01/17/2022 A Voice From the Gallery

          The meeting was called to order with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance by Mayor Dan Haeder with Councilman David Larsen, Councilwoman Linda Talbott, Councilwoman Cyndi Peeples, Councilman Lukas Driesen and Councilwoman Darla Reppe.  City Attorney Sam Nelson absent.

          Once again FOPAT planted her backside into the seat normally occupied by City Attorney Sam Nelson and once again she interjected her opinion as though she was a council member emboldened by the fact Mayor Haeder allows her to continue to speak without being asked a direct question about bookkeeping.

Agenda Item #3 – Approve Agenda

Approved Unanimously

Agenda Item #4 – Vacancy Ward II Candidate interviews.

          This agenda item was not addressed because there were no candidates to interview.  Folks, Please sign up for council positions.  The seats open for the upcoming election are Ward I – 1 vacancy, Ward II – 2 vacancies, Ward III- 2 vacancies.  If you want change, if you want open city government and you want a Finance Office not strolling the city, window peeping for pet violations, cruising the city streets looking for property maintenance violations, or trolling the computer looking for more fees to add to our property taxes to cover the ‘robbing of Peter to pay Patricia’. 

Folks make your voice be heard!

Agenda Item #5 – Public Input

#1      I (Vickie Larsen) (02:08.33) started with the Agenda Item #15

Downtown Garbage cans of the January 10th meeting where FOPAT stated she and Loren Fischer “got together on a proposal to spend city money to the tune of $500.00 a can, 8 cans plus $900.00 shipping fee to be placed downtown Alcester. I spoke to an alternative option (02:15.83).  I spoke to the 11 existing blue cage-type trash receptacles in the city. I suggested the city approach the merchants via the Alcester Chamber of Commerce to see if the merchants would consider purchasing new lids to replace the lost or broken lids but with advertising for their store.  I had researched the cost of those lids to be around $60.00 to $100.00 each. 

          Second part of my input was to inform the council I had sent a (05:18.70) FOIA/Sunshine request to the Records Custodian (FOPAT) copies of flood plain maps circa 2016 and the most current flood plain map.  Just in case my request got lost in the mail?  It is my understanding some residents have received notification of flood plain status.  Let your council and Mayor know your opinion!

#2      Councilwoman Darla Reppe said she had a bar question but was put off by Mayor Haeder (05:57.60)

Agenda Item #6(06:48.00)  Brosz Engineering-Multi-community Chip Seal Project.

          (06:55.30)  Unfortunately Mayor Haeder failed to introduce the representative of Brosz Engineering.  Brosz Engineering Representative, Heidi (nee Larson) Austin gave the Brosz Engineering presentation. 

          (0:19:59.90) Engineering Service Fees  Estimate $5670.00.  Councilwoman Talbott attempts to confirm total cost and asks the question (21:40.10) this will be an additional $5670.00.  Mayor Haeder opines (21:54.57), “…a whopping five (5) cents more…”  Well sir, if it is so insignificant let’s take that whopping five (5) cents out of your Mayoral paycheck.  Okay?  (32:21.33)  Council elects to delay any decision to move forward until consultation with City Attorney Sam Nelson and further questions on the financing.

Agenda Item #7 – Police Department

          (32:29.23) No updates since last Monday.  Question on the agenda is the purchase of a firearm purchase, one (1) AR15 (556 Alexandria Pro Fab)  $975.00  (33:00.50)  This will facilitate to move away from the 1033 program by eliminating and returning the two leased firearms from the Federal Government 1033 program due to increased paperwork and the lack of need for fully automatic weapons.

Approved Unanimously

Agenda Item #8 – Chairperson updates – (39:43.77)   No updates in street, cemetery, water, wastewater, library (new books are in), golf course or finance office.

Agenda Item #9 – Downtown Trash Receptacles (42:39.43) Discussion continues on previous Agenda item #15 (on the January 10, 2022 agenda)  So why aren’t the blue trash bins dumped weekly or each collection day? (43:51.40)  

          (45:08.53)  FOPAT says, “…must buy cans and take handles off…”  So buy different cans where ya don’t have to remove handles?  Doesn’t take a bookkeeping genius on that one!

          (45:28.87)  Oh yes I stand corrected, according to FOPAT SW does not stand for Sewer and Water. It stands for Solid Waste.  I bow to FOPAT’s superior knowledge and apparent hands-on expertise of Solid Waste.

          (48:23.83) FOPAT says, “…Those domed lids cost more than that (my pricing information”…on our size can…”  So FOPAT change the size of your can!  So Folks check for yourselves.

This is a 45 gallon Rubbermaid Ranger , HDPP High Density Polypropylene trash container, pedestal container which comes in black*.  This trash container is rated at temperature performance:  -20 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, it has a capacity of 170 lbs, has a permanently attached hinged top with a metal retainer band to hold liner in place.  Cost $475.00 for one, cost $465.00 for three (3) or more. shipping unknown (https://www.uline.com/BL_8778/Ranger-Trash-Cans)

This is the Eco-Tainer refuse container the FOPAT wants the city to purchase which suitable for interior and exterior use, available in multiple colors, 3 year warranty (under normal use) HDPE-high density polyethylene, and available in 40 and 58 gallon sizes and weighs 58-68 lbs. Load rating of 150-225 lbs depending on size.  Cost $500.00 with no discount for multiple units ordered.  Shipping for 8 units was $900.00  (https://shop.snydernet.com/images/snyder-40-58-gallon-eco-tainer-refuse-brochure.pdf

*  Black generally speaking is the preferred color for outdoor plastic articles.  Black blocks the deleterious UV effect on plastics.

          Folks check it out for yourselves. 

          (49:35.00)  Councilwoman Linda Talbott comments maybe we should just buy four.  Folks check out the prices above.  While I do not have a shipped in cost $465.00 compared to $500.00.  As the mayor says about a $1.00 saved is more than we had!

          (52:17.77)  Decals and their adhesives used on polyethylene and polypropylene products can present a problem with the life of a decal.

Agenda Item #10 – Finance Office Updates (57:21.87)

January 28,2022, First day to circulate petitions.  Double check what you need for signatures and then add 10.

Agenda Item #11 – Executive Session 1-25-2 (purpose ?) if needed (58:39.57)

Agenda Item #12 – ADJOURN (1:02:23.13)  Adjourned 7:47 P.M.

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