04/07/2022 A Voice From the Gallery

          Mayor Haeder apparently is still hanging on to his opinion he has more of a say where the Union County Fair is located that the Union County Commissioners and the Union County Voters.

Union County Commissioners:

  • District 5. Milton Ustad (Chairman) 410 W Maple. Beresford, SD 57004.
  • District 3. Rich Headid (Vice-Chairman) 605 Lakeview. North Sioux City, SD 57049.
  • District 1. Tom Kimmel. 111 Doral Lane. Dakota Dunes, SD 57049.
  • District 2. Michael Dailey. 48183 335th st. Jefferson, SD  57038.
  • District 4. Kevin Joffer. 108 E Clay, Elk Point, SD 57025

          Folks the above listed gentlemen who will make the decision to sell land and/or re-locate the Union County Fair.  One would hope in the process of that decision, they would voluntarily schedule a county-wide vote to allow the citizens of Union County to make a decision that would be most equitable for all concerned citizens of Union County.

          Commissioner Ustad, Headid, Kimmel, Dailey and Joffer, I sincerely hope if you gents decide to consider a sale of  the fairgrounds to FCS you would attach iron-clad strings to the sale with attached enforcement of those strings laid out in detail.  Strings where you specifically lay out in detail the use of the land, the particulate emanating out of the operation of FCS on the land, protect the waterway which runs parallel to the land specifically but not limited to the damming or diversion of the waters contained within that waterway and the closure of South Street to all semi tractor-trailer truck traffic other than the three properties bordering on the south side of South Street.  As time goes on, I am sure I can come up with other strings.

          Please note the following documents, these laid out rules for the lease and Mr. Edward K. Mathers, certified Surveyor gave his opinion on the map:

Once again folks, Let the council know what you think.  Let the Union County Commissioners know what you think.

Contact City Council

Mayor Dan Haeder                             605-934-2287      605-770-7929

Councilman David Larsen                  605-934-2434

Councilwoman Darla Reppe               605-934-2602

Councilwoman Linda Talbot              605-254-3074

Councilwoman Cyndi Peeples

Councilman Lukas Driesen