04/10/2018 A Voice From the Gallery

I would like to go back and touch on a couple of subjects introduced by comment in the April 2, 2018, regular city council meeting.

First,  regarding the establishment of an official city website I wrote,

“…Madam Finance Officer it fell to you (then Councilwoman Jurrens) who voted on the website to act upon the ratification of that council vote and later when you were appointed as Alcester Finance Officer it became your duty to work at or cause to be implemented the establishment the official city website as voted by the representatives of the people of Alcester! …” 

According to a source present during the discussions of that website, it was very much a priority to establish an official city website.  So contrary to Finance Officer Jurrens answer and comment to Councilwoman Melissa Kay during the April 2, 2018, meeting (00:20:28,  April 2, 2018, video), “…lack of…I was a councilwoman…later took the (Finance Officer) job…was learning the job…was not on the priority list for 2015…”   The website issue was brought to the council’s attention in the February 3, 2014, meeting under Agenda Item #6-city employees.  According to my notes, a pricing quote was presented to the city in the amount of $1375.00 first year.  This fee included a one-time set-up domain with a $450.00 annual fee with links for Alcester Golf Course, School, Chamber, etc.  An additional fee for photo slide shows and design change $595 minimum charge.  It was decided to make this question an agenda item for the next meeting, March 3, 2014.

So counting the February 3, 2014, discussion one meeting, the March 3, 2014, agenda item as a second meeting in which an official city website was discussed and in which meeting there was a motion to move forward with the website and approved unanimously.

I fail to see how two meetings worth of discussion and action by the city council could possibly drop off the Priority List!

Touching briefly on Pat Jurrens movement from Councilwoman to Finance Officer goes like this since her appointment in or around 2010-2011, Councilwoman Pat Jurrens was routinely critical of how the finance office was operating (mirroring her attitude toward and her treatment of the former Alcester City legal representative Chuck Haugland), never mind Councilwoman Jurrens had no experience, expertise or even training in the job of finance officer.  In the May 2014 meeting Mayor Rick Johnson provisionally appointed Mike Kezar to Finance Officer until September 1, 2014, at an annual salary of $38K +/-.  The Alcester official paper advertised the vacancy of Alcester Finance Officer.  In the June 2, 2014, regular meeting Mayor Johnson called Agenda Item #25 executive session to review the finance officer applications, the door of the council room door barely snicked shut when Mayor Johnson promptly called the council out of executive session offering Councilwoman Pat Jurrens the position of Finance Officer at a training salary of$40K.  Mayor Johnson added insult to injury by instructing Finance Officer Kezar at his salary of $38K  to instruct and train neophyte Jurrens whose ‘training salary’ was $40K.

Now folks an official website allows people who are interested in Alcester to see what we have, how our city is run, what our ordinances are and are we a city in which they might want to visit, live or invest.  An official website is a promotional tool for the city of Alcester.  An official city website promotes the city like the Chamber of Commerce should.  Oh that is correct the 2017 President of the Chamber of Commerce is, Pat Jurrens.  Folks the purpose of the chamber is to promote the city, it’s retail, it’s industries and its people.  SO Pat Jurrens, the 2017 Alcester Area Chamber President AND the Alcester City Finance Officer DOES NOT CONSIDER an official Alcester city website a priority?  Mayor Glas DOES NOT CONSIDER an official Alcester City website a priority?


Second, the discussion on corrugate metal roofs.  Now in the April 2, 2018, regular meeting Mayor Glas reveling in his ‘expertise’ undertook the task of educating me on the definition of corrugated metal. (00:41:58).  I repeat  Mayor Glas, the definition of corrugated metal quite simply put is, metal sheeting which has been extruded (if you will) with a texture of ridges and grooves which provide strength to the metal sheet.  Copper, aluminum and stainless steel are the most commonly available corrugated metals and Mayor Glas, these corrugated metals are recognized as an excellent form of residential roofing.

Mayor Glas, I did some traveling today and lookee, lookee what I found.  I found some corrugated metal roofs!  Ya know the one at 308 Iowa which looks across the street at two other corrugated roofs.  Are ya telling these folks, your neighbors if something happens to their roof they cannot replace their corrugated metal roof?  Another question concerning the corrugated metal roofing, what is the rule-of-thumb on covering old shingled roofs with corrugated metal roofing?