02/24/2017 A Voice from the Gallery



am appalled by Donald J. Trump’s amateurish, ill-conceived and down-right embarrassing attempts to walk in the shoes of those ‘greats’ who preceded him and who served our nation with distinction, even to the point of giving their lives.

Those men who worked long months diligently crafting and framing a constitution which would be relevant in their time, be a relevant legacy for all who would come after them and secure the future of their new nation, would be embarrassed and incensed with the attempts to bastardize of their hard work, negate their code of ethics, and trivialize the mission for their fledgling nation, these United States of America.

I am one of 65,844,610 Americans who did not vote for you, Mr. Trump. I will be among those same 65,844,610 Americans who will persist, persevere and will grow in numbers to vote against the contagion you represent. We salute those who have gone before us to create a great union and nation and we will dry the tears of those who seek our protection.


We, are the People!