Mr. Closson question, (00:28:04.53) “…How did you become mayor…were you voted in…”

Mayor Haeder response (00:28:07.87) “…actually I was…”

Mr. Closson question, (00:28:17.67) “…was there a special election…”

Mayor Haeder response. (00:28:13.10) “yeah…there was…”

 Folks, after the May 4th, 2020, meeting Mayor Tom Glass hand wrote, on a lined sheet of notebook paper that he quit as of May 4th, 2020, and he signed and delivered the document to the (I believe) Finance Officer Pat Jurrens in city office that evening.  During that meeting I had made a presentation during Public Input regarding the recall of Mayor Kim Shefte.  At that time I presented the council with Headlines which appeared in the May 25th edition of the Alcester Union of the 1) Recall petition filed against Mayor Shefte, Headlines in the June 12th, 2000 edition of the Argus Leader paper 2)Alcester quashes recall, and the Argus Leader article, 3)Alcester Council President to fill in as Mayor dated June 21, 2000, and which in a subsequent city council meeting Mayor Shefte resigned immediately before a second recall petition was to be presented.  I explained to the council the first headline dealt with the Recall Petition, the second headline involved the news that our petition was kicked back because it was not specific enough and the third article dealt with the corrections made to the original petition to make it specific, signatures were again gathered and we were re-presenting the petition but just prior to that re-presentation Mayor Shefte quit.  After my explanation of the documents I presented to the council I was asked the question, “Is this a threat?”  I answered, “No, a promise!”

On May 13, 2020, when I became aware of this notice, I wrote a blog where I pointed out that this resignation had to be accepted by the council.  This left Alcester Councilmember David Larsen President of the Council as Mayor Pro Tem until a new mayor would be appointed or elected. 

In my May 13, 2020, blog I called for a

Special Election,

No Appointment!

A Special Election!

On May 18th, 2020, (per 05/18/2020) approved minutes*) date of a special city council meeting, Mayor Pro Tem David Larsen called the meeting to order with Dan Haeder seated as the Ward III councilman.  Agenda Item #4 notified of the Mayoral and Ward II Vacancy with a) motion to appoint Dan Haeder as mayor until the next election, b) administer Oath of Office and c)advertise vacancies for Ward II and Ward III (Dan Haeder’s council position).

On June 1,2020, Mayor Pro Tem David Larsen called the meeting to order. (Per 06/01/2020 approved minutes*) At 6:35 p.m. and after executive session Alcester City Councilman Dan Haeder resigned his position as Ward III Councilman.   A  motion was made to appoint Dan Haeder as Alcester City Mayor until the April 2021 election. The motion was seconded and approved with five ayes.

On May 3, 2021, Mayor Dan Haeder called the meeting to order, (Per 05/03/2021 approved minutes*)  When the new council was seated at 6:14 p.m. with Dan Haeder taking the oath of Office for Mayor and Cyndi Peeples taking the oath of office as Ward I Councilwoman new council dealt with city business.  It is to be noted here (per the approved minutes of March 1st city council meeting),  “The City will not host an election in April 2021. Two petitions completed – one for Mayor and one for Ward I.  So Dan Haeder ran unopposed, winning (?) by default.

*These minutes can be found in their entirety on the city website under 2020 and 2021 minutes.

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