10/10/2022 A Voice From the Gallery

The October 10, 2022, of the Alcester City Council was called to order by Mayor Dan Haeder at 6:00 p.m. with Councilwoman Darla Reppe, Councilman Lukas Driesen, Councilman Kyle VandenHull and City Attorney Sam Nelson present with Councilwoman Cyndi Peeples absent.  The council and gallery recited the pledge of allegiance.  This meeting was pushed back because FOPAT had a previous engagement…aw.  So the city council members and the residents of Alcester were inconvenienced by not only the date change of the first October meeting originally scheduled for October 3, 2022, but the second meeting was also changed, ” ’cause there must be two weeks between meetings.” 

The city bookkeeper’s presence is not necessary to the meeting, the city attorney can take notes.

(00:36.43)  Mayor Haeder announced he must leave at 8:30 p.m. in order to go home to change for his new job at Walmart Supercenter late shift. 

(00:49.10)  Mayor says, “…limit our discussion as best we can…” So it would seem Mayor Haeder is telling the good citizens of Alcester that they are coming in second to his Walmart job and the business of the city of Alcester is also coming in second.  WOW!

(00:58.90)  Mayor Haeder announces,  “Councilwoman Cyndi Peeples is out, so we have just three council members voting…”

(00:01:07.70)  AGENDA ITEM #3 – APPROVE AGENDA  The council of three approves the agenda as written.  Unanimous three (3)vote.

(00:01:45.50)   AGENDA ITEM #4 – APPROVE MINUTES OF THE SEPTEMBER  6TH AND 19TH MEETINGS   The council of three approve the minutes of the Alcester City Council Meetings of September 6, 2022, and September 19, 2022, with no changes.  Unanimous three (3) vote.

(00:02:27.93)   AGENDA ITEM #5 – WASTEWATER  FACILITY  UPGRADE – BID RESULTS AND APPROVAL  –  BANNER ENGINEERING AGAIN.   BannerRepresentative Tanya (00:02:57.77) announces the two bids received:  $4,823,891.00 and $4,984,000.00.  Discussion of how are we going to pay for this $1.7 million short fall took place.  (00:08:37.03)  Councilman Kyle VandenHull asks how are we going to pay for this, where is the money coming from?  FOPat replies in a whispery voice (00:09:02.73)  Everybody   Presumable all taxpayers in Alcester! Enter Mayor Haeder stage right to yap about how past councils should have done things in past upgrades.  YO Mayor Haeder were you here for those decisions on funding and need for Waste treatment and Water treatment?  I don’t recall hearing your voice when former Mayor Shefte wanted to scrap the Mechanical Facility to install Ponds.  I remember a group of us traveled to Pierre to speak to the subject and in opposition to Mayor Shefte’s Pond Position.  (00:11:35.37)  Tanya Miller of Banner projected under projected conditions an additional cost of $11.15 per month, per customer over thirty years. As Mayor Haeder did his run up to a call for vote to approve I raised my hand and asked to be recognised (00:16:53.27).  After Mayor Haeder did a side-wise pleading look to Attorney Sam Nelson as if to say do I have to and Attorney Sam tells Mayor Haeder it is his choice, I was recognised.  I voiced my concerns of an grossly abbreviated council making a $4.8 Million decision.  I questioned the validity of a quorum of three.  I question the apparent fact that two enterprise funds cannot pay for upgrades in the very systems supporting those funds.  Using a simplistic theory of an municipal enterprise fund is that, water fees are set with a modest profit and which profit is banked in an interest bearing account to offset any future major updates or changes to the system.  These named enterprise funds along with any interest they have accrued can only be spent toward the systems from which the moneys are generated.  PERIOD.  In essence I spoke against any decision made by a questionable quorum of three.  I pointed out there were two Council from Ward III, one Council from Ward II and NO representation from Ward I (the Alcester City Ward most affected by the raise in fees and the issues with the Wastewater system.  I also spoke to the possibility of an Initiative or Referendum signed by the public to put the issue to a public vote.  At this point the quorum of three were roll-called to ask their feelings on this issue.  All three were in agreement, they wanted additional time to speak with their constituents and gain a fourth councilmember before making a $4.8 Million decision with few guarantees.  (00:20:12.13)  Mayor Haeder interrupts when the words  INITIATIVE AND REFERENDUM  are introduced with, “…THAT’S ENOUGH…, WE WANT TO GET THROUGH THIS…”

One more thing.  The city of Alcester due to a formula which found Alcester to have a high ratio of retired, limited income and aging home owners was declared impoverished and had a cap placed, limiting any fee raises to 3% over a specific time frame.


(00:24:11.63)  AGENDA ITEM #6 – PUBLIC  INPUT –

          (00:24:21.23)  VICKIE LARSEN  

          (00:24:31.43)  Language of the annexation which places South Iowa and all adjoining roads         

          February 4, 2016,  Unapproved minutes Union County Commissioners:

          Alcester City Annexation

          Motion by Karpen, second by Headid to approve the resolution provided by the city of Alcester with the amendment “including all adjoining roads”.           Motion carried.

          Resolution Approving Annexation of Territory By The City Of Alcester

Resolution #UCC 2016-001

          WHEREAS, the City of Alcester desires to annex the following described property, to wit: Lot D-SE 28-95-49 was originally platted as being 408 ft. x 300 ft. as described in D.R. 30-635 and 36-380, but actually is 307.5 x 300 ft as occupied west of Iowa Street and north of South Street. WHEREAS, pursuant to SDCL 9-4-5, such annexation may be subject to review by the Board of County Commissioners.

          THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Union County Board of County Commissioners, that the annexation of the above described territory by the City of Alcester be and the same is hereby approved.

