03/21/2022 A Voice From the Gallery

“An apple a day is good enough to keep anyone away, if it is thrown hard enough.”

Stephen Colbert

 “Ever since I learned Uncle Isaac was beaned by a falling apple, I have  practiced batting and I aspire to a .375 batting average!”

Vickie A. Newton

          The  March 21, 2022, meeting was called to order by Mayor Dan Haeder with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance by Councilwoman Darla Reppe, Councilwoman Linda Talbott, Councilwoman Cyndi Peeples and Councilman Lukas Driesen.  Absent was Councilman David Larsen and Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson.

          Agenda Item #3 – Approval of the Agenda  The council approved the agenda unchanged unanimously.

          Agenda Item #4 – Board of Equalization Meeting

          At (01:38.70) Mayor Haeder fails to announce the Alcester City Council meeting in recess for the local Board of Equalization.  At 6:01 PM Mayor Haeder announces the Board of Equalization in session (01:48.23) but fails (02:03.03) to do a formal roll call of council members who make up the local Board of Equalization and fails to determine a quorum is present:

SDCL 10-11-15. Clerk of local equalization board–Minutes–Form of action–Adjournment in absence of quorum.

The township clerk or municipal finance officer shall act as clerk of the equalization board and keep an accurate record of all changes made in the valuation and of all other proceedings. The minutes shall contain the following information: name of property owner appealing assessment, legal description of property being appealed, change to land or structure value by local board of equalization and reason for such change. All actions shall be taken in the form of a motion, second and vote. If no quorum is present, the clerk of such board may adjourn from day to day, and publicly announce the time to which the meeting is adjourned.

SDCL 10-11-16.1. Appeals–Notice of decision by local board of equalization.

A local board of equalization shall hear individual valuation, classification, and assessment questions of property owners or taxpayers who have appealed to the local board of equalization, and may make adjustments and corrections in the assessment roll. The board shall notify each appellant of the decision affecting the appellant’s property in writing seven days after the adjournment of the local board of equalization.

          Doyle Fickbohm’s objection to the assessed value of the property at 208 Union, parcel number in the city of Alcester.  Said property was valued by the county at $64,054.00 uncertified.  After discussion, attempts at crafting a motion properly and Mayor Haeder’s refusal to restate the motion (14:47.10).  The council unanimously voted to deny (15:02.83) Mr. Fickbohm’s objection to the county assessment of Parcel number

          Rob Huber of Sunnyside Rentals, LLC, Lennox, SD (15:13.33) objection to the assessed value of the property at 202 East Sixth Street, parcel number in the city of Alcester.  Said property was valued by the county at $200,102.00 uncertified.  (15:38.07) Mayor Haeder speaks in rounded numbers rather than actual figures.  During discussion phase of this object Mayor Haeder (16:56.27) states, “…we are just making our opinions known…you (the council) are making your opinions known.”  Notice Mayor Haeder’s repeated use of the “Royal ‘We'” when he speaks then attempts to absolve himself of any potential blame!”  Also note (17:14.73) Mayor Haeder devolves into irrelevance-counting the number of doors to assess valuation.  (19:04.90) I asked for clarification of the county assessed value $200,102.00. (20:14.97) Mayor Haeder AGAIN refuses to restate the motion for the record.  (20:57.80) Council votes unanimously to deny Mr. Huber’s objection to the county assessment of $200,102.00) for 202 East Sixth Street, parcel ID

          Upon no further objections to assessment of properties and before adjourning the local Board of Equalization Mayor Haeder (21:59.20) Once AGAIN Mayor Header Sky Dives down the Rabbit Hole of irrelevance without benefit of an inflated parachute of common sense!

          Agenda Item #5 – Council Vacancy Ward II  No one wants a PAT on their back.  No action.

          Agenda Item #6 – Public Input

          Councilwoman Cyndi Peeples (24:07.43) brought up a concern of a resident about moles in the cemetery and what can be done about them.  Again Mayor Haeder descended into what I would term a grossly, ill-advised diatribe of rant (24:55.50), “…I (Mayor Haeder) have the right to shoot one (a pellet gun) on my property…” (26:32.17)  Mayor Haeder says, “…I can use a pellet gun…rabbits, ground squirrels, whatever…I can kill anything that doesn’t require a license to hunt…”  Question asked of  Mayor Haeder, Poison?  Mayor Haeder responds, “…could..it’d probably be met with a little more resistance because of people that have cats…”  Then there is the morceau de bétise which happens at (27:42.23) when Mayor Haeder in answer to Councilwoman Talbott’s comment about cats.  Where Mayor Haeder states, “…you (Councilwoman Talbott) have the right to do that…” (28:28.03)  So let me get this straight Mayor Haeder, if one does not like cats or birds you can shoot a pellet gun at them.  You are giving your permission Mayor Haeder?  So according to your common sense Mayor Haeder, if you do not like something and ya don’t need a license to hunt it, you can shoot a pellet gun at them.  Is this what you are giving permission to do, Mayor Haeder?

          Richard Akland (28:42.40)   Pickleball update

          Vickie Larsen (32:29.27)

                                (32:45.63) Water Bill assistance result of water bill hikes

                                (33:09.37)  Shooting inside the city limits.  Warning Mayor

                                (38:28.90)  I questioned whether FOPat and Wanda are being paid for their volunteer work?  Notice the quick response from Mayor Haeder.  Makes one wonder, do we have Oxymorons-Paid Volunteers?

          Agenda Item #7 – Affordable Housing Update – Gordon Richard  (39:14.27) Mayor Haeder talks about city paying for infrastructure on acquisition of the alfalfa land south of Beck Drive.  Thing is the property directly south of Beck Drive is Anderson Drive?  I am sure the folks on the west side of Alcester are comforted that they are once again pushed back in the waiting line for update of infrastructure while they are paying the curb tax, the rise in tax assessment and tax levies.

          Agenda Item #8 – Legal Updates  No Sam, No Sign and No action.

          Agenda Item #9 – Committee Department Chair Updates 

          Street                    NO report

          Cemetery              NO report

          Water                    NO report

          Wastewater           advised the Engineering plan is at 90% complete

          Library                  NO report other than Saturday reading group

          Golf Course          Thank you to Gary McKellips for T-Box signs and the updated Pond Biffy.  (46:04.20)  Mayor Haeder wandered down memory lane of irrelevancy with his account of the McCook Biffy.  How the men didn’t care but the women did.  WOW talk about being BIFFY AWARE!

          Agenda Item #10 – Golf Course/Community Center -Hiring- Why isn’t the guy who is actually working with them hiring them?

          Agenda Item #11 – Finance Office- Updates

          Agenda Item #12 – Old Standby – Executive Session SDCL 1-25-2 *.*      WOW  Wonder of Wonders no need.  Amazing!

          Agenda Item #13 – Adjourn  6:56 PM


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