12/29/2016 A Voice from the Gallery

12/28/2016 A Voice from the Gallery Part Two

I was appalled at the treatment handed out to Alcester City Attorney Chuck Haugland in the December 28, 2016, meeting by Mayor Glas and Finance Officer Pat Jurrens in the public forum. I watched and I heard. I have been on the receiving end of the Mayor and FO but I have not given my professional time at a reduced rate to the city of Alcester only to be kicked in the gut by an over-reaching finance officer and a Mayor who doesn’t have a clue!

Assistant Finance Officer Wanda Halverson hand-delivered a notice of tree violation on the 09/07/2016 me.

On October 3, 2016, I sent a written FOIA request:



I received a letter of denial date October 4, 2016, but carrying a postmark of October 11, 2016.    


I rebutted the denial on October 17,2016

  •    10-17-2016 REBUTTAL.jpg
  • 10-17-2016-rebut-page-2
  •  I receive no answer from the city. November meeting, I remind the Mayor and FO Jurrens of my FOIA and I was told two lawyers were consulted. My take, first contact was with Beresford City Attorney Tom Freiberg working with Compliance Officer Geoff Fillingsness and then as an after-thought the FO Jurrens spoke with Alcester City Attorney Chuck Haugland.

On November 22, 2016, I contacted the SD Office of Hearing Examiners for review of my FOIA request.    


  •  11-22-2016-req-review-of-foia   11-22-2016-hearing-exam-page-2

November 29, 2016, I received notice the SD Office of Hearing Examiners had contacted the City offices.


On December 7, 2016, the City acquiesces to my request.

12-07-2016 CITY ACQUIESCE.jpg

My response to city.


On December 13, 2016, I examined and finally obtained copies of the documents I requested. 

I received the information I requested and found at least two addresses conspicuously absent.  Cherry picking seems to be the term best applied.  As you can see in the denial letter, Mayor Glas invited me to drive around and take pictures.  I had already done that but took a second look two months later.  It must be who ya’ll know or who ya’ll work with. Just sayin’

Take a good look at the hoop jumping and time expended in showing me my place!