12/06/2021 A Voice From the Gallery

The Ignis Fatuus is a vapor shining without heat.

Isaac Newton

 It is comforting Uncle Isaac recognized Ignis Fatuus as something which appears in the night over marshy ground and is often attributable to the combustion of gas from decomposing brainless matter as a faux FO.

The December 6, 2021, city council meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Mayor Haeder with council members David Larsen, Darla Reppe, Linda Talbott, Cyndi Peeples and Lukas Driesen present.  Absent was Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson.

The council quick-timed through the Approval of Agenda and Approval of the minutes of  November 1, 2021, and  November 15, 2021.

Mayor Haeder called Agenda Item #5 – Banner Engineering design update by Tanya Miller.  Ms. Miller walked through the update of the design which is now approximately 50% complete, noting the deletion of certain costs and enumerating the cost additions ranging from site reads to grading to demolitions taking the project from $3,095,000.00 to a projected cost elevation to $3, 295,000.00 +/- million. Document available at city offices (03:35.00)

Agenda Item #6 – Interviews for the vacant Ward II council seat.  No takers.

Agenda Item #7 – Public Input.  (29:29.93) Reporter Gordon Richard asked for the status of the HRC Four Plex, received no answer.  (29:58.80) Theresa Deem had comments concerning the raise in her rent which she characterized as a blind-side..  She stated she had emailed Mayor Haeder and Councilwoman Reppe with no response.  Still no comment from Mayor Haeder and the council.  (32:26.80) Vickie Larsen.  I held up my water bill which I had received in the mail and asked once again for the properties with stand-alone garages hooked up to water because the city finance office (31:56.00) was now sharing personal information such as private telephone numbers with out-of-state people looking to rent homes in Alcester. I stated, “…please tell me that is not accurate. (32:07.30)  NO ANSWER!  I was denied access to whether water was being supplied to specific properties and accused by the Mayor of wasting the city’s time with Freedom of Information requests.  Yet he allows the finance office to apparently “act as a go-betweens or solicit potential tenants, sellers, purchasers or landlords” or in another case give out telephone numbers to a management company for outdoor property maintenance on a property within the city of Alcester. (32:16.37) I requested via email to FO with CC to Mayor Haeder and City Attorney Nelson for a copy of the Promissory Note Resolution prior to the Monday night meeting.  My request was ignored.  I sent a second notice of request for the Promissory Note to FO with CC to Mayor Haeder and City Attorney Nelson.  My request was still ignored with the exception of City Attorney Nelson who sent me a copy.  Folks this document should have been published on the website for the public to read and make comments during Public Input.  Anything coming before the council for a yay or nay vote should be available to the public for comment. Evidently the FO did not feel like doing her job.  (0:33:10.60) Chief Schuller indicated he had asked for agenda time but evidently that did not happen so he made his announcements during public input.  Chief Schuller informed the council and gallery Officer Grayson was now moved into the area and there are elves to be found in the community.  (0:34:22.97)  Theresa Deem spoke again asking, “…did the city take a vote?”  Mrs. Deem also noted the front door was not repaired and there was an odor of sewer gas at the bar sink.  Regarding raising the rent Mayor Haeder opined, “…all kinds of things were going on (yeah like the city setting up competition to Mrs. Deems business)…we didn’t raise the rent last year…”  Mayor Haeder goes on to opine (0:35:30.57). “…we’re all guilty of not having the best communication…”  Depends on the type of telecommunication you are a usin”…”  (0:35:44.37) Councilwoman Cyndi Peeples stated she did not want to see the rent raised until all repairs were taken care of.  (0:38:38.97)  Mayor Haeder asks Councilwoman Peeples, “…are you going to do this plumbing…?  Mayor Haeder, HOW DARE YOU VOICE THAT COMMENT IN A PUBLIC VENUE!  YOU OWE COUNCILWOMAN PEEPLES AN APOLOGY FOR YOUR GROSS LACK OF COURTESY! 

