06/11/2019 A Voice From the Gallery

Mayor Glas proclaims we have air in our water, no problem!  Really?  Mayor Glas with the ‘profess-tional, cee-ment mind with the minor IQ” where is that thar air (if it is air) coming from?  Did you have it tested? Where is the air coming from, could it be a broken line that is sucking air or methane from the soil and into the water?  Oh by the way Mayor you don’t like me getting involved or helping a fellow resident, Do your darned job!  Investigate the issue, not your own bellybutton!

Folks Mayor Glas, FO Pat and the council handed over $4800 in my opinion in an illegal, violation of the existing, in-force Alcester Personnel Manual.

Policy #3:  Employee Classifications Appointive Official:  An individual who holds a position in the municipality as specified by SDCL 9-14-1 (repealed)

Policy#5 Hours of Work

5-3.1 City Finance Office  Monday through Friday, the finance offices will be open from9:00 to 12:00pm  The finance office will re-open at 1:00 pm and remain open until 5:00 pm.  The finance officer will start the work day at 8:00am and will open the city office for public business at 9:00am.

5.5 Flex time -The governing body (council) reserves the right to authorize flexible work hours within the 40 hour work week in situations where it is appropriate or necessary.  Employees must still adhere to the standard 40 hours work week unless flex time or overtime has been approved by the mayor. The mayor authorized flex time is subject to review and final authorization will be from the city council at the next city council meeting.

5.6  Overtime Eligibility – Employees may be required to work overtime when determined necessary by their supervisor or the governing board.  Overtime is defined as time that is worked in excess of the first 40 hours within the standard work week and does not include hours paid but not worked such as holidays, vacation pay days or sick days.  The mayor shall have the option of selecting compensatory time off or overtime pay and the finance officer shall be advised of the decision prior to the performs of any such work.

All overtime must be authorized by the mayor prior to the working of such hours except in emergency situations.  Overtime is to be authorized only if the work cannot be otherwise done during normal work hours.  Insofar as possible, the opportunity to work overtime shall be distributed as equally as practicable by the municipality among the employees in each department.  Accrual of overtime without prior authorization may result in disciplinary procedures.

Overtime compensation for all overtime eligible employees shall be at the rate of one and one-half of the employees regular hourly rate.  As stated above, time paid for but not worked(holidays, etc) does not count toward hours worked for the purpose of calculating overtime hours.

5.7 Comp time – Authorized comp-time shall be administer within the same guidelines and be accrued at time and one half.  Comp-time must be used within 30 days from the time in which it was accrued.

The maximum amount of comp-time that may be accrued is 16 hours.

5.8 Exemptions to Overtime – The following employees are exempt from the overtime standards as mentioned in the above sections:

1) Appointive officers (if determined to be FLSA Exempt)

2) Police and fire personnel (if less than 5 within the dept)

3) Swimming pool personnel (if operated less than7 months)

5.10  Time Sheets or cards – Each employees time sheet is a record of their regular hours worked, overtime worked and vacation or sick leave used for the purpose of calculating and issuing pay checks.  Every employee must sign their time sheet to verify that all entries are accurate,  Intentional falsification of time sheets may result in disciplinary action.

5.11 Time Clocks – Time clocks are used by the municipality for recording work time for all employees specified by the governing board.  Each employee required to use a time clock must punch in and out promptly and have the finance officer initial changes necessary to correct time records.

It is absolutely forbidden to punch another employees time card.  Such action may result in disciplinary action.

Policy# 6 Compensation

6.3 Time Sheets Each employee is responsible to ensure that his/her time sheets are correct ad submitted on time.  Signed vacation and sick leave slips must accompany all time sheets (see appendix one).  Any misrepresentation of time worked or falsification of any time sheet may result in disciplinary action.