          **to include all adjoining roads.           Motion carried.

          February 16, 2016 Unapproved minutes Union County Commissioners:

          Motion by Karpen, Second by Headid to approve the minutes from February 4, 2016,  Carried

          (00:25:39.60)  Vickie  Meeting times and dates changed to cover FOPAT’s absence.  Not necessary, Ms. Moore can take notes or Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson can take notes as was practiced in the past by City Attorney Haugland so the city business was not delayed, the city council not         inconvenienced or the residents were inconvenienced by Finance Officer absence.

          (00:26:09.70)  Vickie  as described in

CONDUCTING THE PUBLIC’S BUSINESS IN PUBLIC -A guide to South Dakota’s Open Meetings Law

 (Revised Fall 2015)

Published by: South Dakota Newspaper Association, 1125 32nd Ave. Brookings, SD 57006

          “…Another law provides that meeting packets or materials given out to members of a public body must also be made available to the public when    provided to the public body, but this law also contains various exemptions…”

          (00:26:37.93)    Vickie  question onApparent back-to-back raises for Connor Lusk cook-in-training employee of the Community Center hired in   July 5th, 2022, Alcester City Council Meeting(1:47:56.97)  , ” …Hire      Connor Lusk $12.00 per hour cook…” and who went before the Alcester City council in Executive  Session on August 17, 2022, and then in the September 15, 2022, (02:28:00.63) Alcester City Council Meeting, Connor Lusk is awarded or is it rewardedby a wage increase of one (1) dollar per hour and retroactive to August 18, 2022.

          (00:27:17.27)  Vickie  re-run question on direct deposit for city employees. Was advised by Abigail Moore Finance Office, she was in the process of working on direct deposit. 

          (00:29:53.87)  COUNCILWOMAN DARLAWheelchair access on Second Street in front of Wass funeral Home.  (00:30:08.20)  School signs   not lit.  (00:31:00.43) Tombstone issue at cemetery  (00:31:16.33)  Multiple complaints on police deployment schedules and the cost of law enforcement.           Really?  There is mutual aid, in which if Alcester needs extra enforcement help Beresford will usually come over.  If Beresford needs extra guns, Alcester heads over.  Town of 800 needing two police officers, really.  Are you aware I-29 is no longer the route of choice for drug traffic?  No?  Think about it, why not transport your drugs through a line of small towns with only one cop?  About the time one of you nay-sayers is car-jacked in the middle of the day, in the middle of Alcester ya’all are gonna be squealin’           like stuck pigs.  These cops are laying their safety and lives on the line for you and yours for the paltry sum of a fist-full of dollars under the direction of a Walmart Toilet Paper stacker.  Really?

          (00:33:17.17) COUNCILMAN LUKAS DRIESENMain street   sidewalks and curbs condition.  (00:33:33.60)  FCS Dust Control.  Folks FCS is within the city limits and as such they are subject to each and every ordinance we are.  So if they are befouling the air we breathe, creating a nuisance to our ability for quiet enjoyment of our properties and/or creating a health hazard, they are required to take steps to mitigate and solve all issues their operation is inflicting upon the residents of Alcester. (00:33:53.77)  Weeds in alleys and properties.  (00:34:01.97)  Cars parked against traffic.     

(00:37:23.47)  AGENDA ITEM #7 –  STORM  SEWERS  SOUTH  IOWA   STREET  (00:45:31.27)  Councilman Kyle VandenHull moves to look into bids for scoping or videoing the line of culvert down Iowa Street to the creek, second coming from Councilwoman Darla Reppe with a unanimous three (3)vote to explore bids.

(00:48:23.53)  AGENDA ITEM #8  LEGAL UPDATE – SAM  NELSON 307 Iowa issue, still costing the city $175.00 combination legal fees and Ordinance Inspection fees.  Why?



Resolution 2022-07 A Resolution of the City of Alcester to Authorize Accessible Parking on Second Street near the Corner of Iowa StreetMotion made by Councilman Kyle VandenHull, Second from Councilwoman Darla Reppe with no discussion and a unanimous three (3) vote.

(00:52:21.00)  AGENDA ITEM #11  FINANCE OFFICE UPDATES Beelner Invoice for Irrigation Valve  $8407.01  with $7776.00 from Second Penny Repair and $631.04 from the Golf Fund.  Motion by Councilwoman Darla, Second from Councilman Lukas, no discussion and a unanimous three (3) votes.

(00:55:01.73)  Approve September Warrants.

(00:56:53.33)   AGENDA ITEM #12   HRC UPDATE  How nice Mayor Haeder is gung ho on building new housing on the East side of the Alcester but is totally and embarrassingly, heart numbingly cavalier to the plight of the West side of Alcester.


SDCL 1-25-2.3  Consulting with legal counsel or reviewing communications from legal counsel about proposed or pending litigation or contractual matters;

(01:03:42.23) AGENDA ITEM #14 GOLF COURSE/COMMUNITY CENTER   (01:03:46.23)  Motion to hire Blake Walenga (sp?) as a community center dishwasher at $9.95/ hour.  Unanimous 3 vote aye.


(01:05:01.47) REVISIT AGENDA  ITEM 11C  SEPTEMBER WARRANTS  Motion to Approve September Warrants, Councilman Lukas Driesen moves to approve the September warrants, Second came from Councilwoman Darla Reppe and with no discussion voted a unanimous three (3) vote.

(01:05:55.50)  AGENDA ITEM #15  ADJOURN    8:04 P.M.

Contact City Council

Mayor Dan Haeder                            605-934-2287     

Councilwoman Darla Reppe             605-934-2602

Councilwoman Cyndi Peeples           605-934-2096

Councilman Lukas Driesen               605-934-

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