08/06/2018 A Voice from the Gallery

The regular meeting of the Alcester City Council was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Mayor Tom Glas with the following present:  Councilman Dan Haeder, Councilwoman Linda Talbott, Councilwoman Darla Reppe, Councilwoman Melissa Kay, Councilman David Larsen, Councilman Lance Johnson and City Attorney Sam Nelson, Alcester Police Chief Jeff Christie, Alcester Police Officer Austin Schuller and residents Terry and Jessica Christenson, Kathy Behnke and Vickie Larsen in attendance.

The agenda was approve as posted with eighteen (18) agenda items listed.  Folks, this is important to note.*

The meeting minutes from the July 10th meeting were approved without amendments.

Pool Updates were not presented as neither Brianna Walth nor Sam Jensen were present.

Agenda Item #6 – Kathy Behnke (corrected spelling from agenda)  Ms. Behnke requested a variance from ordinance to use a modified fireworks kit for a gender reveal party in the park.  Council gave permission for the fireworks.

Agenda Item #7- Mayor’s comments Mayor Glas commenced whining about the July 10th meeting was s-o-o-o long (00:03:56).  Well Mayor Glas, you’re the dude allegedly in charge.  Advice- Lose the one and three quarters hour personnel executive session and the quarter hour last minute personnel executive session you took in the July meeting.  Mayor Glas your ad-nauseum, substance-abuse-like-addiction to excessive executive sessions for personnel wastes time and in my opinion violates the purpose of executive session.  Perhaps Mayor Glas you should have an interpreter (Sam Nelson) school you on the proper use of executive session.  Perhaps you could lose all those reminiscences’ of your alleged concrete days, too!

Agenda Item #8 – Input   I responded to public input regarding the light installed on the roof of the auditorium for the purpose of lighting the flag after dark violates the quiet enjoyment of those homes down-light-range of the revolving light.  I do believe there is an ordinance which deals with excessive light noise and sound affecting down-range homes.  I also let Councilwoman Darla Reppe (Union County Fair Board Representative) know the document I placed upon the table in front of her seat was for the Fair Board regarding the willful trespass of two vehicles; a dark grey Peterbilt Semi-Tractor South Dakota P/R license 17608 and a Ford 250 crew-cab Super Duty King Ranch Truck with South Dakota license plate WGJ 95 on my business property.

Jessica Christenson and Terry Christenson were present to re-address the flooding, erosion and divots created by the city alteration of the alleyway on the west side of their property (00:03:56).  Mayor Glas and Councilman Lance Johnson are dragging their heels in remedying this hydro-mud offensive result of the poor design of the SRTS project.  Mayor Glas came up with a jewel of a remedy that is guaranteed to add insult to mud-misery.  Please note the conversation (00:08:40) and in particular Alcester City Councilman Lance Johnson’s pontifical soliloquy on historical water issues.  Pardon me—-Councilman Lance Johnson you are all of a four-going-on-five year transplant from the farm to the city under your belt, (00:11:08) whose main claim to advanced studies seems to be a Masters of Philosophy in Bovine Fecal Output and most notably lacking even a 4H white ribbon in hydrology and you come to the window-rattling, knee-jerk opinion the flooding from the poor SRTS design is the problem of the Christenson’s!  Au contraire Councilman Lance, it is Your problem! (00:11:28)  Mayor Half-Glas’s and et. al. idea to throw more cubic yards of dirt (from the landfill?), more culverts, screw with the horseshoe pit and oh yes,  remove the fire hydrant (doesn’t that sound safe for the neighborhood–folks contact your councilperson)

Agenda items #9 Street updates, #10 Wastewater updates, #11 Police Department Updates, and #12 Golf Course Updates were all swiftly dealt with.  One exception held a bit of interest and that was the 4′ X 4′ sign for the police department and the Tiny Tots-like chalk/paint easel to be placed on the corner of Union and Second street to point the way to the city offices.

One item of interest during the discussion of the sign was the removal of the storm shelter sign to a different position, gophers only know where that will be.  The concern I have is that upon the finance office hasty exit at 5:00 p.m. weekdays, the building is locked up.  SO, what happens in an after business hours storm?  Anyone think about that?  Think about folks climbing into their cars and racing down to the auditorium in a tornado alert only to find the doors locked and sorry Dorothy you ain’t in Kansas.  Do we have a procedure, who unlocks the door.  Finance Officer Pat?  Really, most folks have trouble finding her there during business hours!

Agenda item #13-Finance Office – Most important action taken was on Agenda item #13, (b) SRTS payment.  Councilman Dan Haeder moved to hold up $20K payment and sign off until all questions were answered and the Christenson water-run-off was solved, no action was taken.  (00:38:35)

Agenda item #13 (c) – Shoshannah Avery re-designation of job description to include: meter reading, maintenance and general office which was approved by unanimous vote.

Agenda Item #15 – HRC Update  It was announced the city is upside-down on the four-plex and there was a question on Shane Hill’s progress on selling the open lots.  I do believe that at least one lot a year had to be peddled just to make the interest payment!  Don’t take my observation, Ask your council person!  Do we get to pay for that, too Mayor Glas?

Agenda Item #16 – Community Building blue prints need to be adjusted ’cause the concession stand in the AAB is not viable and the lower level golf cart storage is a no go due to cost.  Mayor Glas thinks a pole building at roughly $13/foot is more appropriate than the approximate $100/ foot for the lower level building storage.

 Agenda Item #17 – Update volunteer roster. Nothing!

Agenda Item #18 – Adjournment   OH WAIT, WAIT, MAYOR GLAS HAS MORE TO SAY!

*NON-AGENDA ITEM- FEMA    Mayor Half-Glas’d doesn’t think FEMA is worthwhile (01:08:25) NO EMERGENCY!

*NON-AGENDA ITEM– Mayor Half-Glas’d whizzed on property maintenance, not stiff enough penalties and he wants to HIT offenders hard with still fines. (01:09:48) Mayor Half-Glas’d says he feels like he is living in a slum! (01:09:48)  NEW FEES AND FINES  LOSE YOUR HOUSE FOR AN 8 INCH WEED AND FINANCE OFFICER PAT THINKS YOUR TREE ENCROACHES HER STREET.  LET EM KNOW HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THIS!  NO EMERGENCY!