08/02/2021 A Voice From the Gallery

A bad manager can cause the best employees to flee and the remaining employees to lose all motivation.

Mayor Haeder called the August 2, 2021,  City Council meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.  Council members present were Councilman David Larsen, Councilwoman Darla Reppe, Councilwoman Linda Talbott, Councilwoman  Cyndi Peeples, Councilman Brian Johnson, Councilman Curtis Keiser (via telephonic participation) and Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson.

          Agenda Item #3 – Approval of the Agenda.  Mayor Haeder called for approval of the agenda.  The agenda was approved with deletion of agenda item (c) and agenda item (f) changes to Agenda Item #10.  Hey I have a question, so the meeting in September is scheduled for September 7, 2021, and according to

SDCL 9-22-23 Annual estimate by auditor or clerk of expenses and revenue.

The auditor or clerk shall report annually, on or before the first day of September, to the governing body an estimate of the expenses of the municipality and likewise the revenue necessary to be raised for the current year. In municipalities of the first and second class, the budget form shall be similar to that recommended in the municipal accounting manual provided by § 4-11-6.

          Agenda Item #4 – Approval of the Minutes of the July 19, 2021, and July 26,2021, meetings.  Mayor Haeder called for approval of the July 19th and July 26th council meeting with the minutes of those meetings approved as presented.

          Agenda Item #5 – Public Input

I started out asking (for the third time) for Sunshine on certain water bills on non-residential buildings in residential zones.

Mike Bucholz made a complaint against Mayor Haeder and FO Patricia Jurrens (00:06:28.37)  Mr. Bucholz had and continues to be harassed by FO Jurrens with regard to his camper parked in the street.  FO Patricia Jurrens commanded the unit be ticketed and towed.  Mr. Bucholz presented three examples of camper trailers parked on Broad Street since June 14, 2021, asking FO Jurrens, “who owns those campers?”   FO Jurrens did not respond, once again Mr. Bucholz posed the question, “Who owns the camper at 4th and Broad?” and again FO Jurrens would not respond.  Mr. Bucholz stated the camper at 4th and Broad registered owner’s name was Jurrens. (00:07:49.40)  Imagine that!

A gentleman shared his feelings on the upcoming Liquor License and gave support to Acting Police Chief Austin Schuller.  I must apologise, I failed to get the name of this gentlemen.  I would suggest the council ask each person responding with input to give their name.

Another gentleman introduced himself as Eric MacMuller (sp) of Total Stop shared input concerning the Liquor License.

With no further input, this ended the public input until Agenda Item #8 Public Hearing on the Off -Sale Alcohol License for Total Stop scheduled at 6:15 p.m.

          Agenda Item #6 – DANR (Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources-2020 merger of Department of Agriculture and DENR (Department of Energy and Natural Resources) Award Certificates to Dale Pearson and Lonnie Johnson.

          Agenda Item #7 – September Council Meeting rescheduled to September 7, 2021, at 6:00 p.m.   Council approved unanimously to this change.

          Agenda Item #8 – Public Hearing  6:15 p.m.   (00:17:11:60) Hearing on granting an Off-Sale Liquor License to Total Stop.  Mayor Haeder polled the council regarding constituent reactions.  Councilwoman Linda Talbott reported her constituents were against the license grant.  Councilwoman Cyndi Peeples reported her constituents were against the license grant. Remarks and opinions were reported by Kama Johnson-Alcester Bar Employee, Teresa Deem-Alcester Bar Operator, Sherry Total Stop Operations Manager, Joe Constance-interested party, I – Vickie Larsen asked the question was the liquor mark-up going to be applied equitably to Alcester Bar, Total Stop and the Golf Course/Community Building?  Point of information here, the city of Alcester owns the building which houses the Alcester Bar.  This building is leased by the City of Alcester to Deem Enterprises, LLC which operates a bar carrying the name Alcester Bar.

After public comment was complete, Mayor Haeder called for a motion and upon failure to receive a motion to grant, the question died due to lack of motion.