Policy# 7 Leave of Absence

Policy #8 Separation from Municipal Service

8.4 Exit Interviews It is a policy of the municipality  of Alcester, for the appropriate authority to conduct an exit interview prior to an employee’s separation from municipal employment.  The exit interview is conducted for several purposes, including 1) to resolve all outstanding matters between the municipality and the employee, 2) to advise the employee of the affect their separation will have upon all benefits and what benefits they have coming upon separation, 3) to aid the municipality in gathering information to help improve the municipality’s working environment and other employment relationships.

8.5 Misconduct Defined The following is a partial listing of employee misconduct that may result in disciplinary action up to and including immediate discharge.  This list is not intended to completely list all employee misconduct that may result in the above, but rather is provided as a guideline by which employees can judge actions that will not be tolerated by the municipality:

  1. Incompetent, inefficient, unreliable, unwilling or incapable of fulfilling his/her job duties as assigned.
  2. Inadequate performance of duties.
  3. Neglect of duty.
  4. Conviction of a felony or misdemeanor offense which might adversely reflect on or create doubt about the moral character, credibility or reliability of the employee.
  5. Theft or misappropriation of municipal property.
  6. Insubordination.
  7. Failure to observe drug and alcohol policies of the municipality.
  8. Failure to observe harassment policies of the municipality.
  9. Knowing or willful violation of municipal ordinance.
  10. Unauthorized absences.
  11. Habitual tardiness.
  12. Abuse of sick leave.
  13. Sleeping/loafing during work hours.
  14. Disclosure of confidential information.
  15. Offensive or inconsiderate conduct, or use of abusive language in public, or toward the public, municipal officials or fellow employees while on duty.
  16. Personal acceptance or appropriation of any fee, gift, tip or other gratuity or remuneration received solely for the performance of official duties in connection with municipal employment.
  17. Knowing, intentional, or repeated falsification of any application for employment or any municipal record, report or time sheet.
  18. Willful alteration, destruction or waste of municipal property, facilities, equipment or  records.
  19. Serious or repeated disorderly conduct or horseplay.
  20. Threatening, intimidating, coercing or interfering with supervisors or other employees.
  21. Deliberate attempts to injure another employee or fighting on municipal property while on the job.
  22. Unauthorized possession of fire arms, explosives or any dangerous weapons while performing municipal work.
  23. Recklessness resulting in a serious accident while on duty, whether on or off municipal property.

Policy #9 Disciplinary Action and Grievance Procedure

Policy #10 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy

Policy #11 Americans with Disabilities Act


Policy #12 Appointive Officials

12.1  Definition An Appointive Official is an individual who holds a position in a municipality in SDCL 9-14-1 (see  policy 12.2)

12.2 Appointive Officials to be Appointed

12.2.1  Second and Third Class Municipalities – The appointive officers in second and third class municipalities are the finance officer (auditor, treasurer) and other such officers as provided by municipal ordinance.

12.4  Applicable policies to municipal officials

The following sections of this manual shall apply to municipal officials:

  • Policy #1 all sub-sections,
  • Policy #2 all sub-sections,
  • Policy#3 all sub-sections,
  • Policy #4 not applicable,
  • Policy #5 Applicable if such officials are covered by FLSA,
  • Policy #6 all sub-sections,
  • Policy #7 all sub-sections,
  • Policy#8 not applicable,
  • Policy #9 not applicable,
  • Policy #10 all sub-sections,
  • Policy #11 all sub-sections.

Folks this is the policy manual which is in effect now, and was in effect at the start of FO Pats Comp Time Grab in 2014.

Ask the question at what rate of illegal compensation was FO Pat offered?  The time and one half rate at the time of her falsification of time in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018?  Or was it at the 2019 raise rate?  From 2014 who authorized FO Pat’s raises, Finance Officer Pat Jurrens, Mayor Glas or the council who authorized the budget without asking questions?


If you are in doubt, check out 2019-01 Ordinance change Read it Well.  Policy 8.5 misconduct.  Still in favor of the settlement of $4800 pay out? 

Gee I wonder who placed this jewel in front of the council?