12/31/2015 A Voice from the Gallery

A Voice from the Gallery


To sum up my 2015 writing endeavor, I started writing “A view from the Gallery” as an opinion letter to the Alcester Union-Hudsonite under the ownership of Paul Buum after reading the following quotation:

 “I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that, then I realized                                   I AM SOMEBODY!”

             When new owner Shane Hill took over the Alcester Union-Hudsonite, judged me, finding me too critical of the Alcester city council, decided to censure Freedom of Speech by declining any future articles from me preferring instead sugary, non-controversial, stars-in-your-eyes happy news and having been advised by a member of the community that I really should run my letters-to-the-editor through my pastor for acceptability, I decided emulate Martin Luther continuing to use his solution of asking questions and running propositions for debate. While my queries can never equal Luther’s queries, it is my sincere hope that I can elicit change in our local government with my own version of 95 Theses. I started my website “avoicefromthegallery.com” to bypass Mr. Hill’s censure in order to provide full disclosure of the antics of the Alcester City Council to the people of Alcester. So I dedicate this quote to the Mayor of Alcester, the Alcester City Council Mr. Shane Hill-publisher and of course that illustrious community member so well versed in Luther’s 95 Theses and who recommended I drag my LCMS pastor into the middle of a political critique.

 “If you have no critics, you’ll likely have no success.”

(Malcolm X)

I would like to make another dedication, since I appear to-be-on-a-roll:

“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know”            William Wilberforce

          The above is dedicated to the Honorable Duane E. Hoffmeyer, and the Honorable Steven J. Andreasen who decreed a young mother must make her baby daughter available for visitation without supervision or drug testing to a self-proclaimed opiate, drug addict, which admission was made in Plymouth County Iowa court under oath in August of 2015. One has to wonder did these ole’ boys hear of the Dickinson County Iowa case of the death Shelby Duis on January 4, 2000, and the question of the boyfriend’s alleged abuse of little Shelby. The mother who went to jail because she did not ‘protect her child’. What was the system doing to protect the child?

It appears the system still has not changed because SR, the 27 year old drug addict who lives in an $850.00 per month condo in Iowa City (utilities extra); leases a late model car; fuel for car; allegedly attended University of Iowa at Iowa City; SR, the 27 year old drug addict who is successfully unemployed; the 27 year old drug addict who reluctantly pays just $42.50 per month child support. Where does SR get the money to pay for all this??? Enabler Daddy Financial Advisor? Or is he selling?

Court Ordered visitation allowed SR, the self-proclaimed drug addict to take the child out of Iowa to visit SR’s father who is a Washington financial advisor. When Mom cannot contact SR, receives no answer or call back- finally calls Daddy Financial Advisor who tells her that SR went to the hospital and is in rehab again, but Daddy Financial Advisor failed to let baby’s Mom know until she called them. Really?? Mom is in Iowa, going to school, working a full time job to pay the bills, worrying about her darling baby daughter who is in Washington with junkie dad and enabling Daddy Financial Advisor and we still do not know if or when Baby will be coming home to her Mommy.

Mom, her family and I have taken pains to inform law enforcement of the on-going drug use and problem of SR. The court heard the admission of SR’s drug use for their own ears, it is in the record, yet the court failed to protect this child. To these entities I repeat: You were warned and you chose to look the other way, you can never say you did not know!!  I will be there to remind you.