02/29/2016 A Voice from the Gallery

It is appropriate that I start my campaign for Alcester city council on Leap Day.

It is a step outside of my comfort zone to run for political office, but the time has come for me step out and act. I do believe the other candidates running in my ward have not had to face a competitive election in the past.  In fact neither of them turned in petitions to run in the last election cycle and were placed on the council and for lack of a better word, “on sufferance” for the most part appointed without election or running the gauntlet of executive session posturing plus one.

When I asked to be appointed in the last cycle, I was questioned by the Finance officer which was improper because the finance officer has no authority in executive session. She asked if I would write only positive things, I replied that if I saw something negative I would address it.  Negative issues cannot be fixed unless they see the light of open, honest discussion.  In addition, one of the council persons in Ward III told me, “…you can run for office in the next election, I am not running.”  Amazing!  Both former Ward III councilmen have taken out petitions.  Glory, those two ol’ boys really don’t want me and my light a shinin’ on them.

If you want open council meetings, Vote for me!

If you want access to your council, Vote for me!

If you want access to city information, Vote for me !

If you want to come first before outside entities and corporations, Vote for me!

If you want a council person who will actually listen, Vote for me!


Vickie A. Larsen