09/11/2019 A Voice From the Gallery

Check out the photos from yesterday, September 10, 2019,  Alcester City Councilman Lance Johnson STILL has not posted his building permit.

So who gets the blame Pies Construction for not having a building permit displayed BEFORE they broke ground?  Alcester City Councilman Lance Johnson for not getting a building permit, displaying a building permit on the premises, or before ground was broken?  Or Alcester planning and zoning for not publishing the planning and zoning code or enforcing planning and zoning or SECOG Patrick Andrews for failing to provide accurate and usual practices to his client the Alcester City Council.  So what version of the International Planning and Zoning codes did he provide and the council approve.

Folks, we can change this!  We can change the city Offices being closed on Tuesdays, too.  We can take the initiative, literally!  We can be resolute and effect change!

Check out the pictures 518 Anderson Street-Lance Johnson 09-10-2019  Oh yes, I took the photographs from the street.  No crony-ism here!LANCE JOHNSON 09-10-2019-IV.JPGLANCE JOHNSON 09-10-2019-III.JPGLANCE JOHNSON 09-10-2019-II.JPGLANCE JOHNSON 09-10-2019-I.JPG

I think we should charge a minimum property tax charge for garage only properties like we are being charged for water.  Oh yeah and make it retro-active!

Call the city office let Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens know (605) 934-2851, Call Mayor Tom Glas (605) 934-2188 let him know or call your city council member as published in the Alcester Union-Hudsonite.  Let them know!