06/26/2022 A Voice From the Gallery

Gee, I wasn’t aware the Albatross served up after hours “donuts”.

According to Michael Pollick, “One shining example of reckless driving is a maneuver known as doing donuts, sometimes called turfing a yard or driving donuts. This involves driving a car in a tight circle while continuing to accelerate. The result is a series of circular ruts or skid marks carved out of a lawn or street surface. These little circles of wanton destruction are the “donuts” of the doing donuts maneuver…” 1

Parking lot of the Albatross, time 10:15 p.m. June 25, 2022.

Maybe the Albatross NEEDS cameras. That way we would see Mr. White Pick-up’s driving skill prowess and might even pick up his high speed exit East of Sixth Street. Oh yeah, the fact the moron slammed out of the parking lot without his head lights on might be important, too. Just prior to Mr. White Pick-Up’s high speed exit, another vehicle exited the Albatross parking lot heading East. And after the Hell-Bent-For-Election exit another vehicle exited the parking lot only they headed West.

But folks, what initially got my attention was the downtown antics on “mainstreet” which I could hear at my house prior to 10:00 p.m. Now folks there are people out there who have the ability of pairing the engine sounds to specific vehicles especially when when those vehicles ‘cruise the hood’ over and over. In fact in the evening after dark on certain days of the week, one can hear a vehicle rev-up around Total Stop or Main Street and can be audibly, credibly tracked North beyond the city limits.

This was happening prior to the 10:15 p.m. event. Perhaps law enforcement could CSI the tread/tire evidence.

Of course there is always the damage done as Mr. Pollick says, “Doing donuts or “turfing” a private yard or public property is considered to be an act of vandalism, and the offending driver could also face other charges of reckless driving and public endangerment…The act of doing donuts with a privately owned vehicle…can seriously damage the car’s suspension, alignment and steering system if overdone. 2 So Little Billie Donut Maker in the White Pick-up of last night, perhaps Karma will beat you to the quarter mile. H-m-m?

Now folks I do not want to imply any criticism of our law enforcement they can patrol so much area in any specific time space. It is up to us, to document incident times, participants and so forth. It is up to We the People to get the Mayor off his duff of indifference and place surveillance cameras. Let him know.

1 Pollick, Michael. “What Does ‘Doing Donuts’ Mean?” Wiki Motors, https://www.wikimotors.org/what-does-doing-donuts-mean.htm.

2 Pollick, Michael. “What Does ‘Doing Donuts’ Mean?” Wiki Motors, https://www.wikimotors.org/what-does-doing-donuts-mean.htm.

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