05/11/2021 A Voice From the Gallery

(01:26:55.) Mayor Haeder says, “…it’s irrelevant…”

05/03/2021 A Voice From the Gallery

Folks the situation with the lease between Union County and the City of Alcester had its start in1970 when the two entities entered into a lease where the City of Alcester agreed to lease city owned property to Union County for purposes of 4-H and the Union County Fair. 

1970 LEASE

1980 LEASE

Please note, “…This lease is not assignable without the written consent of Lessor (the City of Alcester)…


November 30, 2010 Six Month Lease ($50.00 per month) between Union County and Keith Anderson for the Hoop Barn Building.  Under Utilities:  “If requested by the Lessor (Union County), in addition to the rent set forth in paragraph two, herein, Lessee (Mr. Anderson) shall also pay all expenses for utilities on the property during the term of the lease as well as all expenses for utilities used on the property during any period during which Lessee has possession of the property.”

December 7, 2010 Four Month Lease ($150.00 per month) between Union County and AGA (Bill Boyer) for the Union County Fair Ground’s Parking Lot. 

March 8, 2011


Resolution UCC 2011.001

September 6, 2011 Public Properties – ” the board set the property and minimum prices to be advertised on the public properties available for lease.  The board set the minimum bids on the following property:  Beef Barn: $450/ $45 per month/$20 per week; Show ring – $1200.00; $120 per month/$40 per week; Exhibit building (excludes meeting room) – $1000/$100 per month/25 per week; Hoop Building – $500/$50 per month/$25 per week; Fairgrounds Parking area (Jan thru April , one month extension with board approval) $1250./$150 per month-no weekly…”

September 29, 2011

September 1, 2012,  Union County Commissioner Meeting

          Under Public Auction, “…A public auction was held to auction the fairground buildings and property as advertised.  The fairground buildings were auctioned at the yearly rate and allowed to be pro-rated by month…Farmers Coop Society, was the bidder for the Fairground parking area @ $1250…”

October 13, 2015, Union County Commissioner Meeting

          Under Auction, “As advertised, the grandstand area on the Alcester Fairgrounds was put up for action for leasing purposes.  Opening bid started at $1250 with the only bidder being Farms Cooper Society (Ryan Schoenfelder)  Lease agreement will be signed.”

January 19, 2016,  Union County Commissioner Meeting

          Under Fair, “Fair manager Janet Lingle discussed with the board the possibility of the Farmer’s Coop’s plan to build a building on the fairgrounds in Alcester.  Because the county has a lease with city of Alcester for 99 years, the fairboard and commissioners will be involved in this process.  Lingle will gather more information regarding the building.”

August 2, 2016, Union County Commissioner Meeting

          Under Public Auction, “…Discussion took place on the auction items for lease.  Fair manager Lingle and SA Miller present for discussion.  Discussion took place on the current lease agreements.  Motion by Headid, second by Karpen to follow the contract for the penalties in the lease agreement as written.  Motion Carried.”

August 16, 2016, Union County Commissioner Meeting

          Under Lease Agreement, ” Ken Ehrp, Farmers Coop Society, met with the board regarding a lease agreement on county property. (Previous decision-August 2, 2016, minutes) Following a discussion on the lease and the condition of the fairground property, motion by Karpen, second by Headid to follow the contract lease agreement to the full extent.  The fee is $5000.00 and grounds must be restored to its original pre-lease condition.  The fair manager will do an assessment of the property to determine compliance.  Motion carried.  Vote: 3 Aye, 1 Nay, (Schempp) and 1 Abstain (Ustad)  Motion carried.

08/16/2016 a Voice From the Gallery

          “Councilman Mark Dykstra resigned from the Union County Fairboard and according to Councilman Dykstra, “he just could not in good conscience put up with dumping grain on city ground”. He finally ‘got it’ that Mayor Pete Larsen was acting responsibly by forcing the Union County Commissioners to get city permission to sublet the city ground and bar any grain dumping on city property. After Mayor Larsen’s visit with the commissioners, they did run the city ‘fairground’ land sub-leases past the city council. But alas when Mayor Rick Johnson and Mayor Tom Glas took office it appears the commissioners no longer felt the need to get Alcester city approval anymore and with no one to hold their collective feet to the fire, the commissioners got away without city approval.”

August 30, 2016, Union County Commissioner Meeting        

          City of Alcester – “Representatives from the city of Alcester, Mark Dykstra, Thomas Glass and David Larsen met with the board to discuss the $5000 penalty imposed on the Farmers Coop Society (see minutes of August 2 and 16).  Dykstra asked if the county could impose partial fine now and defer the remainder of the balance until 2017; also questions where they $5000 would be placed as the city owns the property-leased to the county for 99 years.  Chairman asked Dykstra if he would be the city council representative on the fairboard as he resigned from the fairboard recently.  He indicated that he would be willing if he was reconsidered for the position.

So Mayor Haeder, irrelevant?

So let’s address the written permissions from the city for the county to sub-lease.  Where are they?   NOT RELEVANT!

Now about the destruction of our land?  Still happening!  So where is the penalty money and the “put-back” to the way it was when the county first leased it.  Who in Hades is watching this?  H-m-m  Mayor you are in charge, where is your over sight?   Lease ends on January 2, 2079.  Just how much more damage can happen? NOT RELEVANT!

Let’s address liabilities mentioned by the sub-leases of the county?  Union County has taken great pains to protect itself from liabilities engendered by its lessees.  In those leases Union County appears to fail to protect the City of Alcester, the Primary Lessor.  NOT RELEVANT? 

So if anyone suffers an injury due to the sub-lease by Union County, apparently the county is protected by their lease but as actual owners of the land, just where does that place the City of Alcester.  It seems to me, the City of Alcester and its tax-paying residents are in the TAG-YOU’RE-IT! end of the line.  NOT RELEVANT?

Now to the water issue.  Repairs?  Check out the lease provisions in the County’s sub-leases with bidders for the City property.  Specifically the Utilities.  Ya know electric, water and so forth.  Oh yeah that water we buy from South Lincoln Water and has been leaking.  Yeah that water, me boyo!  You appear to believe it is okay to delay, play, repairing the leak, instead you are satisfied with turning the water off  to the fairgrounds when the fairgrounds are not in use.  Then when there is a need for water at the fairgrounds, you give someone a wrench to turn the water on and allow thousands of gallons of water to leak.  Ya ever think how many gallons of precious water is wasted?  Ya ever think how much those wasted gallons of water cost us, you remember us…Alcester taxpayers.  NOT RELEVANT?

Folks think about it, the council approved $12, 629.37 repairs to fix a twenty year old wheel loader ’cause it was necessary.  So tell me folks, which is the higher priority, WATER or some relic piece of machinery.  Like the finance officer, the relic machinery can be replaced or rented, WATER cannot be replaced!