03/06/2017 A Voice from the Gallery



The March 2, 2017, regular Alcester City Council meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Mayor Tom Glas, with council members Mark Dykstra, Julia Sundstrom, Audri Carlson, Lance Johnson, Dan Haeder and Alcester city attorney Charles Haugland present with Councilman David Larsen not present.

The meeting agenda was approved with the exclusion of item #8-Kevin Pies Sidewalk/Parking Lot by the council. The minutes of the February 6th, 2017, meeting were approved as published and presumably written.

Mayor Glas seems to want to continue the discussion of the proposed south annexation next meeting so he directed the south annexation be placed on the next meeting agenda, Again!

Next up was North 40 (my term so as to distinguish from the South 40 Industrial Park) Industrial Park. Who-e-e-e! The city bookkeeper went after the city attorney, Again!

First up under the line item North 40 Industrial Park (previously annexed into the Alcester Municipal corporate limits) was a proposed sewer agreement regarding Lauren Lind. Lauren Lind is the owner of record of non-municipal real property in-line between the North 40 Industrial Park (some 73 +/- acres held by Alcester Industrial Park, LLC -a 501C3 non-profit, registered agent Jaimey Schempp) and sewer hook-up to the municipality of Alcester, SD. In order to facilitate municipal sewer hook-up for the North 40 Industrial Park to municipal sewer lines and sewage treatment a line must be run from the northern most point in the Industrial Park southward to a lift-station (yet to be built) ultimately connect with Alcester City sewer.

This line will by nature of the beast, require an easement to travel across the real property belonging to Lauren Lind. Mr. Lind will provide an easement to facilitate the sewer line in exchange for documented sewer hookup to his property along the easement.

Historically property owners wishing to hookup to city services such as water and sewer stand the cost for all hookup charges/easements from the water or sewer main line to the residence or facility for which they want service. So it is up to Alcester Industrial Park, Inc. or their developer to secure the easement to facilitate service hookup not the city of Alcester.

          NOTE: The development of the Alcester Industrial Park, Inc. (North 40 Industrial Park) property has been in-process of over a year. Now all-of-a-sudden Mayor Glas and FO Jurrens are hot-to-trot to “get-er-done” demanding Alcester City Attorney Chuck Haugland draw up the papers and documents A.S.A.P. FO Jurrens went on the attack when City Attorney Haugland explained the best he could get these documents researched and drawn was mid-March or early April because he was in the middle of tax season. FO Jurrens retorted she had called his office and talked to his girls. REALLY? FO Jurrens talked to his girls? Perhaps during annual meeting both Mayor Glas and FO Jurrens should attend a seminar on sexual awareness training in the workplace.

It is not the girls in the office or the boys in the street department!

          Mayor Glas seemed more than content to let the city bookkeeper (FO Jurrens) continue to be disrespectful to Alcester City Attorney Haugland and not reigning her in until Mayor Glas made his enlightened statement, (turning and addressing Attorney Haugland Mayor Glas said) “…For all the time you wasted here (about 30 minutes), you could have written the (documents)…” Really Mayor Glas? Your opinion of how long a legal document takes to construct and write is based on what expertise or work experience? What belfry rafter supports your opinion on the construct of a legal document?

Next line item #10e(ll) 2017 District meeting Previous request to send street personnel to the street conference; motion made by Lance Johnson, seconded and approved unanimously participation and related costs, request to send Police Chief Doty to annual Police Chief conference in Deadwood; motion made by Lance Johnson, seconded and approved unanimously participation and related costs. Now comes the question of the 2017 annual district meeting and those who would be attending at city taxpayer cost. Mayor Glas called this line item and asked who would be attending with input from FO Jurrens who announced the deadline to register was March 2, 2017, which was the day of the council meeting. Talk about last minute! FO Jurrens took down names and that was it. H-M-M-M? NO CALL OF THE QUESTION!

Line item #10e(lll), 2016 Annual Report. FO Jurrens painfully walked the council through the annual report document totally oblivious to the fact Mayor Glas failed to call the question 2017 District meeting question. There appeared to be balance problems with the audit report no action to approve the report was taken and approval was tabled to March 20th meeting after FO Jurrens had time to proofread her document.

Vickie Larsen (me) called POINT of ORDER on the meeting violation and failure of Mayor Glas to call the question, 2017 District Meeting, lack of motion to spend city funds to pay for registration and number of attendees. After discussion, Mayor Glas called the question of participation at the 2017 District Meeting in Hartford with a motion coming from Mark Dykstra, the second coming from Lance Johnson with unanimous approval on the question.

(it is to be noted here that the minutes of this meeting appeared in Volume 130, Issue 10, Thursday, March 9, 2017, page 9, of the official city newspaper, ALCESTER UNION-HUDSONITE and do not reflect the events of the point of order call so the minutes are not accurate.)


Finally call for adjournment

March 2, 2017, Alcester City Council Meeting adjourned at 7:39 p.m.