09/05/2022 A Voice From the Gallery

(0:11:13.97)  Gordon Richard  Mr. Richard questioned the lack of financial condition information on the Alcester Community Center, the Grill and the Event Center.  So where is it FOPAT?

FOPAT answered the latter of Mr. Richard’s questions as it related to the HWY 11 trash collection property first and once she had swept up that matter she stopped apparently with no intent to comment on Mr. Richard’s first question regard the Community Center and its operations until Mayor Haeder forced the question (0:13.07)   08/19/2022 Council meeting

(0:13.22)  Alcester City Council Meeting   FOPAT stated, “…I usually do those at the first council meeting of the month…”

I have further questions:

It appears the operations of the Albatross are inter-mixed with the operations of Alcester City.  WHY?  The operations of the Community Center (Albatross) should be treated as a stand-alone entity and as such all operations including financing income, all expenses and work product income should be reported as an independent entity showing profit and loss without any hide-the-pea-under-a-shell accounting maneuvering by the finance officer.

Why did FOPAT avoid the question?  Surely at any point in the month she should have an “intimate” knowledge of the profit/loss, right?

Why did FOPAT avoid Mr. Richard’s question?  H-m-m?


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