10/27/2021 A Voice From the Gallery

Stand and Deliver

Eric Clapton

“Stand and deliver

You let them put the fear on you

Stand and deliver

But not a word you heard was true

But if there’s nothing you can say

There may be nothing you can do” *

September 18, 2021 City Council MeetingAgenda Item #9 – (38:06.87) On Call Pay  Police Chief Austin Schuller presented his claim for his unpaid on call time of  $1.36 per hour compensation for his on call status. Folks as the council tried to grasp of paying their chief of police what was due him and I suspect what was withheld from for Police Chief Christie by Finance Officer Jurrens and Mayor Haeder. 

Listen carefully to the discussions:   (51:41.80)(55:47.77)(1:01:56.80)(1:03:04.47) (1:03:25.23) and (1:04:15.87).  Now pay special attention to FO Ass’t Wanda Halverson.  Where does Wanda get off comparing her duties of filing, sweeping and shopping with the duties and obligations of law enforcement? 

At the October 18, 2021, council meeting video marker (1:03:04.90) Wanda says,

“can I say something?…Nobody else gets on-call pay, they (?) get calls all weekend long… you don’t want your water treatment plant uh plant flooding.

Chief Schuller who actually had the floor,

“you get to go to Sioux Falls whenever you feel like…when you are off?”


U-h-m, not all the time…No…not if there is something going on…We (who is we?) usually stay at home and make sure nothing is needed…  (Here Wanda raises her voice) I’M JUST SAYING NOBODY  ELSE GETS TO GO TO…YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN… NOBODY ELSE GETS ON-CALL DUTY AND THEY ARE…HE ( who is he?) DOESN’T GET ON-CALL PAY.”

Councilwoman Linda Talbott says,

“…but this is in our policy…”


“…But isn’t everybody else…shouldn’t everybody get on-call pay?  If one department does…I get stupid ones (phone calls) at home…there’s a dog running-at-large…I need the dump key…the..the shed over there…the park shelter… the shelter.”

Councilman David Larsen breaks in with,

…Let’s, let’s figure out much that is…” (?)

Folks. I want to go back to Alcester employee Wanda’s reference to a phone call “…I need the dump key…”  Hell-O?  So folks is the city office just handing out dump keys to anybody to dump anything.  REALLY?  The dump-site has hours in which waste is accepted, those manned hours should be published at the dump-site, the city offices-site and the city web-site.  The city web-site does publish the Rubble site hours, so there ya go.  Shouldn’t need a key if ya’ll show up during open hours.

          Now going back to Wanda’s whine fest over ON-CALL duty.  I will again refer back to Mayor Haeder’s favorite public response when citizens of Alcester complain about certain decisions of the city council, “Suck-it-up buttercup!”  So in the Mayor’s own vernacular Ms. finance office employee, Suck it up Buttercup. 

Actually,  “suck it up, buttercup”  is another way of saying, “quit whining, and put your big girl (Duluth brand?) panties on” 

            So Wanda, nobody else got that $100 medical insurance stipend that you did ’cause you were already on a family policy through your spouse’s work place.  In the past, medical insurance for city employee’s was take it or leave it, not go screeching down the aisle let’s make a deal.

          By the way does the city withhold the proper taxes for those windfall stipends or it is up to W-the-WNR to claim those stipends she gets as income.  Folks, “Stipends are fixed amounts that are paid to an individual to offset certain expenses…Smaller stipends are sometimes offered to defray specific costs like phones.  For example a monthly $30 phone stipend allows the employee to pay for a phone of their own choosing.  BUT using your own telephone, private email or computer with a city app. has inherent problems.  For instance, if the city records are subpoenaed for cause, so to may your personal telephone, your personal computer, your personal email and ALL information they contain.  Now that would be entertaining for the good citizens of Alcester to read any subpoenaed transcripts of emails or computer contacts of say the finance officer or the mayor.  So why do the council members not have city-generated emails where citizens can contact them and the city snoop patrol not have access to private emails.  Laziness?

          Because stipends are not wages for services, Social Security and Medicare taxes are not withheld.  Stipends are still considered taxable income.  Since employers are not required to withhold taxes on a stipend, employees of the city receiving stipends should maintain records of those quarterly stipends you receive throughout the year.

          Back to the On-Call issue. 

  “Policy 5:  Hours of Work – 5.6 ON CALL TIME:  ‘Police Department:  The Chief of Police  (not the mayor, not the finance officer nor Wanda Halverson)will schedule on-call time.  Officers who are on-call will comply with the same standard of care and conduct as the on-duty officers.  While on-call, officers will remain within 15 miles of the City of Alcester, and avoid situations where they would not be able to receive and respond to calls from dispatch.

          Officers who are on-call will respond to calls for police services as quickly and as safely as possible.  When responding to calls for police services, officers will consider the nature of the call, the need for immediate assistances, road conditions, weather conditions, traffic conditions and other circumstances that may pose risks to public safety.  Response times will reflect these conditions.’”

After Wanda’s whining the council spoke of dealing with ON-CALL FOR ALL or ON-CALL FOR NONE.  That is bull***t.  Come to the November 1, 2021, 6:00 p.m. meeting and make your voice hear.

You wanna be your own driver

Or keep on flogging a dead horse?

Do you wanna make it better

Or do you wanna allow it to be made worse?


Do you wanna our law enforcement to be free

Or do you wanna them to be slaves?

Do you wanna then to wear those FO $$ chains

Until they’re lying in the grave?


Stand and Deliver

You let her put the fear on you

Slow down that river called follow the leader council  voting

If there’s nothing you can say (according to the mayor)

There may be something you CAN do.


Stand and Deliver

Stand and Deliver


Stand and Deliver your view on November 1, 2021.**

Do we want safety for and with our law enforcement team or do we want this:

    October 18, 2021, Video marker (1:01:53.73) Councilman David Larsen opinion,

“If there’s a school shooting, county’s going to have to take care it…If someone is burglarizing my house, I’ll take care of it!”


Folks you want to take back control?

Tell the council!  Do not just tell them, trusting something will be done.  Look them in the face, make them look at you and then tell you to your face to Buck it up Buttercup. 

The Buck stops with WE THE PEOPLE

Stand and Deliver!

Make Alcester Great Again!

Come to the meeting Monday, November 1, 2021 – 6:00 p.m.

**Inspired by the song, Stand and Deliver, Written By Van Morrison – Performed by Eric Clapton

Release Date December 4, 2020

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