10/09/2019 A Voice From the Gallery


As most of you have heard by now, Finance Officer Patrica Jurrens was arrested for lying to law enforcement.

The article in the October 9, 2019, page 4 of The Akron Hometowner explains most of the action. The legal document stands as verification.

I have heard that Alcester City Council President Dan Haeder is pro tem mayor in Mayor Glas’ absence. I am troubled that Finance Officer Jurrens has not been placed on restricted duty or even relieved of her duties until a hearing has convened.

My rationale is if a grand jury found enough evidence to indict, issued an indictment, and an arrest warrant, how can the Alcester City Council have any confidence they are being told the truth especially in the light the Alcester City Council was encouraged by Finance Officer Jurrens to open the ballot box during the election canvass of April 9, 2019, when she knew better.

How can the council members trust a Finance Officer who according to the indictment lied to law enforcement not once but twice?  What else don’t we know?  What don’t we know about the interaction between Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens and Code Enforcement Officer Geoff Fillingsness and his affidavit to gain an administrative warrant of inspection?