11/05/2019 A Voice From the Gallery

Not only does Mayor Glas not know what’s going on, he wouldn’t know what to do about it if he did unless the fish line attached to his head ‘n’ held tightly in FO Pat’s upper hand was yanked so he could see FO Pat’s look-at-me nod!


I would like to touch on my input during last evening’s city council meeting. Once again I voiced my opinion that the city offices DO NOT belong in the community building.


I spoke of the insult to the merchants on main street. Finance Officer Pat Jurrens once was the president of the local chamber of commerce, yet she wants to abandon downtown Alcester in favor of ‘classier digs’ as Mayor Glas described the proposed community center at the golf course. As Mayor Glas and Finance Officer Pat Jurrens prated on that current golf course personnel could not handle scheduling for events.   REALLY? And FO Pat can? Then tell me Mayor Magoo why did you violate Alcester City Ordinance to keep the city offices open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. The stated excuse—that Pat and Wanda just couldn’t get their city work done does NOT ring true!

Mayor Glas prattled people do not come into Alcester to go to city hall, they come to shop. H-m-m, seems to me Mark DeRaney of AMKO Advisers came to city hall, representatives from Congressman Dusty Johnson came to talk to the council (who didn’t show up) at city hall, or people looking for city information come to downtown Alcester. Finance Office is too small for Finance Officer Pat?–get rid of the clutter—-you know that over-sized ear imprint wallpaper does take up room. Maybe move the police department to the old high school for convenience and privacy from the finance office wallpaper.

Oh ‘n’ of course the allure of the at-FO’s-fingertips ‘cordial atmosphere’. Well maybe residents would be inclined to attend city council meetings regularly. But imagine the executive session lengths, so maybe not!

As to the recognition, that only lasts until the new finance officer has a garage sale Pinterest find. Remember the donation plaque for the Auditorium? Not so much? It is no longer hanging in the atrium, so where did FO Pinterest consign that RECOGNITION? Your family named upon that plaque? ASK FO Pat!  Peter and I donated a ball washer to the golf course, within weeks it was vandalized, destroyed and when the ball washer was replaced (I assume by insurance funds)—-Lo and Behold the ball washer had a new donor name. Thank you!   Or when Peter and I donated Christmas lights, the lights stopped at the railroad tracks. Thank you! So my answer to the donate brochure Pat and Wanda spent city time assembling and mailing with the fond hope of ruling over the golf course community building —NO THANKS, as long as the plan is to move Alcester City Offices to the golf course community building—-ABSOULTELY NO !