09/29/2016 A Voice From the Gallery

 In the November 5, 2015, regular Alcester City Council meeting Mayor Tom Glas had a ‘response’ to a complaint I had presented the council in which I used the metaphor of,

“…insulting pat on my head…”.

Mayor Glas responded that I lied saying he gave me a tap on the head, that he did not pat my head. As usual Mayor Glas failed to follow the conversation which was in the mid-western dialect of the English language.


Today, September 29, 2016, I discovered, once again Mayor Glas failed to follow the conversation which again was in the mid-western dialect of the English language. I addressed the Alcester City Council on September 13, 2016, during public input, questioning why Alcester City Councilman/Union County Fairboard member Mark Dykstra wanted to allow Farmers Coop Society installment payments of the $5000.00 fine levied against FCS (Farmers Cooper Society) for violating the terms and conditions of Union County’s sub-lease with them by failing to remove FCS (Farmers Coop Society) stored grain in a timely manner, per lease terms and conditions which allowed the grain to spoil on the sub-leased land owned by the city of Alcester. Mayor Glas opined that,

“…he couldn’t see any damage to the (Alcester owned) fairground parking area…”

to which I responded,

“every time grain was stored on the fairground parking area, removed and the spoiled grain dozed up, a considerable layer of soil was removed…”

Further stating that over the years of various elevators dumping grain, top soil was lost, grass was not re-seeded leaving a muddy scar on the area which was fast becoming a slimy mud hole.  Mayor Peter Larsen stepped up and stopped the practice of despoiling Alcester owned ground by insisting the Union County Commissioners get the city’s approval on any sub-leases of Alcester owned ground.  Unfortunately former Mayor Rick Johnson and present Mayor Tom Glas fell down on the job of enforcement of city approval on leases of city owned ground, failed to follow through and allowing the flagrant abuse of city property.


Unfortunately and laughably (YES, I did laugh) Alcester Police Chief Doty was dragged into the murky mess when he was informed I accused someone of stealing dirt off the fairground parking area owned by the city of Alcester. OMG!


At the risk of being accused of advising Mayor Glas to self-lobotomize, Mayor Glas “clean the beans out-of-your ears!” and be dang sure ya’ll don’t dump them on the fairground parking lot! Be careful though ’cause you cannot afford to lose anymore topsoil, either!


Vickie A. Larsen