05/16/2022 A View From the Gallery

Education is not the learning of facts but the TRAINING of the mind to THINK

Albert Einstein

          The  May 16, 2022, meeting was called to order by Mayor Dan Haeder with a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance by Councilwoman Darla Reppe, Councilwoman Linda Talbott, Councilwoman Cyndi Peeples, Councilman Lukas Driesen, and Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson.

          Agenda item #3 – Approve the agenda.

          Agenda item #4 – Ward II council seat vacancies – no takers.

          Agenda item #5 – Public Input

                   Vickie Larsen – I spoke to the Mayor Haeder resistance to Direct Deposit for his employees.  Instead he continues to shirk his duty as mayor to sign checks and cause delays in employees being paid.  Mayor, if you cannot fulfill your duties as mayor, step aside ‘butter-cup’ and let someone DO the job and not wait for FOPAT tell you what to do.  I ‘pontificated’ on the need to dump excess baggage of the Code Enforcement albatross.  Common sense tells us we have property nuisances, Property Maintenance Guides and statute define what constitutes a nuisance, and if we must put some legal muscle into fulfilling the property maintenance ordinances we most assuredly have an attorney who can handle the ins and outs of the legal process with Alcester City Attorney Sam.  Why do we need to spend $25.00 per hour to interpret common sense, a yea-sayer who writes up nuisances described to him by FOPAT and we have a self-proclaimed ‘expert’ (definition ‘ex’=unknown quantity and ‘spurt’ = drip under water pressure. So Mr. Fillingsness does come into Alcester charging $25.00 per hour after hour for the same nuisance (one could say a FO) which exerts her opinion (an unknown quantity of  FOPressure to do her take on the nuisance.)  H-m-m.

                   James Bolin (r) introduced himself as a returning senate candidate South Dakota District 16.

                   Richard Vasgaard (r) introduced himself as a returning candidate for representative South Dakota District 16.

                   Councilwoman Darla Reppe spoke to complains Mike Burke’s captive too-tall grass behind his fence.

                   Councilwoman Linda Talbott spoke to complaints of cats, rats and raccoons.

          Agenda Item #6 – Alcester Bar.  Theresa Deem lessee, presented her ninety (90) day notice of termination of her lease with the city for the bar building stating, “…she has had it…”  She presented the notice in person and in the form of a written statement dated May 16, 2022, and with the termination and vacation of the city property on August 15, 2022.  Mayor Haeder waxed poetic about Captains of Industry, yet it was his call to set the city up in competition to the Deems business at the Alcester Bar. 

          The council were left wondering, “now what do we do…”  Well Ladies and Gent of the council, SELL that rotting pile of wood and plumbing.  Get the city out of owning property.  SELL the building/ property and get it back on the tax rolls.  Common Sense move!  The building is still not completely fixed and the city would be throwing good money after bad with all the force of a catapult and then pompously compete for the same saloon market.

Let the City Council Know!

          Agenda Item #7 – Community Center Update  Clint Nyreen

          Agenda Item #8 – Golf Course Hire David Larsen as Clubhouse  Attendant and Greens keeper.  Now this could get entertaining.  Now that Mr. Larsen no longer carries the power of Councilman, how do you ‘spose he is going to tolerate orders from Landon and FOPAT.  Is it too late to put cameras in the clubhouse for instant replay?  Mr. Larsen was hired at $13.50 per hour.

          Agenda Item #9 – Legal Updates – Sam

          Agenda Item #10 – Executive Session to discuss issues under the guise of SDCL 1-25-2.1 (Personnel) and SDCL 1-25-2.3 (Legal consultation).  Session started at 6:39 p.m. and ended at 7:53 p.m.

          One must assume this session dealt with the condemnation as well as the upcoming meetings with FCS, Jerry Miller, Union County Commissions dealing with the sale of properties to FCS.  One has to wonder what piddly amount FCS is going to offer for the land?

          Agenda Item #11 – Fairground discussion  Authorize Alcester Attorney Sam to appraise city property – not to exceed $7500.00.  Approved unanimously.

          Agenda Item #12 – Affordable Housing

          Agenda Item #13 – Wastewater Tanya

          Agenda Item #14 – Street Repair Vote to allow yet another rental of equipment to chew up the streets and make them flat again.  $1800.00 for one month rental approved unanimously.

          Agenda Item #15 – Plat map Joint Meeting of the City Council and the City Council acting as Planning and Zoning Committee to recommend and receive recommendation from the same four council members regarding the plat containing what is referred to as the four-plex on Lee Drive. ( Lots 8 thru 11, Block 8, Numsen Addition)  Motions were approved unanimously on this issue.

          Agenda Item #16 – Chairperson updates (busy work for the council members, like they have not had their duties increased already)

          Agenda Item #17 – Golf Course/Albatross  Addition of two greens-keepers above David Larsen, and the Addition of three clubhouse attendants.  Wages ranging from $11.00 per hour to $13.50 per hour.  Approved unanimously.

          Agenda Item #18 – Finance Office Updates

          Hire of Abigail Moore to the aide to the finance Officer.  So now we have Moore or FOPAT’less’ in the city offices.  Council Approved unanimously Moore at $14.50 per hour.

 Addition of a Library Board member at the termination of David Larsen. Councilmember Cyndi Peeples volunteered for the post and was accepted 3 ayes with one abstention declared by Councilwoman Peeples.

          Agenda Item #19  HRC Update

          Agenda Item #20  County Fair Update None

          Agenda Item # 21 – Executive Session  not needed

          Agenda Item #22 – Adjourn  Meeting adjourned 8:53 P.M.

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