03/28/2019 A Voice From the Gallery

The streets and alleys of our wards are notoriously failing, with Mayor Glas habitually and profoundly neglecting them, not failing, however, to draw his regular stipend from the city treasury.

This is something I learned today when I read Mayor Glas’ answers to the questions posed to him by Mr. Gordon Richards in the Alcester Union-Hudsonite, ‘never look a ‘gift’ mayor in the mouth’

Alcester Union Question:  “Why do you want to continue to be Mayor of Alcester?”

Mayor Glas’ answer:  “I enjoy working with all our city employees.  There are many more things I would like to accomplish which would make our town a better place.”

*Mayor Glas gave a non-responsive answer.  So WHAT things, Mayor Glas?  WHAT things have YOU accomplished Mayor Glas?

  • Fixed our streets? 
  • Abandoned alleys without proper notification or procedures? 
  • Allowed an earthen dam to be built in the park which promptly flooded residents? 
  • Kept the HRC in a solvent manner? 
  • Constructively fired our former city attorney Chuck Haugland with the help of your Finance Officer? 

“…On January 9, 2018, Tuesday morning after the Monday night regular meeting in which the council voted unanimously to approve the retainer with no discussion, Finance Officer Pat Jurrens and Mayor ‘Tom’ visited Mr. Haugland’s law office telling him, “…the City Council felt that it was “time for a change” concerning the retention of our law office and me in particular as City Attorney for the City of Alcester…there was no other reason stated…and the City intended to retain Tom Frieberg of Frieberg, Nelson & Ask of Beresford, SD as the new City Attorney for the City of Alcester…”

Folks the council voted unanimously, Monday, January 8, 2018, and entered into a ratified, binding, good faith agreement.  But, wait!  On Tuesday, January 9, 2018, less than twenty-four hours later, Finance Officer Pat Jurrens and Mayor Tom  are hot-footing it down to Chuck’s office to tell him, “the council decided it’s time for a change (in representation)!” 


  • You allowed the Finance Officer to gift herself with comp time and over-time for which she is ineligible?   


Alcester Union Question:  “What would you continue to bring to the Council?”

Mayor Glas’ answer:  “I bring forward any issues or concerns of our citizens…I always stand behind their (the city council’s) decisions

*Bring forward any issues or concerns of our citizens?  Nah and Mayor Glas some advice from an old Cowboy, “Do Not Corner Something That You Know is Meaner Than You!


letter requesting agenda placement



Mayors response via Pat Jurrens




Alcester Union Question:  “what has been your experience in politics and government”:

Mayor Glas’ answer:  “…I had no experience in politics…I am…very cautious, especially in spending…”

  • What about the $3.1M new office for FO Pat in the guise of a community center?
  • What about the $46K salary for Finance Officer Pat Jurrens?


  • What about the Overtime and comp time for Finance Officer Pat Jurrens,  while you stiffed our past police officers?


Alcester Union Question: “Why should the citizens of Alcester elect you to be the mayor?

Mayor Glas’ answer:  “…My job as mayor is not to micromanage our employees, but to let them do their jobs…If elected I will continue to do the same for 4 more years.”

*Mayor Glas’ advocates a hands-off position.  Mayor Glas has let Finance Officer Pat Jurrens run the city.  WE did not elect Pat Jurrens!  Pat Jurrens is the city bookkeeper not a city administrator nor a city manager.

  • Mayor Glas allowed Finance Officer create the fantasy of comp time and overtime.
  • Mayor Glas FAILED to sign off!
  • Mayor Glas FAILED to oversee his employee!  Mayor Glas FAILED to function as mayor!
  • AND Mayor Glas’ proposes to, “Continue to the same for four more years?”

There are risks and costs to action.  But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.

John F. Kennedy



Vote for the candidate who is in it for US! 

Vote for the candidate who wants to give us back OUR voice!

Vote for the candidate who will provide OVERSIGHT AND LEADERSHIP!


VOTE for Mike Bucholz!