06/08/2019 A Voice From the Gallery

Yup, give the Finance Officer Jurrens time and a half ($4800 unsubstantiated need and hours) for pickin’ weeds, painting walls, scopin’ out the thrift stores for atrium furnishing, and etc.

We have folks who have cloudy water in the down town area.  This isn’t the first complaint!  The first complaint was dealt with eyes rolled up and a suggestion about mental health.  Really?

Now I was called, I went to the site of cloudy water complaint-the same site ol’ Mayor Tom witnessed and admitted to the cloudy water and told the homeowner to go to the store for water.  I SAW the water coming out of the cold water tap (it was milky white), I took a sample of that water and I talked to neighbors.  It was my understanding Mayor Tom couldn’t care less or be bothered to check in to the situation.

I did some research.  https://plumbingtoday.biz/blog/why-is-my-faucet-water-cloudy Below is what I found:

I called Mayor Glas at about 3:30 p.m. asked him about telling the homeowner to go to the store.  I asked the Mayor if he was going to have the water tested?  He said after some hemming and hawing, Monday.  I asked Mayor Glas if the city was going to pay for the water.  Oh folks that didn’t go over so well.  In fact Mayor Glas hung up on me.  SO JUST EXACTLY WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE FOR WATER CONTAMINANTS?  WHO DO WE CALL?  h-m-m-m Mayor Glas?  Do we have pipe breakage, do we have raw sewage seeping into our water lines on the west side of town or do we have both?

Folks if you have cloudy water let the Mayor Glas know, call 605-934-2188 it is his JOB! Send an email to alcestercityfo.com  Tell him if he can’t get the water tested until Monday, open up city hall and dispense water to the taxpayers who are already paying for water, DRINKABLE WATER!