04/23/2021 A Voice From the Gallery

From 04/19/2021 City Council Meeting

Agenda Item #9 – Wheel Loader – bill $12,629.37  The Wheel Loader which was purchased used at a cost of $39,500.00 and as I remember to work on streets.  Ours wheel loader is a 2000 John Deere 544 (K) unknown hours with a speculative value somewhere around $15K to $30K in running condition.  So it appears the city just did $12,629.37 worth of repairs on a machine valued at or around $12K and that doesn’t include the hauling charge to and from Sioux City? (0:48:01.00) diagnosis:

*Leak in Boom Lift

*Replace O-rings

*Bad U joint


*Rebuild Fuel Pump

*Full Service

*Alarms going off due to bad connector

*Issues with shifting

*Issues with Steering

(0:51:49.50) leave it up to the operators.  What operators?  Why would we leave a $12629.37 bill in the hands of operators?  Vote went to pay the $12,629.37 without question.

Folks the wheel loader item was presented as sitting in Sioux City for repairs and awaiting council approval of performing the above listed repairs. The approval happened in the April 19, 2021, city council meeting. So allowing the entire day of Tuesday for the myriad of repairs (or was the magnitude and severity of repairs greatly exaggerated), allowing Wednesday into Thursday for trucking of the wheel loader and leaves Friday to put said machine to work. SO WHO AUTHORIZED THE WORK PRIOR TO THE COUNCIL APPROVAL OF EXPENDITURE FOR THE ABOVE LISTING OF NEEDED REPAIRS APRIL 19, 2021. MAYOR? It is my belief that the Mayor alone cannot approve an expenditure of that monetary size. STREET DEPARTMENT HEAD? Does not have that authority and has not been given that authority by the council via the voters. FINANCE OFFICER? Way…way outside of her authority!



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