10/24/2019 A Voice From the Gallery

So–Fo Pat

I hear tell ya think yer doin’ well.

An’ good things are comin’ to you.

I wish I had yer confidence ma’am an’

you had to do-wacka, do-wacka, do-wacka-do.!


I see yer runnin’ free,

An yer work days in yer office been few.

I wanna recall yer good luck Tom an’

give you some do-wacka, do-wacka, do-wacka-do.

I see you truckin’ down the street with yer travelin crew

ya got a Johnson in the front and a Glas in the back tailgatin’ you

Yeah, an way back ya got my money in yer sack,

with yer key in the ballot box and yer ears pinned back



I hear tell ya think yer doin’ well,

An’ good things are comin’ to you.

I wish I had yer confidence ma’am an’

you had a do-wacka, do-wacka, do-wacka-do*

(*inspiration Roger Miller’s 1965 song (and You Had A) Do-Wacka-Do “Do-Wacka-Do Lyrics.” Lyrics.com. STANDS4 LLC, 2019. Web. 25 Oct. 2019. <https://www.lyrics.com/lyric/598190/Roger+Miller>.)



I hear tell FO Pat is running around trying to get support for Councilman Lance Johnson’s Fifth Wheel Fiasco.

Councilman Johnson has violated the CCR’s that run with the land at 518A Anderson Street. Unfortunately the CCR’s allow for a change after twenty-five years which appear to be imminent for Lots One (1) through Eleven (11) of Block Seven (7), Lots One (1) through Three (3) and Lot Seven (7) of Block Eight (8), Lots One (1) through Four (4) of Block Nine (9) and Lots One (1), Two (2) and Seven (7) though Ten (10) of Block (10) of Numsen Addition, being a part of Tract Three (3) in the Northeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (NE1/4NW1/4) and in the Northwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (NW1/4NE1/4) of Section Twenty-Seven (27), Township Ninety-five (95) North, Range Forty-Nine (49), West of the 5th P.M., City of Alcester, Union County, South Dakota according to the recorded plat thereof.



Specifically note #items 1, #4, #5, #14, and #15 listed in the covenants. Read for yourselves.

To the folks living in the above mentioned Blocks, unless you want some boxcar type dwelling or storage garage next to your $200K home, vote against the change in CCR. It must be a public vote of A MAJORITY OF THOSE NEIGHBORS AND LAND OWNERS affected. It is not a vote of the council.

Tell FO Pat NO, tell Councilman Lance Johnson NO, A covenant change can mess with the value of your home and property investment—check it out for yourselves. It is your right!


Just tell FO Pat to take her DO AND WACKA-IT DOWN THE STREET!