06/22/2019 A Voice From the Gallery

ENTER South Dakota’s version of Boss Tweed (Mayor Tom Glas) and of course let us not forget Tammany FO Jurrens!


We have it all Collusion, Payroll scam artistes, and an epic eruption of corruption in Alcester City Hall!  Where taxpayers pay  Tammany FO Pat Jurrens $38.00 per hour OVERTIME to pull weeds on Tuesday mornings, then lock the city office doors at 12:00 noon until 5:00 pm Tuesdays so she can catch up on her BOOKKEEPING duties or what-ever-it-is she does holed up in her office?  Where Tammany FO Pat compiles a secret diary dating back to 2014 of her Comp Time HOURS (11/2) against city policy and ILLEGAL.  HOURS detailing where Tammany FO Pat painted-by-numbered city hall walls ’cause she didn’t like the color? WHO GAVE HER PERMISSION for that Over Time? Mayor Glas. There are NO RECORDS of this according to Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson.


Let’s review.  Just in the most recent meeting:

Just getting the meeting right–Tammany FO Jurrens ya got it wrong, Again! you FAILED to post the agenda according to statute for OPEN MEETING requirements on Tuesday, June 18, what were you doing behind your locked door, it sure wasn’t getting ready for YOUR special meeting on the 19th.  I was there, where were you,  at the ‘sistren’?  

Once Boss Glas got the delayed meeting open,  Mayor Magoo called for a motion to go into Executive Session for the purpose of SDCL 1-25-2-1.


You’d think a guy with a name like Glas would be transparent in all things, EVIDENTLY not Mayor Magoo!  Now as you can read below SDCL 1-25-2-1 is NOT LEGAL purposed : 

1-25-2. Executive or closed meetings–Purposes–Authorization–Violation as misdemeanor. Executive or closed meetings may be held for the sole purposes of:
(1) Discussing the qualifications, competence, performance, character or fitness of any public officer or employee or prospective public officer or employee. The term “employee” does not include any independent contractor;

The correct citation should have been 1-25-3 or 1-25-4.  Legal was the whole purpose of the meeting, right?  

When you tried to violate my request for FOIA of Absentee Ballot Application records you cited SDCL 12-20-31

12-20-31.   Destruction of ballots and pollbooks–Period for which held–Pending recount or contest. The officer in charge of an election may destroy voted ballots and pollbooks from a nonfederal election sixty days following the election at which such ballots were voted. .

Tammany FO ya got it wrong AGAIN!  You stated Alcester City Attorney Sam had spoken to the SD Secretary of State office which gave you the right to refuse my FOIA.  I had already spoken to the SD Secretary of State office who assured me I could access those records but since I had not spoken to ACA Sam’s alleged source I contacted the same source, this is what she emailed me.

If our office was the keeper of absentee ballot applications and we received a request for copies or viewing, we would provide the absentee ballot applications.  SDCL 12-19-2 specifically states what records are not open to inspection, which implies that all other records under the chapter would be open to public inspection.  Also, the information provided on an absentee ballot application is the same type of information provided on a voter registration application which is also open to inspection per SDCL 12-4-9.  There is no applicable exemption to prevent this record (an absentee ballot application) from being considered a public record under SDCL chapter 1-27, so SDCL 1-27-1 would apply and the record should be available for inspection by the public during your normal business hours.

Sadly the council  relies solely upon Tammany FO’s self professed ‘expertise’.  Are we keepin’ score yet?  You fail miserably to provide council members with OBJECTIVE AND FACTUAL information they need to make intelligent, fair decisions YET THEY ALLOW YOU TO GET AWAY WITH KEEPING THEM IN THE DARK and not terminating your butt!

Thursday June 20, 2019, MAYOR MAGOO called for a motion to allow him to sign a settlement document.  Listen/watch the video, the so-called motion FAILED to state the dollar amount of tax dollars and the so-called motion FAILED to state to whom the settlement was to be made.  The motion FAILED two key components of a motion.  What are you trying to hide Mayor Magoo and Tammany FO Pat?  All this so-called motion did was to ALLOW Mayor Magoo to sign A settlement document.  For all WE THE PEOPLE know,  Mayor Magoo is signing a document to pay Tammany FO Pat to adjust the Time Clock Free records to keep from being sued for double, yea triple damages for willful scamming an employee out of many thousands of dollars.


