07/28/2016 A Voice From the Gallery

It is Union County Fair time. Well Councilman Dykstra, what do you have to say for yourself? When Finance Officer Pay Jurrens and Mayor Glas were handing out committee assignments a couple of months ago, I can see why you tried hard to weasel off the Union County Fair Board by trying to hand that half-life, hot potato off to Councilman David Larsen. So ya’ll didn’t consider Councilman Larsen’s time commitment to the golf course, beyond his regular council duties was enough of a contribution to the city of Alcester or were ya lookin’ for a scapegoat/hot pad to take the heat off you and your ‘work’? By the way, how comfortable is your council seat encased butt now? Peers to me ‘equatorial Hades warm’ with no relief in sight.

By the way Councilman Dykstra, just who is paying the water bill for irrigating the  corn/bean dumping ground?  That is some crop of grass growin’ there.  I presume it is being metered for billing to Farmers Society Cooperative?

2016-07-13 14.10.52 2016-07-13 14.10.32

Mayor Glas loves his rules and ordinances but it appears those rules do not apply to him. Several months ago Mayor Glas was advised he was parking in state right-of-way and blocking the northern line-of-sight for anyone stopped at the First Street-SD Hwy 11 intersection stop sign creating a hazard.

I believe South Dakota DOT came through and checked encroachments onto the SD Hwy 11 right-of-way. While the sign in the picture was grandfathered in, parking under the sign was not! So Mayor Glas is your ‘special parking’ worth someone’s life?


Cenex sign II

6.5 foot encroachment

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