          (0.44:18.03) I asked for permission to speak to your comment nothing had been done to the bar building since Shep (circa 1936) was a pup.  Sir, I responded to you emphatic NO with the comment …Sullivans 2011.    Sir, this was another issue with the bar.  The council extended a lease to these folks with no checks into their backgrounds.  Only one Councilman voted No to extending them a lease, Peter Larsen.  These folks were told all changes had to be approved by the council which they ignored, hired contractors to make repairs and upgrades without the approval of the council and ultimately failed to pay those contractors who initiated a lawsuit against the city.  The city settled, but these changes were made and Sir, Shep was long gone!

Agenda Item #8 Legal Updates  Short discussion of properties on Iowa Street and Ofstad streets.  City Attorney Nelson had asked for an Executive session for this agenda item.  Council went into Executive Session for Legal counseling at 6:47 P.M. and exited the session at 7:16 p.m.  No public action was taken!

Agenda Item #9 Mayor’s Statement (0:48:39.37)  Aha, now Mayor Haeder acknowledges he did receive a letter regarding the sharing of private information.  The Blabbing of private information of a resident by the Finance Office.  Sadly this is not a one-time transgression and add window peeping to the mix, the city of Alcester has a problem.  We know the council has a perpetual Executive Session for personnel (SDCL 1-25-2.1), but we never-ever see any type of censure for this apparent on-going behavior. (0:50:28.00)  SO MAYOR HAEDER WHAT ARE YA GONNA DO ABOUT FO BLABBERY?   You responsibility!

Agenda Item #10  Library Board Appointment

Agenda Item #11  Promissory Note Resolution  2021-18

Agenda Item #12 Fund Transfers

Agenda Item #13 Supplemental Appropriation

(01:03:48.43)  Pat’s overtime doing special projects not related to her job description.  Now we know where she goes and what she is not doing in her own words!  (01:12:36.13)  Mayor explains Bookkeeping 101 to us.  “…For those of ‘US” who are not aware of this…”  Hey Mayor why aren’t you aware of this, you have been a councilman and a mayor for at least a year now?  Yet you claim not to be aware of what is going on in the city?  (01:13:07.07)  So Mayor Haeder you seem to be saying being in the Red isn’t really in the RED, we just have the FO wave her wand and she makes RED the new Black?  Is that what you are saying?          

The second penny sales tax is our savior?  So Mayor Haeder what happens when our city owned business runs our privately owned shops out of business???  What do ya think happens to the second penny sale, shoot what happens to the first penny sales tax???  I know ya’ll gettin’ your eyes fixed, but are ya really gonna see that one comin’ down the road at cha???

Agenda Item #14 Finance Office Updates  Warrants for Banner, Motorola and regular warrants approved.  Now onto the FO checks.  (01:21:46.43)  Finance Office monthly spot checks haven’t happened, updated schedule OVERSIGHT OF THE FINANCE OFFICE HAS TO BE RE-SCHEDULED ‘CAUSE FO PAT HAS BEEN TOO BUSY RE-ORGANIZING THE COMMUNITY CENTER KITCHEN AND OTHER UNRELATED BOOKKEEPING CHORES.

This Ol’ Pat, she played one,

She played Knick, Knack on our H-h-m-m

With a Knick, Knack FO Patty’s Whacked,

Give A Pig a home,

Ol’ FOCat is on the roam.

Agenda item #15  Executive Session (SDCL 1-25-2.1) Personnel  Entered into Executive Session at 7:52 p.m. Gallery plus Pat and Wanda banished to the hallway.  Out of Executive Session at 8:24 p.m.  No open meeting action taken on the personnel issue.

Agenda Item # 7 Public Input by Reporter Gordon Richard is revisited for an answer from Mayor Haeder.  HRC meeting yet this year, Mayor Haeder states, “… (01:26:00.60) trying to get out from under the Four Plex issue.”  I have to ask the question, “So how much did Councilwoman Pat Jurrens push for Beck Drive cost the HRC fund?  The street to insolvency for the HRC?

Agenda Item #16  Adjourn at 8:28 p.m.

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