          Agenda Item #9 – Medical Cannabis – Discussion took place on the questions of a Licensing Ordinance and a Restrictive Zoning Ordinance. 

          Agenda Item #10 – Legal Updates

          a)  Nuisance property-still in the works

          b) Vacation of Alley-city cannot abandon by ordinance.  (see Chapter 9-45-7 through 9-45-15) and for an interesting read check out (Chapter 9-45-20 and Chapter 9-45-24)

          c) Garbage – (not ready for consumption…O lord did I just type that?)  Garbage needs more work (still on a roll, guess I will move on).

          d) Ordinance -update of Tile 5, Chapter 5.01 Offenses Against Public Welfare- 2021-13 An ORDINANCE AMENDING THE REVISED MUNICPAL ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF ALCESTER, SOUTH DAKOTA, TITLE 5-OFFESNCES, CHAPTER 5.01 OFFENSES AGAINST PUBLIC WELFARE, SECTION 5.0108 PENALTY.  5.0108 Penalty    A violation of this Chapter shall be shall be punishable for a fine of twenty-five dollars ($25.00), for each offense.   Folks setting aside rule #1 of writing Ordinance, Thou shall proof-read what thou wrote.


          Folks trying to decipher all the meanderings of legal language from eight different sources and one bookkeeper was nigh unto impossible to keep up with.  So with a phrase here and a phrase there, here a phrase, there a phrase an ordinance was cobbled together enough to earn a first reading.  What is a goat rodeo without a bathroom break!  Oh listen to the Bookkeeper push her agenda (01:30:31:33)  Say, you do realize that a car parked across the sidewalk on Iowa Street is unlawful and that is an ongoing illegal action.

          f) Resolution Personnel Policy Manual, Policy 7 – Leave of Absence Section 7.02(a) Vacation Leave.  Folks this one was not ready for consumption, either.

          Agenda Item #11 Police Department– Call for a motion to go into Executive Session SDCL 1-25-2.1 Personnel, For as many times SDCL 1-25-2.1 has been used in the past eight years the council should know SDCL 1-25-2.1 by heart.  At 7:38 p.m. the council went into Executive Session, at which point the gallery which included Wanda Halverson, Melissa Kay with her phone contact Marcus Ireland, Gordon Richards, Finance Officer Patricia Jurrens and Kerry Hedden moved to the hallway, leaving City Attorney Sam Nelson and Police Chief Austin Schuller in the closed session.  At 8:00 p.m. the council was called back into session where Interim Police Chief Austin Schuller was hired as Full Police Chief with a salary of $23.00/hour dating back to June 5, 2021.   Next item of Police Department business was to publish an ad for police officer.  Wording of the advertisement was reserved by Police Chief Schuller with the approval of the City Council. (01:45:18:70)

          Agenda Item #12 Committee Chairperson Updates

          a) Street committee update – none

          b) Pool committee- Councilwoman Reppe related a disciplinary incident with a group of boys.  Hey Melissa 0616 I did turn to see your face, so did ya catch the exasperated comment made. (01:52:00.00)  So are ya gonna spend two days a writin’ about that comment like ya did with me in your Confidential Memorandum?

          c) Cemetery committee-  Pine tree fatalities which appear to be lack of attention.

          d) Water-wastewater committee – none

          e) Police/Public Safety Committee -statistics report

          f) Library -Library Board member resigned

          g) Golf Course – given by Councilman David Larsen

          Agenda Item #13 – Finance Office

Call for approval of warrants for the July Warrants- which were duly approved with no questions.

          Agenda Item #14 – Community Center  There will be a employment booth at the Fair.

          Agenda Item #15 – Fair Board – Councilwoman Darla Reppe  The City Float was brought up and touted by FOPat.  Not a lot of interest among the Council to sit in a golf cart parade.

          Agenda Item #16 – Executive Session (if needed) Nope,  not yet anyway.

          Agenda Item #17 – Adjourn Call for adjournment with vote, council adjourned at 8:31 p.m.

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