04/04/2017 A Voice From the Gallery

DeSpurring an Aggressive Rooster

It has been suggested I broaden my horizons and write about issues other than the city council. Oh, but they are such a rich source.

I was a town kid growing up, but through my travels I had the opportunity to train as a 4H judge and participate in a Sanborn County SD Extension club where I learned our rural culture involved more than picking corn-out-of-the-beans and harvesting rock as I was taught working on my Uncle Bud Newton’s farm in Northwest Iowa. During my tenure ‘on-the-farm’ Cousin Kate gave me lessons on electric fences, how to retrieve eggs from the nest, how to wash and pack eggs for market, Cousin Mike gave me a short embarrassing (for him) barn yard tutorial of a boar’s anatomy (that the boar was not suffering from tumors-what can I say I was young) while Aunt Mary taught me just a wee bit about roosters. Yup, roosters!

So what do I do when a Banty or any kind of rooster for that matter attacks? Not a free range rooster mind you, but a ‘lifetime’ homegrown, resident, newly-off-the-farm political rooster! Barring the initial surprise of attack by the ‘lifetime roo’, one can be forgiven for being disconcerted by his chicken-type behavior. It is not the muscle of this Banty roo but this ‘roo’ attempted to redefine who I am…at least for a short moment. So, how is my dealing with this Banty rooster going to appear to my neighbors, work or the jeep bidders watching from the gallery at the April 3, 2017, Alcester City Council meeting? It does send the message, one from the gallery can make a difference at city hall!

Robert Plamondon advises: (Plamondon, Author Robert. “Robert Plamondon.” Help for Aggressive Roosters. N.p., 29 Sept. 2016. Web. 04 Apr. 2017.)

“…Rule #1-Never fight the rooster!

Rule #2-Don’t scare the rooster. Watch him…he does a little dance, dips his wing and gives other signals when he feels threatened…back off little and he’ll forget about you.

Rule #3-Remember I am not a chicken, Rooster rules do not apply to me…I have options and I reject the ‘role’ this Banty Rooster projects onto me…and I will make it through the ‘chicken yard’ without too much dancing,  wing dipping and rooster squawking…

Apparently, the rooster will continue to look for a rematch. Aunt Mary’s solution for an unredeemable, aggressive rooster was to pluck, singe his feathers and toss him into the stew pot. However Robert Plamondon says it is far more expedient to,

“offer up the little cockerel on Craig’s List and let someone else stew his spurs…”

Vickie A. Larsen