08/12/2017 A Voice from the Gallery

First let’s review the July 13th, 2017, meeting at 7:30 a.m.  This was a short agenda.  The quorum of four councilmembers:  David Larsen, Lance Johnson, Dan Haeder and Audri Carlson was present with the Mayor and Alcester FO Jurrens.  There was only two items on the agenda;  Item 4, the malt liquor license transfer approval to Keith Vandon Bosch, owner of Alcester Quickstop located at the former DJ’s Express, the vote to approve the Malt Beverage Purchase agreement with Alcester Quickstop and Item 5, the Meagan Fischer request for variance.

Both liquor issues were rolled into one motion to transfer the liquor license from DJ’s Express to Keith Vandon Bosch (Alcester Quickstop) and approval of the agreement with Keith Vandon Bosch doing business as Alcester Quickstop.

Motion to approve made/David Larsen,

Second to the motion/Audri Carlson,

no discussion,

vote aye times 4 with a unanimous aye quorum vote.

Meagan Fischer request for variance was dealt without vote upon the advice of Alcester City Attorney.  Using the current Alcester zoning ordinance found ordinance 7-09 already dealt with the change proposed by Fischer.  It is however noted here that once again Alcester FO offered up her opinion on the matter which was an out-of-order utterance and whose opinion was not relevant and beyond Alcester FO officer’s scope of duties and which was not related to her duties as city bookkeeper.