04/19/2016 A Voice from the Gallery

No One Told Me!

by Vickie Larsen

February 2003 

Dedicated to Lincoln, that someday you will be free!


All through my youth

I was taught

never tell a lie, always tell the truth

but no one told me others would not


no one told Me!


Early on, much to my dismay

telling the truth was not accepted

It was not okay

and I was rejected


no one told Me!


As I took the oath to tell the truth

and as I was questioned, my thoughts returned

to the lessons learned in my youth

that the truth could be spurned


no one told Me!


“Where truth lies, Justice will follow”, the prosecutor cried,

but truth he would not allow

and on that day when Justice died

I took a vow


no one told Me!


Each day of the last four* years

that I have fought

through heartbreak and tears

to free a young man wrongly convicted and restore the Justice we sought


no one told Me!


How incredibly hard would it be

to tell the truth

and not set him free


no one told me,

no one ever told me!



*It is now seventeen years and I am still fighting to free an innocent man!