05/31/2018 A Voice From the Gallery

He was like a cock who thought the sun had risen to hear him crow.

 George Eliot

A-w-w gee I seem to have acquired a lil’ ol’ motorcycle riding barnacle who reminds me of a character in the television series, MASH.  They called him Five o-clock Charlie whose one and only accomplishment was the only thing he could hit on the nose was five o’clock. 

Yup that lil’ ol’ motorcycle barnacle comes cruising past my house reg’lar as clockwork and revs his little Shetland pony sized engine.  Ya gotta know how proud he is that he finally reached the top of the sign that says he is ‘big’ enough to ‘ride’!  Although yesterday when he was a crowdin’ my bumper, I swear I saw a fold-up step stool ridin’ pillion with him just in case he tips over at a stop sign.

Why lil’ ol’ motorcycle barney comes around so often, folks on Lincoln Drive set their clocks by his attempts to keep his lil’ ol’ motor-scooter running–even down-hill. Maybe if he adjusted his throttle properly he wouldn’t have to keep twisting it like the lid on a baby gherkin pickle jar.

So lil’ Mister Three-O’Clock Barney in the words of the character Gracie Hart in the movie, ‘Miss Congeniality’ keep it up with the noisy drive-bys and I am going to think, “…you l-i-k-e me, you really l-i-k-e me…”