05/21/2019 A Voice From the Gallery

I filed a violation of property maintenance with the city of Alcester for 518 Anderson Street including a picture of the vandalization of the curb and gutter.  In fact I hand-delivered that formal complaint of violation to Mayor Glas in front of the Alcester city council on April 15, 2019.

Mayor Glas finally got around to sending a letter in reply.

On May 9, 2019,  I reiterated my FOIA Request on the property maintenance violation.

On May 20, I received the delayed FOIA information and was denied information regarding the vandalization of 518 Anderson curb because according to Alcester Finance Officer Jurrens, Randy Heuer OWNS the curb and gutter.  BULL!  What barn-door barrister handed down that opinion?  As to who gave him permission to vandalize the curb and gutter, could it have been the Alcester city councilman who admitted to vandalizing election signs of Mayor Glas’ opponent in the mayoral election?  This is the city, boyo not the back forty, shelter belt!

FO Pat and Mayor spent many hours crafting their Home-Owners-Association-like Circus of Hades.  You know where the city is being run by a pair of pissants dictating what we can and cannot do within our castles, imposing their troglodyte tastes upon the rest of us, and giving their  drinkin’ buddies ‘speschal’ privileges.    The city owns the curb and gutter, the abutting homeowner pays the upkeep.  Kind-of-like the nightingale call girl.  Ya’ll don’t own her but if you enjoy her company ya’ll are payin’ her upkeep, her ‘managing partner’ fees and her shots!

So tell me, WHAT ARE SET BACKS Mayor Glas and Finance Officer Jurrens?  The city owns from the center of the street, thirty-three feet toward the property.  Maybe Mayor Glas, FO Pat and IA-Roo need to do a refresher course on property owner-ship and who owns what and how far.

So third request for FOIA:

  • FOIA 04-22-2019 II-NO ANSWER
  1. Full name and title* of the individual granting permission to vandalize/modify the curb portion of the curb and gutter abutting the property at 518 Anderson Street, Alcester, SD 57001.
  2. Full and complete documentation/council variance approval* for the vandalisation/modification of the curb portion of the curb and gutter abutting 518 Anderson Street, Alcester, South Dakota 57001 and owned by Randy R. Heuer.
  3. The name and address of the individual or company* which performed the vandalisation/modification of the curb portion of the curb and gutter abutting 518 Anderson Street, Alcester, South Dakota 57001.

Readers, Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson ‘schooled’ me during a city council meeting interrogation on who was giving me advice.  Young Sir, I am fully capable of acting pro se and surely you have figured this out by now.  But to use your own logic Alcester City Attorney Sam, ‘If you refuse to answer, it didn’t happen and…(here I quote you ACA Sam), “…you are wasting my time discussing this…”.

Folks Mayor Glas and FO Pat are more worried about how high the grass grows, how low the trees hang, but working fire hydrants are not a high priority!  So Mayor Glas and FO Pat in your letter you stated Randy Ray Roo had permission, so where is the demolition permission and fee?  Randy Ray Roo chopped up the curb, where is the demo permit showing he paid you $400?  That is in you lil’ ole property maintenance.  I think you ‘jewels’ were charging somewhere around $400 for a demolition and a permit had to be obtained from the city.  SO WHERE IS IT?  If you make changes you have to have a building permit and according to FO Pat’s job description she has to inspect ‘yer process and progress’.  So what class was that at Beacom School of Business again?

So according to Alcester City Attorney Sam, there was NO variance, NO permission, there was NO professional removal, NO ownership, apparently NO demo permit just a ‘bag of words’, a mesh satchel of lies and absolutely no facts.

I WANT ANSWERS!  My fellow citizens WANT ANSWERS.  So if it is okay for Randy Ray Roo can vandalize his curb and gutter, if Alcester Councilman can vandalize an election sign, then by golly the rest of us can be civilly disobedient with impunity!