08/19/2019 A Voice From the Gallery

I have been traveling and missed the August 5, 2019, city council meeting.  It sounded interesting.

I do however have a report or two on the Alcester City Code Enforcement Officer Geoff Fillingsness’ fishing trip to the Kezars.  On or around August 8, 2019, Code Enforcement Officer Geoff Fillingsness contacted the Kezars to let them know he was coming on August 9th at 9:00 a.m. to ‘inspect’ their home for Code violations, there had been complaints.  Really?  Ole FO Snoopy Nose?  Code Enforcement Officer Fillingsness warned the Kezars he had a warrant and expected to go into their home to take pictures.


I was there to video-tape the fishing expedition.   Upon Code Enforcement Officer Fillingsness arrival just a few minutes before 9:00 a.m., I started filming.  Code Enforcer Fillingsness made it all the way to the door and when asked to present a valid warrant, he had to hussle back to his car to find the document.  What did he think?  That he was just going to walz into the home without question?  He presented a quasi-warrant to the home owners.  I say quasi because the document had no date, lacked the judge’s name, lacked a readable signature and carried no file number.  It lacked the affidavit of the complainant giving the judge the justification for signing an administrative inspection warrant, just plain lacking legal status in my book and smacked of FO Jurrens ‘aptitude’ for legal document incompetence.

Code Enforcer Fillingsness was told no he could not enter the home.  Code Enforcer Fillingsness wandered around the outside property, poked his Pinocchio nose into the garage, took pictures of windows and upon failing to gain admittance into the house he left with the verbal threat of, “…I am going to have to report this…”

Code Enforcement Officer Geoff Fillingsness returned on August 19, 2019, and was allowed into the home under duress and protest.  Pay special attention to the conversation regarding the file number, the name of the judge, the lack of date and time to object to the findings.

This can happen to any of us who collect.  It is moronic for FO Jurrens and Mayor Glas to whiz and moan about property maintenance and filing blind complaints on people.  Look and see what she perpetrated on the atrium in city hall and this is just a small example of what junk she shoved into the atrium.


In 2014 the council voted for a website, not a high priority.  About four months ago the council again voted for a website, evidently still not a high priority for FO Pat and Mayor Glas.  Could it be because they would have to publish the agendas, the minutes and the city ordinances on the website.  We would get the breakdown money dispersions for the finance office, not just a global number.  We can fix this, we just have to be willing.  Call Mayor Glas 934-2188 or your ward council person and let them know!