Mayor Glas and his faithless cohorts have on several occasions reneged on valid votes of employment. Bait and Switch! Most recently it was our home town lawyer who gave the city of Alcester a break on his fee and was ‘shat upon’ by Mayor Glas and Tammany FO Jurrens.  The council voted to accept Mr. Haugland’s retainer agreement with a $5 bump each year (starting at $110 per hour), Agenda item #8, in the regular January 8, 2018.  There was NO DISCUSSION before the vote! The ink on the motion was not even dry when Mayor Magoo Glas and Tammany FO decided they wanted to change terms and conditions they skipped hand-in-hand to Mr. Haugland’s office telling him THEY CHANGED THEIR MINDS (the two of them?), they wanted a Beresford lawyer and one who wouldn’t talk to Vickie Larsen.  In the February 5, 2019, meeting Agenda Item #6, a blind-sided council made a motion to terminate the 2018 ($110 per hour) Retainer Agreement with Chuck Haugland, no discussion, vote four (4) ayes and (2) nays Councilwoman Darla Reppe and Councilwoman Melissa Kay abstained.  Agenda item #7  Councilman Dan Haeder made the motion to Retain Beresford Attorney Tom Frieberg at $150/hour and Sam Nelson at $125/hour of Frieberg, Nelson and Ask, LLP of Beresford, SD.  No discussion, vote was taken with four (4) ayes and two nays Councilwoman Darla Reppe and Councilwoman Melissa Kay abstaining.


Prior to this Glas and FO CHEAT in 2018, the council extended an offer of employment to Chris Doty as acting Police Chief at a salary of 43,500.00 (40 hour week) and in six months to be named Police Chief with a raise of $45000.00 on February 16, 2016, via letter from FO Pat with a projected start date of April 1st, 2016.  This was truly April Fools on Mr. Doty.  In a Special Meeting City Council Meeting February 15, 2016, a motion was made by Councilman David Larsen, seconded by Councilman Mark Dykstra (take note here that Mark Dykstra seconded the Motion, no discussion and an unanimous aye vote.  Care to guess what happened next?  Yup you got it.  After the April 1, 2016, start, two JACK-BOOTED THUGS-Mayor Glas and Councilman Dykstra went goose-stepping down the street to let Police Chief Doty know he was NOW expected to work 45 hours a week but would only be paid for 40 hours.  FO Pat would keep those records on a legal pad in her desk drawer——Oh wait, NO FO Pat didn’t keep any OT or Comp Time diaries for Chief Doty, FO Pat only kept “LOCKED DRAWER RECORDS” on employees ‘genuinely’ deserving of OT or Comp-Time and of course herself and Wanda.  Chris Doty was deliberately singled out!

Folks do you know what happens when a deliberate tort (an injury physical or financial) happens?  The injured employee can ask for double or triple damages and more often than not win.  Mr. Doty’s salary shortage was about $29K plus or minus.  Now Mr. Doty was deliberately harmed by the Jack Booted Bullies Mayor Glas and Councilman Dykstra and continued to be harmed by Tammany FO Jurresn and a silent council!  Do the math!  Double = $58000.00  Triple = $87000.00  NO WONDER Mayor Magoo and Tammany FO Pat wanted to hide the settlement figure!  Now folks they didn’t offer Mr. Doty $58K nor did they offer Mr. Doty $87K settlement, care to guess what these cheats did offer?  First offer was 41.66% of FO Pat’s settlement!  $2K  Mr. Doty  hometown son was out risking his life while FO Pat was lounging on her bouncy ball chair, flicking through Pinterest, plagiarizing work product of the former city attorney, violating Disney copyrights, and making-up numbers and creative math diaries.

At the end of the June 20,  2018, meeting when I told the council their motion was not valid and would not stand and after Mayor Magoo told me to shut up, Councilman Dan Haeder said, “…it is over…done deal…”  No Mr Councilman, a vote on a vague, meaningless motion is null and void.  Councilwoman Melissa Kay was participating via teleconference, so a couple of councilpersons asked Councilwoman Kay who they knew to be a first year (?) USD Law Student, her opinion.  Which is worse, asking a first year law student for legal advice or the first year law student giving a legal opinion?


Of course there is the Alcester Councilman who stole, trashed and vandalized campaign signs of Mike Bucholz (Mayor Magoo’s opponent).  Yup that little rooster walked right into the grocery store, ripped down Mr. Bucholz campaign poster and unrooted campaign signs.  Union County Jerry Miller received the complaint on Councilman Lance Johnson, Mr. Miller interviewed, Councilman Johnson, Finance Officer Pat Jurrens for her part in campaigning on the job as Finance Officer.  We are waiting for the charges!  If Councilman Johnson vandalizes election posters and yard signs, what else is he capable of doing?  Illegally grinding curbs?

And the pies-de-resistance, was the announcement by Tammany FO Jurrens that she and her aid-de-cramp Geoffy caused to be sent out ‘demand letters’ from ACA Sam out to at least two of our fellow residents to open their homes to city inspection.  Now Tammany FO Jurrens refrained from using names at THIS particular meeting.  One of the greetings-from-the-city recipients contacted FO Jurrens to let her know they were working on FO Pat’s issue (FO Pat made fun of any efforts those folks would make) the other recipient declined and much more politely than I would have.  While the city MAY have authority over the exterior of the property, Mayor Magoo and Tammany FO Pat HAVE NO AUTHORITY over the interior of our homes.  If Mayor Magoo and Tammany FO Pat get away with this, WHO will be their next target?  You, Me, your family or my family?

Alcester City Councilmembers get off your duffs, rein in Mayor Glas, Finance Officer Pat and Councilman Lance or We the People will exercise OUR power!