09/05/2019 A Voice From the Gallery

Oyez, Oyez and O Yeah.


What happens when a citizen inquires about a building permit? This!



As I explained in my 09/3/2019 A Voice From the Gallery Alcester City Councilman Lance Johnson failed to display a building permit for his property located at 518 Anderson Street. As I stated I was there in person yesterday, standing in the middle of the street, I could not see the city building permit. I asked the two workman from Pies Construction standing next to the Pies enclosed trailer in front of 517 Anderson Street, “where is the building permit?”  The Pies employee told me, “I am just an employee, you will have to ask that guy,” indicating a man standing in the work area on the 518 Anderson Street site. The Pies worker standing in the middle of the site called to me and asked what I needed. I replied from the middle of the street that I was looking for the building permit. The onsite employee/worker said, “it is probably in the mayor’s pocket.  I asked, “Mayor?” still maintaining my position from the street. The Pies employee/worker said, “Yeah, the one who lives over there indicating 517 Anderson Street.” I said, “he is not the mayor, he is just a councilman.” To which the Pies employee/worker replied, “Well, you will have to talk to him.” I walked back to my car parked at the curb in front of 516 Anderson Street, climbed into my car and left.

I went down first street to the intersection of SD Highway 11 and First and witnessed Alcester City Councilman Lance Johnson in his John Deere Green pick up pull out of the gas island at Total Stop, talking on his cell phone. Intuition kicked in and yup after a trip to my shop, I went back downtown and there I saw that little ol’ John Deere green pickup truck parked in front of the city offices.

I went into the city office atrium where I heard Alcester City Councilman Lance Johnson’s voice yapping about trespass in the Police Office. Intuition wins again, hands down. I actively eves-dropped to Alcester City Councilman Lance Johnson temper tantrum. The Finance Office door was closed, it was Tuesday afternoon. I could almost see the joint wall between the finance office and the police office breathing in and out.

Alcester City Councilman Lance Johnson turned around and caught sight of me standing in the atrium and took off out the door like a scalded duck. I repeated the above events to both officers and left.

Now what I find rich, is here sitting Alcester City Councilman Lance Johnson who pulled down election posters of Michael Bucholz from the Total Stop wall, who pulled up campaign signs belonging to Michael Bucholz and who destroyed said property has the unmitigated gall to cause me to be served with the document above.

This is the type of individual who is occupying a seat on the Alcester City Council?