04/26/2018 A Voice From the Gallery

“Never pick a fight with someone who has bull-dogged determination, a video camera and a blog with followers”

(Inspired by the quote (“Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel” Sometimes attributed to Mark Twain, sometimes called Greener’s law but has been attributed to Congressman Charles Brownson, Indiana (R) ca 1964)


Oh Mikey you so do whine.

You cry ‘n’ whine, ’cause you can’t read a speed sign.

Hey Mikey!


Hey Mikey you do whine,

‘Cause you can’t handle that which you must mind.

Hey Mikey!


Hey Mikey cruisin’ like you own the town,

You think you’ve got the right, I think you got it wrong,

Curfew’s is sounding the final tone,

Hey Mikey time to go home!


Oh Mikey, what pity you don’t understand,

commas aren’t to be sprinkled like salt from a facebook can.

Oh Mikey it’s so plain,

Your lack of respect for younger students is such a shame!


Hey Mikey you came uninvited to my driveway convention.

But when I asked your name, YOU refused to mention.

Hey Mikey you do cry and whine,

‘Cause you can’t handle home truths at any time.

Yeah Mikey


Hey Mikey you really do whine,

About being forced to drive the numbers on the sign.

Oh Mikey can’t you understand?

If you kill a child you, you’ll have blood on your hands.

Hey Mikey you’ll do time, just ’cause you think you don’t have to obey the sign!


Yeah Mikey!