08/22/2016 A Voice From the Gallery

John L. Sandy, Spirit Lake, IA, attorney and arbitrator in recorded telephone conversation with a friend concerning his ‘arbitration’ of Administrative Judge Susan Ackerman states,

“…It went perfectly well for me. I get paid…in fact, I got paid to drive three and a half hours this morning that I didn’t drive…” 

Heitshusen, Sonya, “Attorney Caught on Tape Raises Ethical Questions“, whotv.com, May 19, 2016, pages 1 & 2, Web, August 17, 2016.

        The family of Lincoln D. Belken knows all-too-well the ‘money-oriented ethics’ and mediocre to abysmally poor legal skills of John L. Sandy of Spirit Lake, IA. We know all-too-well John L. Sandy’s failure to adequately represent his innocent client. The family knows John L. Sandy threw his client Lincoln D. Belken under the proverbial prison bus. Through Sandy’s courtroom incompetence or perhaps something more sinister, he ensured all alibi witnesses were discredited by not allowing them to testify to the truth.

            More to Come

Vickie A. Larsen

So who was the friend John Sandy was talking to?