12/06/2019 A Voice From the Gallery

Ladeees and Gents our favorite Glas flower has a problem with me.  A-w-w-w!  Oh by the way, she plead ‘not guilty’ in court yesterday for those of you who are following the Alcester FOSAGA (Finance Officer Summoned Again Government Action) oh yeah and do not forget to BYOB (Bring Your Owed Bail)!

When ‘we the people’ have a problem with finance officer, she’s gonna have a problem with us specifically but not limited to me .  In my opinion, “When ya ain’t doin’ your job, you ain’t worth the pay!”  FO Pat whined to the council, “I work so hard… “I do my best and I work really hard”…” Well Madam FO, IF that is your best—–yer best ain’t good enough”  Case in point I served this FOIA request arising out of Pat’s statements in the December 2, 2019, city council meeting on Pat this morning (December 6, 2019):

FO Pat produced the ‘variance application’ below in answer to #1 of my Foia Request 12/06/2019 and charged me $.25.  This document is the sum total of the variance request or so FO Jurrens purported it to be.  This must be the truth, otherwise Alcester Finance Officer LIED to me and by deliberate omission of facts produced a false record as a true copy of the variance application and charge me for it.  SO WHICH IS IT?

Yup this is what FO Pat considers a variance application, Who knows what version of the famed firm of Dewey, Cheath’em’ and Howe drew this exemplar up.

Below find a sample of what Union County uses:

I asked several questions about the remainder of the FOIA request, to which Patti Parrot responded, “I don’t have that, I don’t have that”.  I asked the question, “WHY don’t you have it, you should” and Patti Parrot responded, “I don’t have that, I don’t have that”  Yeah I figured that out when you lowered your voice and looked to the left each time you professed, “I don’t know that”  Then when I asked where are those documents you and Lance Johnson were running up and down Anderson begging for signatures, you told you did not have them and that I had to ask Lance Johnson.  Why?  Were you not there on the Alcester City time clock as Finance Officer/notary assisting Councilman Lance Johnson? Or representing yourself as Finance Officer instead of just plain ol’ Pat Jurrens?

First-those of you who signed the mystery document Councilman Lance Johnson and Finance Officer Pat Jurrens were hawking to allow Councilman Lance Johnson to build his combine/body shop sized stand alone garage and regret signing the document.  Take note, because Councilman Lance Johnson along with Finance Officer Pat Jurrens is attempting to change the terms and conditions with a variance.  The document you signed is null and void because you were not advised of the whole truth, you were NOT given a copy of the document for your records and nor were those property owners whose property directly abuts 518 Anderson Street in writing of the Variance Hearing.  Your rights were negated by sloppy and negligent procedure by Alcester Finance Officer Pat Jurrens.  I am not an attorney, but I would urge you get togther as a group and seek an opinion from a lawyer on the validity of the document you signed.

To the property owners on Anderson Street, the Variance Hearing was not held per agenda, there was some discussion (00:50:38) to table the Variance Hearing to the next meeting which is December 9, 2019, but no formal motion was made nor seconded or voted upon.  However, Alcester City Attorney Tom Frieberg announced the council should table the Variance Hearing to the January meeting (00:51:31) to receive confirmation from a document of Mike McGill attorney allegedly prepared for Alcester Councilman Lance Johnson.  NO motion, no second and no vote was taken to table to the January meeting of the city Council either.  THE COUNCIL DID NOT OFFICIALLY ACT UPON MR. FRIEBERGS JANUARY SUGGESTION NOR THE ORIGINAL DECEMBER 9, 2019 DISCUSION.  SO WHICH IS IT MR MAYOR?  


1.    Table.  If the Council is not ready to vote – be it a lack of information, a sensitive topic people need more time to process or deliberate, or other urgent matters came up – a member may make a motion to “table” the item.  The motion needs a second. It is NOT debatable/open to discussion. And then it needs a majority to carry the motion.  The important point to remember; however, is that it must be re-addressed at the NEXT official meeting.

2.    Postpone. If the Council is not ready to vote and if there is uncertainty on when it will be ready, then a motion should be made to “postpone until ______ (fill in the blank).”  Herein lies the major difference between tabling and postponing; postponing can be defined, but tabling is at the next meeting. Postponing requires motion, second, it CAN be debated/discussed, and a majority vote to carry.*

*Secondary discussion of Roberts Rules of Order which simple describes motions to table and motions to postpone.  https://sharpermanagement.com/2017/06/board-tip-tabling-agenda-item/


A SUGGESTION;  So you may want to add an agenda item to the agenda when you approve the agenda Monday night ladies and gentlemen of the council.  This does meet the requirement of an emergency add-on.