – WASTEWATER FACILITY PLANT UPGRADE  Banner Representative Tanya Miller wants a pre-bid meeting with council on February 28, 2023.


(01:29:47.40) AGENDA ITEM #14  PLAT MAP APPROVAL Plats of Lots 1 & 2 south Addition, An Addition in the Southeast 1.4 of Section28, T95N, 5thPM, City Alcester, Union County, South Dakota  This action was tabled due to a question of annexation of the parcels involved.  Need for more information.


(01:44:35.70)  AGENDA ITEM #16 – 2022 AUDIT  APPROVED X3 AYES



          EXECUTIVE SESSION AT 7:50 P.M.


(01:51:16.50) ADJOURN

       Motion was made by Councilwoman Darla Reppe and seconded by Councilwoman Peeples.  Vote X3 Ayes  Meeting adjourned at 8:23 pm

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02/06/2023 A Voice From the Gallery

insert video

I must apologise here, I had made arrangements to have the meeting video-taped in my absence.  Unfortunately those arrangements fell through which I deeply regret and I have no video to present. 

KEY ISSUE – Agenda Item #5 Resignation of Dan Haeder as mayor.

The  February 6, 2023, meeting of the Alcester City Council was called to order by Mayor pro tem Lukas Driesen at 6:00 p.m. with Councilwoman Darla Reppe, Councilman Lukas Driesen, Councilman Kyle VandenHull present.  Attorney Austin Felts was present in the absence of City Attorney Sam Nelson  The council and gallery recited the Pledge of Allegiance.  I had heard Councilwoman Peeples was going to be taking part via telephone but since I see no reference in the minutes of the meeting as to her telephonic presence I must assume she was not present and there is a question as to quorum.

It is my understanding Mr. Haeder issued his written resignation on Friday, February 3, 2023, and dodged the meeting on February 6, 2023.  President of the Council Lukas Driesen, mayor-pro-tem read Mr. Haeder’s short resignation to the council, a motion to accept the resignation was made, seconded and approved by the council.

Items on the Agenda included item #3 approve the agenda, #4 approve the minutes of the January 9th and 23rd, 2023, meetings, #5 Resignation, #6 Public Input, #7 Wedding Fireworks (no pun intended) #8 Water/wastewater update, #9 Street update, #10 Alcester Golf Course, #11 Police Department Policy manual update, #12 Legal updates delivered by Attorney Austin Felts, #13 Ordinance 2023-02 Discretionary Taxation of Real Property, #14 Finance Office Lights quote, #15 City of Alcester Credit Card Limits, #16 – 1 More Bar Flooring quote, #17 Finance Office updates, #18 Executive Session and Item #19 Adjournment

Folks the agenda can be seen on the city website as well as the unapproved minutes of the February 6, 2023, meeting.

Folks of Alcester it is time, no it is past time the city live-streams the city council meetings!

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